Saturday, July 16, 2011

Call 249 : BOOK ZAPS

Yay! It's Saturday today ... :D

It's SpongeBob's day today. :D

The time is 8: 41 am now. 

Good time for a long (to the power of infinity and beyond) distance call. :D

Dialling - Up ...

S.O.M.E.W.H.E.R.E. O.V.E.R. T.H.E. R.A.I.N.B.O.W.


Ring Ring ...

Hello GOD, Is Daniel there? May I speak to my Son, please? :D

 Call 44 : Ring Ring, why don't you give me a call ...

She waits by the computer as her Son runs to the phone. :D

Pause ...

Okay ... picks up the phone ...

Hello Son, 

It's been a crazy two weeks in school. 

Every day ...  

correction ... 

Every single day ... You show Mom that You are near. 

It's just awesome how You make your presence felt each day. Thank You Jesus for the mother - son's bond. Truly, the bond between mother and son lasts forever. 

You're with Mom ...

And Jus ...

And Dad ...

And your aunties ...

Call 247 : No Cents

We know ... :D

Oh, by the way, You wanna know what Dad did this morning?

Would You believe it, but Dad ironed his yellow tee shirt, 

and said to Mom, "Wear Yellow today." :D

It's SpongeBob Day alright. 


So Mom's in yellow. 

Hah ...

Yup, Dad told Mom the day before (Friday) about the Queen wearing a bright yellow outfit and her PM, a yellow tie in a recent engagement in London. 

Wow ... What a show of support for SpongeBob

We can really count on You huh, to spread the YELLOW fever. :D 

How awesome. :D

Friday, July 15

On Friday morning in school, Mom was selecting some reading materials for the children. There were about 20 booklets of the same level of difficulty in the ring file. 

She randomly picked one and flipped over the first page.

Pause ... 

She couldn't help but stare at the page. 

The first book, the first page ...

Oh My ...

You must have seen your mother sucking in her breath as she saw the image of the girl holding out 4 fingers.

Call 150 : Number Four

Mom thinks You were probably saying: 

Morning Mom ... :D

She picked a second book and flipped over the pages.

She stopped and stared again.

Oh Boy ... 

A bird cage ...

A bird cage ???

Call 134 : Bird Cage

Two book ZAPs that are calling out to her to take notice that her Son is near. :D Yes, two. The bar has been raised. You remembered. :D

You know, it was somewhat strange but Mom realized later that, for the rest of the booklets, she'd pulled them out from the file and put them on the table. She didn't look into them before deciding she would use them that morning. 

Only the first two books. 

The Number Four and the Bird Cage.

You definitely must have whispered to her.

Open the book, Maa ... :D 


Yes, that was quite obvious. Why else would she do as she did? If it was her habit of flipping over booklets before deciding whether she would use them, she would have flipped over and checked the contents of all the rest as well ... but she did not. 

She only did that with the first two books. 

And both spoke to her.

How awesome ...

Hi Son ... she'd thought happily. :D

Later in the afternoon about 3:30 pm ... 

Dad and Mom went to get Justine from college. We were there early, so Mom suggested we waited at a nearby cafe. Dad kinda groaned about the congestion. We had passed the cafe and still looking at a whole stretch of parked vehicles all along the right and left side of the road.

Mom said, "Go one more round." 

There was no other choice but to go one more round.

Dad turned out into the main road again.

Just as we were about to reach a stretch of fully occupied parking bays, Mom saw the first car in the first bay, signalling to reverse out. No, she was not surprised at all. She had been expecting it. 

Thanks Son. :D

Mom pointed out to Dad. In fact, Dad still did not see it and was about to drive pass that car causing Mom to yell to  Dad to


STOPPP the car !!!

It was all very kan cheong.


Anyway, we walked to the cafe about 50 meters away. Ordered some tea stuffs. Justine joined us later.

About 5 pm, we were walking back to the car.

Half way through, Justine said to Mom, "Maa, your shoe..."

Mom looked down at her sandals. 

