Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Call 247 : NO CENTS

Hello Son,                                                                 (continue from Call 246)

3. Thursday InciDANS

In fact, the day before Friday, on Thursday, You had also zapped us with TWO angel signs. Dad, Mom and Justine were at a pancake cafe having a late lunch, after picking your sister up from college that day.

When the waiter presented the bill to Dad, Dad had said, 

"This is Daniel's treat ..." :D

Jus and Mom peered over the receipt.

Aww, this is so easy, Daniel ... 

It's so obvious You were with us and probably saying :

Wait till You guys try Mama Mary's pancakes ... :D

Later, Dad went to the supermarket to get some groceries, whilst Justine and Mom went to MPH and then to JUSCO

Your sister wanted to get a nice record book for her Biology assignment. You must have heard her complaining she couldn't find a nice record book in MPH. She was reluctant but had half-decided to just ... what - the - heck ... get that purple one, when she suddenly said, 

"Let's check in JUSCO."

And so, we took a slow stroll to JUSCO.

And of course, Justine found what she wanted in JUSCO. 

No, no, this is not an advertisement for JUSCO.

In fact, your sister brought out 4 large log books with different colors and patterns, and took her own sweet time to decide which one to buy. 

"Which one, Mom?" Jus asked. 

Mom didn't answer immediately. 

Your mother's smarter now. She knows she has to think carefully before she replies. This is not as easy as it sounds. In the past, and You would remember, whenever your sister asked Mom "which one" to pick and Mom points to one ... your sister would shrug a little, make a face a little, and then end up with the other one.


So this time, we went through the elimination process together. 

"That one is nice but the color is dull. Do You want a dull color?"

"No ..." Sorry Brown, you have to go.

"That one looks a bit weird ..." Mom pointed to the next book.

"Yeah ..." Sorry Weird, You have to go too.

We're now looking at two books with similarly attractive patterns.

"Okay, You want the horizontal one or the vertical one?" 

Justine paused for a moment before she picked the vertical patterned book. After deciding on that one, of course she had to inspect the hard cover and made sure there were no dents or scratches, and that all the edges were perfect.

Tsk Tsk Tsk ...

You saw that, didn't You? 

Shaking your head, weren't You? :D

That's your sister, Daniel ... :D

As we were walking out of JUSCO, Mom checked the time and saw that it was 3:40 pm. She sent a text to Dad telling him to, 

"Meet at MyToast at 4 pm."

Dad replied back, "I'm already here."

Pause ...

What a coinciDANS ...

Approaching MyToast, we saw Dad comfortably seated with a cuppa tea. Mom took a seat. Justine went to the Pharmacy right opposite the cafe.

Dad had a big smile when he said, 

"I'd just sat down with my tea when I got your sms."  :D

"Son must have told You to wait here, and then whispered to us to come here." Mom said with a grin. :D 

It's obvious You were with us, Daniel.

Just then, Justine came out of the Pharmacy, and asked Dad for RM20 for some toiletries. Dad gave her some money and in she went into the store again. 

Shortly after, your sister came back and she was like, 

"You know what? The person in front of me bought so many stuffs. The amount (on the cashier till) was RM444 ..."

"RM444 on the dot? No cents?"

"No! Exactly RM444. I've never seen anyone buying so many toiletries ..." 

Mom said, "That was your brother zapping you, Jus ..." :D 

Dad said, "Daniel is watching you ..." :D

Indeed so ... because in fact, Justine had left her purse in her school bag in the car. Had she had her purse, she would have paid earlier and clearly missed the ZAP. It was meant to be. She had to take a minute or two to come out of the store, get some money from Dad and queue up again to pay ...

Just in time to see the 444 ...

Yoe Jus, it's Me ... :D

How awesome is that???

No prizes for answering that ...

Very ... to infinite and beyond ... :D

Sunday, July 3

Aunty Di called. 

She was in the car, on the way to Sunway Pyramid.

Aunty Di said, "I'm on my way to pick Justine. Can You hear the song on the radio?"

Mom strained to listen ...

Muffled muffled muffled words ...

No, she couldn't hear the song properly ...

Aunty Di said impatiently, "Can't You hear the song? It's so loud."

Then, Mom heard ...

If I die young ...

Bury me in satin ...

Lay me down on a bed of roses ...

Call 23 : Die Young
Call 56 : Sharp Knife

Awwwwwwwwwww ... 

Aunty Di chuckled and said, 

"The song came on at 8:04 pm." 

"The car's time," Aunty Di said.

8:04 ??? 

Why, that's like 244 all over again ...

See Call 244 : Rocket Zap 

Mom told your aunt that it's been a while since she last heard that song. Mom said, 

"He wants you to know he's right beside you ..." :D

Awwww ... again ...

How cute is that?

Very cute ... <3

To infi ... fill in the blanks ...

Yup, Aunty Di arrived at the airport this afternoon at 2:30 pm. We lost our way to KLIA, Grandma and Mom, but still we were only 5 minutes late. No, Aunty Di didn't have to wait long at all.

We drove to a coffee shop in SS2 to makan. 

Shortly before we arrived, Aunty Di's ring tone came on. If You remember, her ring tone is 21 GUNS.

It was Uncle Chris, calling to check if we had picked Aunty Di up. Deep in her heart, Mom knows that the ring tone was YOU probably greeting your aunt ... 

Hi, AUNTY DiANA ... :D

... because the next thing that happened, we really felt your presence.

Oh yes, we so did.


We were turning into the lane of shop houses where the LORONG SERATUS TAHUN cafe is. Right and left were vehicles parked along the road. Mom was kinda surprised to see the parking all quite filled up - on a SUNDAY.

Anyway, as we were about to pass the cafe, Mom said, 

"I'll drop yall off here first ..."

Aunty Di said, "No need la, we go together ..."

Upon reaching nearer to the cafe, we noticed that there was a parallel parking on the left side, which was directly in front of the cafe. 

Mom said, "Difficult to get in la ..."

Horizontal parking, in between two vehicles, is not one of your mother's expertise.

Then, as she was lamenting, a car on our right (two bays in front of us) started to reverse out. Vertical (45 degree angle) parking. That was easy for Mom to just turn in to the bay.

Wow ... Aunty Di and Mom both saw that.

We know / knew it was You, Daniel. 

Yes, we know, Son ... :D 

The timing was just too angel perfect. Just two seconds later, and we would have missed that bay.

Mom said simply, "He's with us ..." :D

Aunty Di replied with a chuckle, "It's quite obvious ..." :D

Yes, it is ...

Everywhere we are, there you'll be ... <3

Talk to You in a bit, Son ...