Sunday, July 17, 2011

Call 250 : LAST ONE

Hello Son, 

Mom forgot to mention about the car inciDAN on Saturday in the previous Call 249. You reminded her this morning after we left Church. :D

On Saturday afternoon, Mom told Dad she wanted to go to IKEA. 

Dad was very reluctant to go since it was a weekend and had grumbled that the place would be too crowded. Parking would be horrendous, said Dad. He suggested we go on a weekday.

We drove there. :D

Parking problem? 

Oh peh - leeeease!

You may roll your eyes now.

Mom wanted to get some measurements of certain shelves for the new school. When we arrived in IKEA, true enough, the place was packed. There was a long queue at the entrance. 

We joined the queue.

Dad wasn't that excited about that.

We finally drove in, took a parking ticket and followed the line of cars that were driving almost bumper to bumper in search of parking bays.

Mom said confidently, "Don't worry, Daniel has a place for us." :D

Silence fell in the car when we saw a car reversing out of its bay at a close distance. We watched quietly, almost sulkily, as the car in front of us drove in to the bay.


Mom was quick to announce brightly, 

"That's not the one. There's another one. When he gets a spot for us, the timing is always perfect ... the (parked) car will come out just right in front of us so we can drive right in. That's not our spot ..."

Mom had spoken barely a few seconds, when we saw a man carrying a little child walking in front of our car to his vehicle in front of us on the right. Not kidding. 

"Ah there," Mom said in full satisfaction.

Not so fast ... 

Dad pointed to a white car in front which had put on its signal indicating that the driver intended to park in that same bay.

Darn it.

As Dad drove forward, Mom saw the number plate of the parked car.

4444 ...

Mom blurted out, pointing as she did so, 

"Hey, that's our spot. Son got that space for us. 

Look at the 4444..."

Would You believe it but that white car in front, which had signaled to go into that bay, suddenly took off

OMG ... 


The 4444 car drove out of the bay. 

Dad swerved right in.

Mom asked, "Where's that white car in front of us just now?"

Dad said, "The guy went off." 

You probably got another bay for him huh. :D

For the next 10 minutes or so, Dad had to listen to Mom's 

"OMG, did You see that? OMG, can You believe that? OMG, the car park is full and we found a spot right after I describe how he normally finds a parking space for us. OMG, and did You see that car's number ..." :D

What are the chances? The perfect timing complete with all the angel signs. You must be getting lots of brownie points for all the perfect timing inciDANS huh, Daniel.

How awesome, Son ... :D

Dad had a big grin when he said, "Thanks Son."

Yeah, thanks Son.

 The photo is blur but the message sure is loud and clear.

Number plate 4444 ... :D

Park here, Dad ... :D

 Perfect timing as always. Thanks Son. :D

We walked to IKEA. 

Mom said she wanted to get some curry puffs at the check out counters at the IKEA exit. The place was crowded and there were two long queues at the snack counter. Mom saw an express counter for the curry puffs and pointed that out to Dad. 

Dad went in line. 

Short line. 

You know what? When he got to the cashier, there was ONE LAST bag of half a dozen curry puffs left. 


Mom was grinning, "He knows I really want the curry puffs." :D 

Sunday, July 17

Okay, so anyway ...

those two inciDANS above happened the day before on Saturday. Mom forgot to mention about them in her entry on Saturday night. 

This Sunday morning, during mass ... 

something happened to remind Mom about the curry puff inciDAN. 

We were in the line receiving Holy Communion. When it came to Mom's turn, she had THE LAST communion wafer. 

Yup, the last one.

Dad, who was standing behind Mom at the communion line, continued to wait in line, after Mom walked back to her seat, as the communion minister went to get more hosts.

Mom was grinning to herself as she leaned over to your sister and whispered, 

"See Dad standing in front of the line there?"

Justine said yeahhhhhh ...

"Remind me to tell you something about curry puffs ..."

After the final blessings, we walked to the car. Mom told Justine about the curry puff inciDAN the day before. 

The last paper bag of curry puffs.

The last communion host.

Two "the last bag / host" inciDANS. :D

What a coinciDANS ...

Definitely her Son ... 

He's near ... 

She knows ...

How cute that he is reminding her about it.

Amazing how You communicate with Mom ...

We were parked by the curb, at the side of the main road. As Justine was about to pull out, a blue car slowed down and stopped right beside us. 

Justine said, "Hey, look!"

 2444 ...

Yes Son, there are 2 angel-sign-car inciDANS ... :D

Dad looked. 

Mom looked.

Quickly, she grabbed her cell phone to snap a photo. :D

Justine remarked, "You see the big space in front of the car? The car can actually drive up further but it wants to stop beside us." :D


Vehicles had stopped for the red lights. Yes, there was a one-car space in front of the blue car. It could have stopped further up, but like what Justine said, it chose to stop beside our car.

Seeing the angel numbers of the blue car beside us, Mom was reminded of the 4444 car at IKEA the day before on Saturday.

Hmmmmm ...

Two angel sign cars? Two Last Ones? Two reminders?


Mom felt your presence alright ... :D

It's so obvious ...

Nobody, nobody but chiu ... :D

Call 109 : Nobody Nobody