Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Hello Son, 

This afternoon, Dad came to pick Mom up from school.

It was about 2 pm or thereabouts.

Mom got into the car.

Dad said, "Today, X was very friendly ... standing right here (between the two front seats) ... and smiling at me ..."

X was a 2 year old girl. Dad sent her back to her home at 5:30 pm earlier.

Dad continued, "My (left) hand was on my lap ... " 

Yeah, your father was driving, with one hand on the wheel, and the other on the lap.

Mom did not expect Dad's next statement.

He said, "X took my hand and put it on the steering wheel ..."

Omg. What???

Dad said, "I was so stunned ..."

"Omg. Seriously?" Mom asked incredulously.

Your father said "Yes, X did that ... my hand was on my lap, she picked up my hand and put it on the wheel ..."

Omg ... Son ... 

Omg ... that was what You used to do to Dad and Mom whenever we drove that way ... when we had one hand on the wheel ... You would reach over to pick up the other hand that was on the lap, or gear, as in your mother's case, and place it on the steering wheel. You must have been about 2 years or so.

Mom remembers.

Dad remembers.


Mom remarked, "It's just so weird that all the little things he used to do, we remember ... and it comes back as a zap now ... it's just so meant to be ..."

Mom still remembers, Daniel ... that precious moment ... her left hand was on the gear shift ... she was steering with her right ... You were sitting in the front seat beside Mom ... You had leaned over to pick up your mother's hand just to place it on the steering wheel ...

Mom had laughed.

Again, she put her hand down on the gear ...

And again, You picked her hand up to put it back on the wheel ...

How adorable was that. 

When we got home later that day, Mom had told Dad about it, and Dad said, 

"Yes, he does that to me too ..."

So anyway, that was in the afternoon. 

The zap in the car.

You must have whispered to X.

Go on, take Uncle Bryan's hand and put it back on the wheel ...

So anyway ...

Fast forward ...

To 10 pm at home ... 

The television was on ...

The story of J K. ROWLING ...

Dad was having a bowl of soup whilst watching the background story of the famous author of Harry Potter.

Mom plonked herself down on the carpet with her dinner, Dad cooked curry chicken with loads of creamy potatoes, and was soon following the story intently.

A welfare mother ... to one of the richest woman in Britain.

Don't You just love stories like that?

It's so - magical.

It wasn't until at one point, in the story, when Rowling was strolling around with her baby in a pram, that she spotted a road sign that said "POTTER ROW" ... Rowling had stopped to look at the sign, and then said, it's a sign ... or something to that effect.

It was then that something struck your mother - sign???

Sign ...

It's your mother's thing ...

And then, it hit her ... oh gosh, but of course ... Harry Potter ... the zigzag sign on the forehead ... the Harry Potter slash, as Mom had called it. 

Mom mentioned this when she wrote your story in the Orange Dot blog, 3 years ago.

Her second sign today. 

She had to smile.

How well he knows her. 

Her son knows ... he really knows ... he really really knows that she would need TWO signs from him to know for sure that the zaps are from him.

X's same hand gesture ... and the Harry Potter sign ...

That sure was a clear : HI MA ...

all the way from heaven.

You keep us smiling, Daniel ...

Stay close, Son ... <3