Saturday, September 28, 2013

Call 495 : MUSIC BOX

Hello Son, 

Sunday, Sept 22

After Sunday mass, your family people went to the mall.

Dad, Justine, Aunty D & Megan, Aunty C and Mom. 

And Megan's maid. 

By the way, Mom's never told You how Megan's maid was first introduced to her. 

It could have been in the month of July. 

The very first time, Mom met Megan's maid was when she came to school with Megan one day. Mom still remember, when the maid walked into the kindy, Mom was zapped by the word FREE on her tee shirt.

This same tee shirt below.

Aunty C with Baby Megan. Maid Maria in the FREE red tee shirt.

Your mother's first thoughts were obviously, "Did You send this maid to us, Daniel?"

Mom asked her her name.

The girl answered, "Maria ..."

Mom echoed, "Maria?"

Oh ...

What are the chances? Honestly, what are the chances?

A million and one names in the world, and this girl with the F-R-E-E printed on her clothing, has a name that brought nothing but ZAP ZAP ZAP to your mother.

Maria ...

FREE and Maria ...

By Denise Daffara

Gosh, if that doesn't bring back memories of You in Lourdes, what will?

Anyway, it would soon become apparent to your family that You had indeed brought this maid to us. Someday, Mom's gonna tell You about our maid's incident. Yes, You brought up all her sickening lil acts, revealing them one by one, and ending with a crescendo. 

It's a long story ... your mother will tell You about it some day.

So anyway, we were at the mall.

We had breakfast ... before hanging out at Starbucks in Borders. Justine wanted to do some work in Starbucks. Aunty C said, fine, she will too. So that's how we all ended up there.

Shortly after, Dad and Mom left for another bookstore. 


Mom walked over to the preschool books.

Here look ...

There look ...

Everywhere look look ...

Soon, she found herself staring at this cover with a big smile :

FREE 44  ... downloadable interactive charts  ...

Grades 1 - 2 ...

Mom had to smile as she saw her angel number 21 secretly smiling back.

It was the day after your 21st then. Mom was still very fresh with all the 44 and 21 zaps that had been going on on your 44th month. 

Seriously, what are the chances of having her 44 and 21 at the same line on the cover?

Slim chance.

Angel chance.

Meant for her.

Only her.

Nobody in their right mind would take their cellphone to snap a photo of that cover. 

Not in the angle that she did anyway.

That was a clear, definite, cheery :

Hi Ma ... :D

all the way from Mama Mary's heavenly cottage up in heaven. 

So anyway ... she finally left the bookstore about two hours later, after laying her hands on every book that she thought was interesting but ah, not interesting enough for her to bring home. :D

Dad and Mom went back to Starbucks to re-join the gang.

About an hour later, and after way too much caramel macchiato in her body, we decided to go home. 

We all got up, and left the coffee place together. 

However, from that coffee spot to the entrance of Borders, for some reason, along the way, Mom was separated from the rest ... because at one point, near the "gifts" area, she suddenly found herself hearing a familiar tune that sounded like it came from a musical-box --- and she had gasped. 

Oh gosh, You're so not gonna believe this but the musical tune was playing :

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

She glanced at her mobile immediately.

The time was 2:04 pm.

A big smile spread across her face.

Oh my gosh ... what a wonderful moment that was for her.

24 ...

How much more perfect can this be??? 

Turning around abruptly for Dad or Justine or anyone in your family who might have heard the tune too so we could all squeal together, she saw no one in sight. 

Where's Dad? 

Aiyahhh ... where's Dad?

Where's Justine?

Aiyohhh ... where's Justine?

Where's everybody? (your line from the hospital bed)

Where did everybody go?

Humming under her breath, Mom turned and walked towards the music that seemed to be calling out to her. She could just imagine that she would soon find a ballerina twirling around a tiny music box on one of the gift-shelves nearby. 

She would buy it.

She doesn't have a musical box.

Of course she would buy it.

No -- matter -- how -- much -- it -- costs ...

Oh wait, wait, cut out that last line ...


Frowning ...

She had walked around the gift shelves. 

Where is the sound coming from?

Where is it? 

Megan's favourite line, by the way ...

Where is it? 

She soon traced the tune to this :

 (photo from the internet)

There were 3 teenage boys checking the music box out at the material time.  

They soon changed the tune but oh, it didn't matter ...

because she received her most glorious zap already.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow ... at 2:04 pm ...

(24 being your birthdate)

Mom went to look for the gang.

They were still around the Starbucks vicinity, believe it or not.

Isn't it strange? We had all gotten up from the table together, yet your mother was the only one who had walked on ahead until she reached the "gifts" area -- when she heard the tune. In fact, she had no idea that the rest were not following behind. Had she waited for everyone to be ready before leaving the place, she would have missed the tune zap.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow ...

at such a perfect time too ... 

2:04 pm ...

Omg ...

You must have whispered to those boys to play the RAINBOW tune first ... for your mother obviously, because when Dad and the rest passed that music box, it was playing a different tune already. The boys were still there ... otherwise Mom would have gone to check the music box out.

Another time for sure.

As your family people were making their way to the car, your mother was deep in thought and mentally, hugging herself with glee. 

Think about it ...

She was summoned to go to another bookstore (MPH) first to receive the first zap ...

Free ...

44 ...

21 ...

(21 being your date of departure)

and then back to Borders to get her second zap. 

Two ... always two zap inciDANS ... otherwise your mother might not know it's from You.

Gosh Son, it's just --- awesome ...

Truly God's Plan is perfect. 

He really is good to us. <3