Sunday, September 1, 2013

Call 488 : ROUGH USE

Hello Son, 

Just came home from Sunday mass.

You must have seen your family members all squeezed up in the Exora.

Dad was driving. Megan's grandpa was in front with Megan on his lap. 

Aunty D, Uncle C and Mom behind. Aunty C and maid M right at the back.

In the car, Aunty D asked, "So, what was the lottery prize?"

The day before, on Saturday 31st ... 

Aunty D & family, and Justine went to a charity fair held in church. 


Our family had 2 weeks ago, bought RM1,000 worth of coupons -- for charity -- okay. 

For a good cause. 

Justine bought 4 tupperwares ...

and 2 pairs of highly - adventurous heels.

Mom saw the green and blue bottles and commented immediately that she liked them. She would store water in the bottles and keep them in the fridge. Right now, she is using ice cubes for her cold drinks.

Mom had in fact asked your sister, "One thousand ringgit, and yall only bought tupperwares and shoes?"

Justine said, they had food and played games at the fair ... and oh, Megan had a tatoo print on her arm.


So anyway, yes, we won one lottery ticket. 

The prize was a bedspread - TRANSFORMER.


So back in the car, on the way to church, Aunty D asked what the lottery prize was.

Mom replied, "Oh, it's a bed sheet ... TRANSFORMERS ... Do you want it? It's Queen size ..." 

Your mother has seen the bed spread, and honestly, she didn't think she would be using this TRANSFORMERS sheet any time soon ... or at all.

Aunty D said yeah, she wanted it.

Okay good.

We arrived in church. 

Aunty C and Aunty D walked ahead. Mom followed behind.

Your aunties led us to some empty seats. 

We were soon seated -- outside the church.

Aunty C sat down. Mom sat beside her. Dad sat beside Mom.

Immediately, Mom saw it.

Oh gosh.

What are the chances?


You really have a sense of humour, Daniel. Had Mom been the one to lead the rest to their seats, she would have gone straight to the right wing of the church. That's where we normally sit every week.

However, today ... she was led to the main front entrance open space.

Just so she could receive her ZAP.

Chuckling to herself, Mom leaned over to whisper to Aunty D, who was seated on the left of Aunty C, "Eh, look ... Omg ... We just mentioned TRANSFORMERS bed sheet a few minutes ago ... Look ..."

Aunty D grinned.

Mom then whispered to Dad, "You heard me mention TRANSFORMERS just now, right?"

Dad nodded.

"Look ..." Mom pointed right in front of her.

Yes, that boy was directly in front of her, so that the whole time during mass, TRANSFORMERS was staring back at your mother.

Not only that, but Mom caught sight of the yellow (tupperware) bottle on the side.

The same Tupperware bottle that Justine brought home the day before.

The same kind.



What are the chances?

It was only yesterday that she saw this bottle for the first time.

Two zap signs. That was a clear holler all the way from heaven: 

Hi Yall ... I'm right here. :D

As Mom sat there, soaking up her zap moment, she suddenly found herself sitting up right, with a hand over her mouth, and gasping.

Omg ...

You must have whispered to her ...

The green shirt, Ma ...

She suddenly got it ...

Yesterday, the day before, the part - time maid was in the house ... yes, part - time maid ... oh, by the way, our live - in maid created a horrifying incident and we have sent her back to the agency 3 weeks ago. 

On 12 August, Monday, the agent came to the house.

Coincidentally, that was EXACTLY 21 days ago today. 

Anyway, Mom had put away some old (and new) clothes in 2 plastic carriers to give away, to this part-time maid she knew was coming over to the condo on Saturday, yesterday.

Whilst the maid was ironing, Mom went to Dad's closet to see if Dad had any old clothes he didn't want anymore.

Mom picked up this dull green tee shirt.

Mom doesn't like this tee shirt. 

The colour is too gloomy, don't You think?

It makes you think of dark days and nights ... and no rainbows.

She removed the tee shirt from the hanger, and brought it to the plastic carrier ... intending to give it away. However, she had hesitated ... and later decided against it. She hung the tee shirt back in Dad's closet ... and did not tell Dad anything about this.

This Sunday morning, whilst getting ready for church ... Dad came out of the bedroom wearing ... guess what?

That dull green tee shirt ...

Mom saw it, and thought to herself, "Hmm, should have just thrown it away ..." 


Who have thought that, of all the many many shirts and tees that your father could have picked to wear today, it had to be the very one that she was seriously considering eliminating, only the day before.

She walked out of the condo ...

Dad came out a few minutes later, and hey ... 

Long Pause ...

Guess what?

He'd changed out of that ugly green tee shirt ... and was wearing a printed shirt instead ... all on his own ... voluntarily ... without your mother's interference or influence.

Big Pause.


Mom saw.

Mom stared.

Mom said nothing.

However, Mom did think, that You must have whispered to Dad to change the shirt.

Change the shirt, Dad ... :D

So anyway, Dad was like, "Come let's go ..."

... and soon, your family people were nicely packed in the car heading towards church ... and Mom thought no more of the ugly green tee shirt.

Until that moment ... sitting at the back of the TRANSFORMERS boy ... 

Several minutes would have passed when she suddenly realized that the TRANSFORMERS tee shirt was the same shade of green that she disliked.

Pause ...

Oh gosh ...

What are the chances?

Truly Daniel, You whispered to Dad ... didn't You?

Change your shirt, Dad ... Mom hates this colour ... :D

A big grin spread across your mother's face. 

You must have seen that ... amidst all that ugly green. Hah.

Trying to hide a laugh, Mom leaned over to Dad, "You were wearing that dark green tee shirt this morning, right?"

Yes, dark green ... Mom said. 

She couldn't possibly say, ugly dirty green.

Or horrible murky green.

Hee hee ...

Dad said, "Yeah ..."

Mom asked, "Why did you change?"

Dad said nothing.

Ahah! She could feel her brain waves starting to tremble with high speed stimulation.

Her EUREKA is about to happen.

Mom probed - relentlessly, "What made you change to this shirt? You were wearing that green one at first ... Why did you change?"

As You know, Dad is not in the habit of changing his clothes once he gets into them. 

Men just don't do that. 

They just don't. 

Under normal circumstances, anyway.

That's a woman's thing ...

The one thing we can proudly say it's ours ...

Our thing ...


Dad shrugged ... like he didn't see what the big deal was anyway.

Oh, but it is ... 

It is a BIG DEAL ...

Mom whispered excitedly, "Son whispered to you ... He asked you to change ... because yesterday, I actually took that green shirt to throw away ... He knows I don't like that shirt ... He knows ... How cute is that?"

Dad raised his eyebrows.

Mom had to relate again the whole story. 

All this happened during Father's sermon.

Guilty Pause ...

Were You shaking your head?

What did God say?

Okay save it, save it. It won't happen again.

Anyway, at the end of it, Dad whispered back, suspiciously, "How many of my shirts did you throw away?"

Mom was quick to answer, in low tones, under her breath, the sermon was still on, 

"None! I didn't throw any of your shirts away ... I only picked up one shirt and it was that green one ... I took it down from the hanger, and was gonna put it together with the other old clothes to give away, but I had second thoughts ... I saw the XL and thought maybe you can just use it for rough use ..."

Yes, rough use ... 

Strictly for rough use only ...

Not permitted for church wear.


The TRANSFORMERS ... the tupperware bottle ... the green shirt ...

Grin ...

Everywhere we are, Daniel, there You'll be.

Keep the zaps coming, Son ...