Sunday, July 31, 2011

Call 253 : MISS YOU

Hello Son, 

Saturday, July 31

A whole Saturday just passed by in a blink of an eye. Mom was so looking forward to making this long distance call first thing on Saturday morning. She had got up nice and early at 6:15 am. However, her mood changed when Dad reminded her that she had to attend a meeting at 9:30 am with the "school people." 

Oh darn ... :(

She knew she wouldn't have the time to make the call then, as You'd know, she doesn't like to be rushed. So, your mother decided to drop You a note on your Facebook page instead. She uploaded a Calvin and Hobbes MISS YOU image, wrote You a short message and ended with the words, 

Missing You heaps, Daniel.

Your collection of Calvin & Hobbes' books are all still here in the wall cabinet.

Dad drove Mom to the hotel. The meeting started about 10 am at the coffee house. Mom had a small pot of coffee to herself and Dad ordered tea. Half-way through, the oraganizers asked if Mom could help out to prepare an advertisement in the papers for a workshop they intend to conduct. 

Mom asked, how many words, how big is the ad, and how much is the price. The lady sitting opposite her at the table said, 

"It's FREE."

Free??? She felt an instant ZAP ZAP ZAP coursing through her veins. 

"Free??? An ad in the papers???" Mom asked as normally as she could. You can't expect her to blurt out, 

OMG - FREE ... My Son's here ... :D

Call 210 : Free Fireflies

Can You? 


No, Mom doesn't think so either.

Anyway, the meeting ended about 11:15 am. 

Dad was with us in the beginning but when discussion started to go in-depth, he excused himself and went to walk around in the mall, beside the hotel.

Mom walked out of the hotel and towards the mall, sending a text message to Dad. A few minutes later, we met up, and the first thing Dad said was, "My bill just now came up to RM40-40." :D

See that? Dad's getting a hang of it now. He's getting your angel signs alright. :D Mom wanted to go home immediately to get onto the blog, because in the afternoon, she would be busy updating month end reports. 

Dad said, "You haven't eaten. Eat something first before we go back."

It was quarter-past eleven ... too early for lunch. She's just had two cups of coffee and Dad, two cups of tea. Yeah, our pot can fill up two cups. Anyway, Dad brought her to the left side of the mall, where there are some eatery shops. Mom took a glance and felt it was way too early to step into those fancy restaurants. 

She suggested the KOPITIAM at the extreme right corner of the mall. We saw that when driving in just now. 

In fact, Mom had pointed out to Dad, and commented,

"Another Kopitiam ... they're always at the corner lot, you notice?"

Dad did.

While walking to the cafe, Mom told Dad about the FREE inciDAN. Then, Dad showed Mom the receipt of RM40-40. She  said she wanted to get home quick to "call Son" because all she could do this morning with the little time that she had, was to drop a short and hurried I MISS YOU note in the Facebook. 

 The image is a bit blur but the angel sign is crystal clear. :D

Notice we were talking about You before we reached the cafe. That's how You get our attention to the next inciDAN. 

We took a table and sat down. 

A song had come on. A familiar song. It wasn't until after a few lines after, before Mom blurted out to Dad, 

"Hey, the song - When You're Gone ..." 

She glanced at her cellphone. It was 11:29 am.

Decode : 4  

You're near, Mom knows. It's so obvious.  :D

When you're gone

The pieces of my heart are missing You

When you're gone

The face I came to know is missing too

When you're gone

The words I need to hear to always 

get me through the day and make it okay

I Miss You


By Avril Lavigne 

Click on title to view music video.

Mom was totally high-pitched and all by then ...

"OMG ... He's responding to me. :D He is, he really is. This morning, I told him I missed him in the Facebook, and now OMG, he's giving me a I Miss You song. You see how he communicates with me? We could have gone straight home from the hotel. You had two cups of tea and I had two cups of coffee. We were full and it was still too early for lunch. Yet, we made our way to this coffee shop. Son must have whispered to You. 

Take Mom for another cup of coffee, Dad.  

To hear this song. OMG ..."


Oh My Gosh ... 

Oh My Gosh ... How awesome ...

She really must get home to call her Son. It's Saturday. She hasn't gone on to the blog for a whole week ... 

and yes, pieces of all our hearts are missing him ... <3 

After our food, we walked to the car. 

Mom couldn't help but notice that our car was parked in between two cars with her angel signs. 

She pointed that out to Dad, "See how Son makes his presence felt? Left side, 2127 ... and right side, 4143." 

Decode : 444  ...  444

TWO cars with the same angel signs??? 

Side by side with our car?

C'mon, that's easy.

Sooooo easy ... she hears You.

It's Me, Ma ... :D

Thank You, Son ... You really know how to make your mother's day. Will talk to You later today. So much to tell You. Gotta get ready for Mass now. Are You serving on the Altar today? :D 

We'll listen for the bells ...