Sunday, February 24, 2013

Call 450 : SILLY GRIN

Hello Son,

Saturday, February 23

Mom must tell You this.

This morning, Justine and Mom were having breakfast.

Mom was gonna tell your sister about the zaps on your 21st.

She reminded, "21st was your brother's 37th month ..."

Before your mother could go on, Justine put up her hand and said,

"Hey, you know, there's a DANIEL and a JASON in my group ..."

Your sister has just started med school on Monday last. The students are having 2 weeks of orientation and are apparently divided into groups of 20s.

Mom was happily surprised, "Really? Haha ... Your brother wants you to know he'll be watching over you ..."

Then, Mom continued to tell her about the facial appointment and the consultant called Angel ...

At the mention of Angel, your sister interrupted abruptly, "Hey, there's an ANGEL in my group too ..."

Your mother's mouth fell open. Literally.



Oh my gosh, what are the chances???

Mom commented with a classic OMG, as if there could be any other, look on her face,

"What are the chances? DANIEL, JASON and ANGEL ... Honestly, Jus, your brother clearly wants you to know he's with you ..."

Your sister nodded as she continued eating her noodles.

So anyway ... Mom told her the rest of the zap inciDANS before sending her to school.

That was that.

Mom was with Aunty H then the whole afternoon ... until about 3:30 pm.

The next zap came in a very special way. Mom and Aunty H were in the car. We were on the way to Justine's school to pick her up. Your sister had texted that she would be finished by about 4 pm. So, whilst we were in the car, Aunty H and Mom were chat chat chatting ... and at one point, Mom completely turned down the volume of the radio.

Talk talk talk ...

Picked up Justine ...

On the way back home, we stopped by the school to pick the maid up. She was in school to do some cleaning works. With the maid in the car, it wasn't convenient to talk anymore. Justine was sleeping, by the way ...

Silence in the car ...

Minutes later, Mom reached over to the radio to turn up the volume ...

The immediate lyrics that greeted her and filled the entire car were :

... baby ... Just call me angel of the morning, angel ...


Omg, what???

Omg Omg Omg ... Mom thought ecstatically in her heart. Would You look at the perfect timing? You must have whispered to her. How would she know when to turn up the volume?

Okay, fine ... You could say it was a coinciDANS ... but You know what ... coinciDANS after coinciDANS after coinciDANS every day for the past 3 years??? Mom knows better ... and all mothers whose child/ren is/are in heaven would know ... that was a clear zap from her son in heaven.


She remained happily calm and started humming under her breath. She knew she had a silly grin on her face because she was just too happy. Aunty H in fact asked her, "What are you smiling about?"

Mom was like, "No, nothing ..."

She wasn't about to share the zap with Aunty H. Not that she didn't want to. It was too long to explain ... and she didn't want to spoil the moment ... she wanted to hold that moment to herself, by herself and for herself.

Selfish, You think?

Nah, this is not about being selfish or generous ... Mom knows the moment she starts to explain her zap inciDANS, it loses its -- magic -- and would start to sound ridiculous.

Yeah, these zap moments ... they're precious ... they're for her ... and her alone ... :D

Her son's reminding her that he's near ...

Thank You for that, Daniel ... Mom appreciates all the lil zaps ...

And yeah, she should add here gratefully, 

Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing ... :D