Friday, February 15, 2013

Call 442 : BAK KUA

Hello Son,

Sunday, Feb 3

(This call was written half way before CNY, then CNY came and we were away for a week, and when we came back home, we had guests ... correction, have ... they are still here ... One thing's for sure, whether or not we're able to make our long distance calls, Daniel, You're with us all the time ... Yes, all the time ... :D)

It's Sunday today ...

Yayyy ... another day of rest ...

Something wonderfully awesome happened this morning ...

What a treat for Mom, huh, Son ...

You need to listen really carefully, because this zap is not easy to explain. Even Mom hesitated at first, and wondered if she was dreaming, when it first zapped her.

We were in church ... sitting outside the church ... we were early but not early enough apparently ...

Today, the church is nicely decorated with all the red Gong Xi items.

Red, red everywhere ...

Nearby where we were sitting, about a stone's throw away, were big and little Chinese New Year hampers for sale. It was overwhelming ... all the red ... and Mom couldn't help but kept turning her head over to the rows of red rattan baskets all ready for sale after mass.

Then, Mom saw a familiar face ... at the hamper table.

She nudged Dad ...

"Aunty X," she whispered to Dad.

"She's lost weight ..." your mother observed.

Dad replied, "She's always been thin la ..."

"No, now thinner ..." she insisted.

Grandma's friend ...

That suddenly triggered a recent conversation Grandma had with your mother. Grandma had commented a week or two ago, that her friends saw the notice we put in the papers on your 21st this year, and had said that we had put in a nice message for You ...

(At this point of writing this entry, the maid called Mom ... Mom left the computer and went to the bedroom but ran out again when she heard the TITANIC song on the telly ... Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh ... It's 14:49 pm ... Omg .. You know, You know ... Wait wait wait for it ...)

Our message on the notice was a simple :

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Call 435 : 3rd Anniversary

Mass was on ...

Mom's thoughts wandered for a bit.

Nothing new.

In her defence, she would like to remind that, umm, GOD made her this way.

GOD doesn't make mistakes.

She was born this way.

So there.

For some reason, your notice in the papers which appeared in her head, began to linger in her mind. Soon she found herself wondering about the message next year.

Hmmm ...

TITANIC came to mind ... perhaps that's because she had mentioned TITANIC on Friday, 2 days ago, in Call 440.

Near far wherever You are

You are safe in our hearts and

Our hearts will go on and on

That could be the next message, Mom had thought ...

The lyrics :

Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother

She'll know I'm safe with You

As she stands under my colors

also came to mind.

Pause ...

Yeah, the safe word.

The anchor word.

Well, both are good ... we will have to pick one when the time comes.

Dad then whispered (we're still in church),

"Take a photo of all the red and send on wassap (family members) and say, Redddd ..."



Mom's mouth fell open.

All the REDDDD today ... why of course ... that's her morning zap.

She honestly did not make the connection, until Dad mentioned it ... eventhough that was all she could talk about in Call 440. You must have whispered to Dad.

The REDDDD, Dad ... :D

Mom whispered back, "Son must have whispered to You ... I was staring at all the red today, but didn't make the connection ..."

Mass ended.

We left church with 2 large hampers and 4 little ones, and several other tea - gift sets.

We drove to SS2 ... Dad wanted to get some bak kua for the family and relatives.

Shortly after, we arrived at the shop.

Mom turned to look before snubbing, "No one comes to this place to buy bak kua ... You have to go to the Jalan Imbi branch ..."

That's what Grandma would say.

The best place for bak kua is at Jalan Imbi.

Dad said, "My brother buys from here ..."

We got down the car and walked into the shop.

Omg ... You won't believe what happened next.

It was barely 5 seconds in the shop, when Mom suddenly heard MY HEART WILL GO ON playing in the background. 

Omg ...


It was unbelievable. She turned around, looked up, left and right, corner to corner before heading out of the shop ... the song was coming from shop next to the one we were in. Gosh, what are the chances. Of all the songs in the world ...

Mom kinda rushed back in to Dad , "What's the time? TITANIC is playing next door ..."

Her phone was in the car.

Dad showed her his cell.

It was 1:13 pm.

Decode : 14


She had to smile. Her angel number.

After the purchase, Dad put the stuffs in the car.

We walked to a nearby noodle shop, a few doors away.

Mom couldn't wait to tell Dad about the zap.

At our table, the waitress came to get our orders ...  and left.

Mom inhaled deeply, "You won't believe what happened just now ..."

Omg ...

"TITANIC ... you heard the song, right?"

Dad said yes.

"You know what, I was just thinking about TITANIC during mass just now ... just thinking ... Omg ... He honestly is reading my mind ... I was thinking about the notice in the papers ... and what message we could put for the next one ... and I thought of TITANIC ... I was running the lyrics in my head ... and then we went to the shop ... and HELLO ... TITANIC was playing ... Omg, what are the chances??? I'm telling you, Son and Me, we're connecting on a spiritual level ... We are ... We really are ... I can't explain it ... It's too incredible ... You remember that book you gave me, The Bond Between Mother and Son Is Forever ... it IS forever ... It is ...It really is ... It cannot be severed ... it CANNOT ... Son is really with us, everywhere we are, he's there ... Omg, it's too amazing ..."

Mom's words gushed out at 1,000 words per minute.

She added enthusiastically, "You see, just as I'm talking about him, I see FREE right in front of my eyes ..."

Dad turned around to look.

Mom snapped a photo.


Dad then took your mother's cell and scrolled through her photo gallery ... He showed her a photo she took quite recently at the mall (when Dad and Justine were at the computer exhibition, and she was walking around by herself - the day before on Saturday ...) before asking, "You took this photo? Connect?"


Mom pounced, "You see? He must have whispered to you ... We're connecting ... We're really connecting ..." Isn't it weird that she had taken that CONNECT photo in the first place ... and Dad at that moment, chose to go through her photo gallery and comment on that particular photo?

Timing ...

Angel timing ...

Always so perfect ...


(will upload photos in a bit ...)