Saturday, July 5, 2014

Call 542 : OPTION 3

Hello Son, 

Wednesday, June 25

Mom's birthday. :D

Exactly one week before Mom's birthday, Wednesday 18th, Justine brought Mom to the hair salon. Your sister said, there is good feedback from satisfied customers about this Salon 76.

"Let's go check it out," suggested Justine.

Okay ...

As You know, Mom does not have a particular hair place that she goes to.

And so your mother just went along ... to check the place out.

At the salon ...

We were ushered to a small waiting area. A girl approached Justine and asked her to fill up her particulars for a membership card of some kind. 

"Only one card?" Mom remembers the girl asking your sister.

Justine replied, "Yes."

Mom watched your sister filling up the form. 

Ten minutes would have passed by before a guy stylist came to Mom and politely asked her to go to her seat. 

Mom obliged.

At her seat, she saw the reflection of the guy in the mirror in front of her and kinda stared momentarily.

Mom said, "You look familiar ..."

She turned to look at his name tag, and asked at the same time, "What's your name?"

The guy told her his name.


No, doesn't ring a bell.

Not familiar at all that name.

Oh well.

The guy then left her for a minute to get God knows what, came back and said, "Alpha Kidz ..."

Mom gave a chuckle, "You're a parent?"

He gave the name of his son.

A former student.

Oh, of course. Yes yes, now she remembers. He's the father of one of her former students. 

So anyway, not having had treatment for a long time, Mom asked about the treatment options. She would cut her hair, and then do some kind of treatment, she told him.

The guy told her about the 3 options for hair treatment. 

Option 1 : bla bla bla

Option 2 : bla bla bla

Option 3 : bla bla bla ... Mom only remembers him saying that this Option 3 is the most expensive. It came with some kind of advanced technology, which he explained, but which she didn't quite get. Never mind though, she wasn't gonna choose that Option 3 anyway.

No, she was so not gonna pick this option number 3. 

Especially when it cost RM250. She's not crazy.

She found herself asking, about the member's card. 

You must have whispered to Mom at that point:

Ask about the member's card, Ma ...

Okay, so Mom obviously heard that. :D

"What do members get?" Mom asked, thinking there must be some kind of discount.

The guy replied, "Oh, for members, they get free treatment on their birthday month."



Say what?

FREE - treatment - on - their - birthday - month?

Mom responded rather quickly, "Hey, my birthday is this month ... next Wednesday."

The guy reacted, gave a smile, and said, "Oh, then you get a free treatment!"

Just like that? 

He didn't even check her ID. She could have been lying.

Mom asked slowly, "Which treatment do we get?"

FREE would probably means the cheapest treatment, Mom thought.

The guy said, "The best of course. Number 3 ..."

Omg really??? 

She was getting the BEST treatment for FREE???

Oh gosh. That was truly a birthday treat from her son, Mom knew instantly.

No catch???


Just FREE.

By the way Daniel, your pink FREE tee shirt is still hanging in Mom's wardrobe, if You must know.

Oh, and on top of that, for coming in pairs, we got another 20% off the total bill. The intensive hair treatment (or whatever they call it) which cost RM250 was absolutely FREE for Mom. Can You believe that? Somebody pinch her.

Was that not a birthday treat for her?

It sure was.

Happy Birthday, Ma ...


Mom couldn't stop talking about it when she left the salon.

Omg, she couldn't believe it. It was so unexpected.

Mom took out her cell to make a quick note, and as she did, she saw the scribble she jotted down earlier that day.

1:40pm : say nothing

She had to smile.


Shaking her head in a happy daze, she chose to embrace that precious moment and the warmth of the sun, as she and your sister left the salon to walk over to the mall.

Omg ...

How do You do it?

That SAY NOTHING song was playing on the radio in the car, when Mom hopped in. Dad was driving then. The immediate time on the dashboard had showed 1:40 pm. 

1:40 pm


Her angel number. 

Her heartfelt message to her beloved son somewhere over the rainbow.

He takes her words right out of her mouth.

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart 

Without saying a word, You can light up the dark

Try as I may, I can never explain

What I hear, when You don't say a thing ...

Thank you, Son, for the birthday treat. :D

That was super awesome.

So anyway, on Wednesday 25th ...

Here are some photos taken at home.

Dad prepared dinner. :D Butter crabs with spaghetti. Water cress soup. 

Justine bought that SpongeBob suit for Baby Dylan.

 Aunty C is busy taking photos and sending to Aunty J in the USA.

We miss You very much, Daniel ...

We remember how You used to eat your crabs ...

Messily ... :D

Dad's salad with crunchy bacon strips ...

Tonight, we are not counting calories ...

4 is enough for Mom.


Eeee -- yahhh!!! :D   Have a slice with us, Daniel. :D

Will tell You about the Maleficient Zap in a bit. 

Need to get ready to pick up your uncle at the mall and take him to dinner.