Thursday, July 14, 2011

Call 248 : FAR AWAY

Hello Son,

It's almost midnight, but Mom just wanna tell You about something that happened in school this evening.

It was after 7 pm, Teacher A and Mom were at the kindy. There was one last child who was waiting to be picked up by her mommy. Her name is E, and she's 3 years old. 

Little E is like the the sunshine. 

Honestly, she's a little angel. She's got an ever-ready smile that is totally priceless. You could just look at her the whole day.

Anyway ...

Two days ago, while Mom was engrossed in a reading activity with an older 5 year old child, little E had walked over to the table to observe for a bit ... before she suddenly broke out in song. 

Would You believe it but she was singing in her sweet little voice :


Kumbayah, My Lord ... Kumbayah ...

as she swayed from left to right. 

How adorable is that?

Can You imagine how cute she is?

All of a sudden, your mother is reminded of the Lord ... 

So totally unexpected ...

You must be near, that's for sure. :D

On hindsight, Mom thinks You singled out this little girl who would zap your mother quite innocently two days later ...

Today ...

As Mom was saying, it was past 7 pm in the evening. 

E's mommy had called to say that she's caught in traffic. Mom found herself calling out to E and asking her if she wanted to go outside to wait by the swing. 

Her cute face lit up as she replied with a resounding yes.

We were on the swing together ... rocking to and fro and to fro and to and fro ...Mom was singing Kumbayah softly to her, encouraging her to sing along, but she didn't. She was just very happy swinging to and fro and to and fro ...

Then, at one point ...

Mom asked, "Where do you live, E?"

E looked up at her, and offered a glorious smile ... but she did not answer.

Mom asked again to try to evoke a response, 

"Do you live in Taman Desa?" 

Almost all our children are from Taman Desa.

E didn't reply immediately, but when she did, she said, 

"Far Far Away ..."

and she kinda raised her arm to the sky.

You must have heard your mother's heart skip a beat as she sat perfectly still for a few moments.

Far, far away ???

Mom surely knows someone who lives far, far away.

That's where her son lives ...

Far, far away ... 

Somewhere over the rainbow ...

A few minutes later, E said she wanted to play on the slide. So we got off the swing. Mom watched her while she climbed up the steps. 

Meanwhile, Teacher A came out to join us outside.

Teacher A said, "I normally don't bring them out late in the evening in case got mosquitoes."

Mom nodded. 

Just then, Dad arrived to pick Mom up. Mom could have gone home, and left Teacher A with Little E, but for some reason, she did not. Instead, she told Dad to come out of the car and wait for a few minutes.

Mom told Dad about the far far away ...

Dad smiled.

Barely 5 minutes later, Little E came skipping over to Mom from the slides, and said (something).

Mom asked, "What did you say, E?"

E said, "More kiss toe ..."

Mom asked again, "What's that?"

E repeated, "More kiss toe ..."

Oh -- My -- Gosh ...

Did E just say ...


Your mother saw instant fireworks spraying tiny colored lights in her head.

"Did you just say MOS - QUI - TO ???"

E had skipped away to Teacher A.

Mom pulled out her cell phone and checked the time. 

It was 7:29 pm. 

Decode : 144 

A smile spread across her face. You must have seen that from where You were, Daniel. 

Call 43 : Angel Sign 

Happily, Mom repeated out loud to Dad, 

"Did you hear that? She said mosquito ..."

Aiyoh Mom, finally ... You're slow la ...

She hears your voice in the background. Teacher A said the full word and Mom didn't get it. It took a little angel to pronounce the word in an unusual way to get her attention.

More kiss toe ...

Call 228 : Queen Anne

Oh Wow ... Just checked Call 228 for the TWO mosquitoes' entry and couldn't help but gasped at the title.

Queen Anne ...

Oh My ...

What a coinciDANS that Mom mentioned Queen Anne and Mosquito in Call 228? 

Teacher A's name is Anne ...

Woah ... This is deep ...

In the car later on the way home, Mom said, "You see, Son has to send me TWO people to say the mosquito word to zap me." :D

Thank You, Son ... :D You remember the new standard huh.

Came across this poem when trying to look for an image of an angel.

An Angel in Your Pocket

I am a tiny angel ...
I'm smaller than your thumb
I live in people pockets
That's where I have fun

I don't suppose you've seen me
I'm too tiny to detect
Though I'm with you all the time
I doubt we've ever met

Before I was an Angel
I was a fairy in a flower
God, Himself hand-picked me
And give me Angel power

Now God has many Angels
That He trains in Angel pools
We become His eyes, and ears, and hands
We become His specials tools

And because God is so busy
With way too much to do
He said that my assignment
Was to keep close watch on you

Then He tucked me in your pocket
Blessing you with Angel care
Saying I must never leave you
And I vowed to stay right there ! 

- Author Unknown -