Thursday, February 21, 2013


Hello Son,

Monday, Feb 11

At the hotel, we woke up that morning and lazed in bed ...

The telly was on.

It wasn't long before a short preview of UP, the movie came on the screen.

Mom's breath caught in her throat.

That was the movie that Mom and You had gone to watch together.

Dad was outstation at the time and Justine was away at church camp.

That was the last movie we watched together. :(

Just as she was down in Memory Lane, she suddenly realised that Bat For Lashes was performing the song DANIEL. Mom was not familiar with this version by Bat For Lashes, but your big name was on the telly screen. How could she missed that?

Oh gosh. Of all the songs that could have come on, at that material time, and just shortly after UP that had stirred up all her memories, and when all your family members were in the room, and their eyes on the telly, it had to be a song that bears your name.

Daniel ...

That was like a :

Good morning, yoe people ... :D

Mom had immediately glanced at the time.

It was 10:07 am.

Decode : 44


A happy, sad smile ...

That day, we spent a lazy day outdoors. Taking photos here and there.

It wasn't until your mother was in this candy shop that she received the next sweet zap.

Dad and Baby Megan

So anyway, Mom was in the candy shop. Justine was with her at the time. We were walking around, quite aimlessly, and just getting really overwhelmed by all the various candies and sweets in the shop when we heard a faint SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW that was playing in the background.

Awww ...

Somewhere over the rainbow ...

The time was 3:49 pm.

Decode : 44

You must have seen a big smile appearing on your mother's face. After the song, Mom went out. Dad had bought her a cup of coffee. Justine went off to be with Aunty D and Baby Megan, who was playing at the water fountain.

 No one was at the water fountain ... until Baby Megan opened ceremony.

She refused to get out, and was playing with water for about half an hour. That's Aunty D trying to get her out. That reminded Mom about You doing the same thing in Bukit Merah. You were drenched from head to toe in Bukit Merah, but during our trip in the USA, you were able to, let's say ... control yourself ... :D

You, Dad, Mom annd Justine during our US trip in 2004 ...

Watching Baby Megan, Dad said, "Daniel must be luring here to the water ... Look at her ... "

Smile ...

The heart knows ...

No words will be able to describe what the heart knows.

And water???

That's the word we would use to refer to the naughty cell in your brain.

Come to the water ...

And that was the song Mom sang to You during your farewell mass.


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