Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hello Son, 

Mom was on your Hello Son blog, about to give You a call ... when Dad called out to say there's a movie on.

She peeked over to take a glance of the television and happened to see, right at that moment, the name DANIEL something appearing on the screen. 

What are the chances?

She saved her call, closed the post, before settling herself comfortably on the carpet with cushions ... all ready for a good movie.

She soon learned it was a Steven Seagal movie. 

Above The Law.

Within 2 minutes of the movie running, Mom heard herself telling Dad, "So boring ... I don't like Steven Seagal ... he's ugly ..."

Dad reached for the remote and started checking the other channels.

TITANIC was on ... the movie was coming to an end. It was the part where the ship has sank and people were in the water ... Jack and Rose were in the water ... 

Yeah, he's about to die ...

Dad said, "There ... your Leonardo ..."

The TITANIC background music was haunting, to say the least ... preparing your mother for the actual song at the end of the movie which ended like, some 10 minutes later.

Mom said, "You see? I had to see DANIEL ... come over to sit down here, and then listen to the TITANIC song ... " You must have whispered to your father to change to the correct station.

Near far wherever You are

You are safe in my heart

And my heart will go on and on

Upon checking TITANIC images, she noticed the name JACK DAWSON appearing several times. 

Hmm ...

Today, for some reason, she sees JACK DAWSON in a fresh new light.

SON ... 

Your two signs, Ma ... :D

A sad sigh escaped her. 

She's always knew this song was -- special -- for her. What with the hit-the-nail-on-the-head lyrics especially. Is that why You called your mother over to the telly? Had it been the beginning of the movie, she would not have watched it -- since it's a 3 hour movie (almost, isn't it?) and she doesn't really have 3 hours to waste in front of the telly.

Instead, it was the last 10 minutes of the movie ... the song would soon come on. 

Every night in my dreams 

I see You

I feel You

That is how I know You go on

Far across the distance

And spaces between us

You have come to show You go on

Yeah, this song is definitely connecting her to her SON. 

If it wasn't meant to be, the boy's name would have been JACK Something-Else.

Hah. So there. 

Oh, not only that, but it's Leonardo who's playing that character. If it were say, Steven Seagal who is the main actor, she would not go near the movie. Let alone waste 10 minutes to watch the ending.

Yup, You heard her. 


Oh, You know why ...

He's ugly.

Haha ...


Thank You for that Son, a nice TITANIC ZAP on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

On Friday 13th evening ...

Dad was outstation. 

After school, Mom drove home. 

At the condo, she told the guard she wanted to park the EXORA overnight in the visitors' parking. It was already quite dark and she didn't fancy parking outside (along the road side, beyond the condo security guard house). She would have to walk quite a distance back. Besides, the last time she walked along that path she had encountered an ass-an-aye-kay-ee ... a squirming, live one, for cryin' out loud ... eekie shiver ... and since then, Dad has to pick her up and drop her off right at the lobby. 

No more walking along the path for her.

Eeee -- yerrrr ... so geli.

The guard handed her a pass.

Mom had looked at it and smiled.

Of course, it was the end of the day. Her son wanted to remind her that he's still right beside her. We had an amazing day in school that Friday. Mom will post the link to the school blog a bit later when she's put up the photos.

Justine was waiting for her in the Camry. 

We were going out for dinner. 

Mom told your sister about the number 4 visitor's pass. 

One little sign ... Mom noted to herself. 

There's another one coming, isn't there?

Be patient la, Ma ...

We decided to have Japanese food that night. 

So anyway, when we were done with our food, Justine called for the bill.

Mom glanced at the piece of paper and couldn't help grinning, 

"Look ... 88 ... that's a whole load of 4 s ..."

Like, 4444 ...

Her second sign, she smiled happily.

That was Friday evening. It wasn't until the next morning, on Saturday 14th, that she was made to remember that your username on Runescape and some video games You used to play was :



That Saturday morning, Mom went to school about 9:45 am. 

The anti-pests people came over to do follow-up service. 

Here check, there check, everywhere check check ...

She left the school about 10:30 am.

Arriving at the condo, Mom told guard once again that she wanted to park inside the condo vicinity. This time the guard handed her this parking pass.

She glanced at the pass and chuckled to herself.

Seriously Daniel ... You're just everywhere ...

124 ...


Decode : 21 ... 4 ...

So anyway, that Saturday mid morning, Mom bumped into Aunty Di at the lobby lift of our block. Aunty Di was with Megan and their maid, and they were walking back from Grandma's place. 

Aunty Di spoke to your mother. 

Your aunt said that one of her friend's friend jumped off a building the day before.


Mom was like, "And ... broke his knees?"

Aunty Di  exclaimed, "No, he died la ... He committed suicide ... "

Oh ...

He apparently found out that he had skin cancer.


That C word.

We all know.

We all know ... now.

That C ... um, announcement means you've got yourself an appointment with Christ.

Your aunt continued, "He lives on the 17th floor apparently ... but he didn't jump from that floor ... the windows were locked or something ... he went down to the 14th floor and jumped from there ... Lucky thing he died ... Can you imagine if he didn't die? Omg ..."

Pause ...

From the 14th floor?

Omg ...

Mom burst out, "14th floor? Omg ..."

14 ... the C word ...

They are all the same. 

Summons from Heaven.

The angel chop.


However You want to call it.

They mean the same thing. 

Your Father in Heaven is missing you and wants you back.


Aunty Di continued, "He chose yesterday ... Friday 13 ..."

Mom thought silently ... 13 ...

That's 4 ...

Teng Teng Teng ...

Thank you for Jesus for keeping Daniel safe. 

Because of Jesus' resurrection, we will be reunited again someday, Son.

Keep the zaps coming until then.

We love You so very much ...

Oh, by the way ... Aunty D, Justine, Megan and Mom were at the mall in the afternoon.

Justine had to go to DIGI to check on her phone problem.

She picked up a queue ticket and showed it to Mom.

Zap zap zap ...

What are the chances?

Seriously Daniel, everywhere we are, there You'll be ...