A small string-like part of her heel was coming off. If she had a scissors, she would have just snipped it off. She didn't. Sue suddenly felt conscious about dragging the string as she walked. She had barely taken three steps forward as she glanced down at her shoes again. 

Would You believe it but just as she looked down, she suddenly spotted a feather right in front of her left foot. Like 2 inches away from her foot. It was a pretty long black and white feather.

No, Mom did not pick it up. She didn't even bother to take a photo. She was walking along a five foot way. There's bound to be feathers on the ground. She can't ... She really can't be expected to pick up every single feather that she sees on the ground. 

What would people think? 

Besides, there was FIREWORKs Zap. 

Mom walked on. She caught up with Dad and told him that there was a black and white feather in her path just now. 

We got into the car. Justine was at the wheel. Dad was sitting in front and Mom, behind.  

Everything was as normal as could be.

The radio was on. The DJ was talking. Mom looked out the window.

The next song came on the radio ...

Justine turned up the volume.

Mom heard the intro and gasped.

OMG ...  

FALL FOR YOU (Secondhand Serenade) ...

The time was 5:23 pm. The station 95.8.

By Secondhand Serenade

OMG ...

It's been so long since we heard this song on the radio. This is the second song You sang to Mom the night before You left us. The first was, WON'T GO HOME WITHOUT YOU (Maroon 5).

Yeah, TWO songs, Daniel ... TWO ...

even then.

It was so good for all of us to hear FALL FOR YOU in the car that day. Feelings of nolstagia A few minutes after the song ended, and quite suddenly too, Mom let out a yelp as she remembered another black - white feather inciDAN that happened the day before (on Thursday).

She was in school, on the swing with E, the little 3 year old girl. 

If You remember, Mom told You that on Wednesday, Mom and E were on the swings, when the Far Far Away and the More Kiss Toe inciDANs happened.

Call 248 : Far Away

Then on Thursday, E wanted to go on the swings again to wait for her mommy. Her mommy soon arrived. E called out to her mommy and said that she wanted to play on the slide. Her mother was soon talking to Mom about this and thats. We stopped by the slide ... and guess what?

Mom spotted a black and white feather on the ground at the slide, near her left foot. She had picked it up, and carefully kept it in her purse. When she got home, she forgot all about it. After all, it was only ONE black and white feather. Had there been TWO, she would have taken notice.


On Friday, isn't it strange that Justine had called her at that moment for her to look down at her shoe, so that she'd see the second black and white feather. Had little E gone straight to her Mommy and said she wanted to go home, instead of playing on the slide, Mom would not have seen the feather.

So meant to be ...

Wow Son ... You're good. 

Her second black and white feather.

Although she had reluctantly admitted there were two feathers, nevertheless, she was a wee bit doubtful if this time, the feather had any connection to her Son. First of all, both the feathers were not white. Still, the circumstances leading to them were pretty unusual. not a normal occurrence. Surely that counts ...

ZAP ZAP ZAP ... only in the car ... after Fall Far You.

That Friday night, MERLIN was on. This is the episode where Arthur goes on a picnic with the maid. 

Anyway, at one point, Arthur was holding a quill. When Mom saw the white feather, she literally leapt from the sofa to get her cellphone to snap a photo. :D

On Thursday, when MERLIN preview was on, Mom had asked Justine, "Did You know that Arthur's name is ANGEL?"

Jus said yeah, she knows.

After the MERLIN 10 seconds preview, Law & Order (Special Victims Unit) resumed. Mom was so surprised to hear the name ANGEL immediately and repeatedly mentioned on TV after that. More than 5 times for sure.

That big burly thug's name is Angel? How ironic. It remained in her head.

And so, when she saw Arthur holding the white quill on television that Friday night, she looked beyond and saw :

an ANGEL holding a white feather. :D

Woah, how You prepare her, step by step ... to the connection.

It's awesome, Daniel ... :D

Everywhere we are, there you'll be ... <3

by the slide ...