Sunday, June 5, 2016


Hello Son,

The last time Mom called You from the blog was on February 21.

Some 3 1/2 months ago.

What's happened to your blog template?

Where has it disappeared to?

Anyway ...

Eventhough your mother has not had the time to call You, but we have been talking every day ... every moment ... yes, every possible moment ... and miraculously, all those awesome zaps that You have been sending her form heaven has continued ... on a daily basis ... it's amazing!

Yesterday (Saturday), Justine and Mom went to Bangsar for lunch. 

Dad was on a bike trip with his biker friends. 

It was our girls' day out. 

We had barely left the condo, when Mom noticed the time.

It was 12:34 pm.

All her favourite numbers.

Her favourite message.


There's only 1 thing ... 2 do ... 

3 words ... 4 you-uuu ...

I love You 

Plaint White T's.

Immediately after, her ears pricked up the lyrics on the song that was playing at the time.

We don't talk anymore ...

Like we used to do ...

Mom raised her eyebrows.


Mom said, "Listen to that ... we don't talk anymore ... "

The song went on and on and on about "We don't talk anymore like we used to ..."

That was about the only line in the song, that she heard and understood clearly. 


Mom continued, "I haven't been on his blog for months ... and now you see, he's sending a message, we don't talk anymore ... your brother is being dramatic ..."

Mom laughed. There was a time when she would be sitting before the computer 24/7 ... just to spend time with her son. Slowly ... after 6 years ... it had dawned on her that her son was with her all the time ... like ALL THE TIME ... not just when she was at the computer ... even when she was not at the computer ... he would zap her and remind her that he's near. Thank you Jesus, for that.

GOD's plan is just perfect!

So anyway, before we went for lunch at Bangsar Village, we had to stop by the optical shop for your sister to pass her glasses to the shop. She had ordered a replacement lens a few weeks ago as her present ones had bad scratches on them. The new lens had arrived. She was supposed to have them fixed on to her present spectacles.

The new lens were costly ... 4 figures ... (gasp!) so Mom did not allow Justine to get a new spectacle frame at the time when she ordered the lens. Her old spectacle frame was a branded one anyway that had also cost quite a bit ... when she got them in 2013. Shouldn't she wear an expensive pair of glasses for at least - 10 years? She's only a student anyway.

In the car, Mom asked, "Have we paid for the lens?"

Justine said, "No yet ..."

Mom heard herself muttering under her breath, "So expensive the lens ... RM1,800 ... only the lens, can you believe it?"

Justine shrugged and made a face ... like ... Oh well, no choice ...

Mom wasn't gonna let her go so easily. Your mother was ever ready to give your sister an ear-full, "Next time, take care of your glasses properly ... How did you manage to get them scratched so badly? If you don't know how to take care of your specs properly, you shouldn't have bought such an expensive pair ... etc etc"

Fast forward ...

We arrived at the optical shop. 

Justine parked by the side of the road, whilst Mom went in to the shop to pass them the spectacles.

The boy who attended to Mom said that it would take about half an hour to fix the lens. Mom said "no hurry," and that she would come by later to pick up the spectacles when it is done. She told the boy that she would be at the shopping mall nearby having lunch with Justine.

Driving into the mall, there was a sign at the car park entrance that said "CAR PARK FULL."

Mom told Justine, "Ignore the sign ... just drive in ... I'll show you where to park ... Dad always park at this place ..."

Your sister drove in ... and followed your mother's instructions until we came to a nice secluded spot that was strictly NOT a car parking space ... there was no proper yellow box like the rest of the bays ... but hey, there could be, if you try to imagine it. We all must think outside the box these days ... it's survival instincts.

Look who's being dramatic now, Ma ... 

Mom inwardly thanked her son for keeping that special invisible bay empty for your sister.

We walked to the Wolf's restaurant. 

Mom ordered a pasta and Justine had a burger.

We were enjoying a nice meal when Mom's cell rang.

It was the optical shop.

So fast? They are done already? Mom thought at first.

The caller said, "I have bad news ..."

Mom listened quietly. She hates this line, you know that right?

She is not good at handling bad news, your mother ...

The girl on the line said, "We broke your spectacle frame ..."


Oh ...

Mom wasn't sure what to say.

Should she respond angrily?

Before your mother could say anything, the girl said, "Can you come back to choose another frame?"

Mom said okay.

Mom told Justine what happened. 

"They broke your spectacles frame. We have to go back to the shop to choose another frame."

Hmmm ...

They had better not charge us for the new frame, Mom thought to herself.

It's not our fault that the frame broke. 

So after we were done with lunch, we walked back to the shop.

About 100 walking steps.


At the shop, the boy said, the frame broke whilst he was trying to fix the lens in.

He was nice enough to say that the shop will bear the cost of the frame and also the cost of getting another pair of the lens ... because he had cut one of them already.

He brought out several branded pairs of spectacle frames. 

Gucci, Guess, Tiffany & Co etc.

Mom looked at the selection of expensive frames in disbelief.


Daniel, is this your work?

Did you whisper into that boy's ears? 

Did you umm, make him break the frame?

Meanwhile, Justine started trying the frames out, one after another, taking selfies to send to her bf.


After about half and hour, Justine settled for a Gucci black rounded frame.

"He likes this one, Mom," your sister said with a big grin.

We will be collecting her new glasses in 2 weeks' time. They have to re-order the lens again ... from Japan.

Meanwhile, the shop boy asked your sister to choose another frame that is similar to her old frame so that he could fix her old lens into that frame and she would be able to use it temporarily whilst waiting for her new glasses. They soon found a frame that fit her old lens. Mom looked at the price tag. It wasn't a cheap frame, yet the boy said the company will let your sister use on loan until her new specs is ready.

Oh my.


That was surely You, Daniel. 

All You.

Thank you, Son. You really are with us, aren't You?

We went next door to a cafe to have a drink. 

Justine wanted to do some work.

Mom found a quiet corner, whilst your sister went to get some coffee. 

Your mother was busy replaying the whole inciDANs of the day in her head, over and over again.


Evening came ...

Justine said, "Let's go home. It's gonna rain ..."

The day before, it rained so heavily we encountered hailstones, believe it or not."

We walked back to the car.

As we were driving out of the parking lot, Mom's ears pricked up ... to the words :

No matter where you go

You know you're not alone

I'm only one call away 

I'll be there to save the day

Superman got nothing on me

I'm only one call away

Mom's eyes shot to the dashboard.

5:08 pm

Decode : 13


That's YOU.  

At the point of writing this paragraph, Mom made a quick check on the singer who sang the song in the morning WE DON'T TALK ANYMORE ... and this second one. She is not familiar with these 2 songs but oh, those lines were meant for her. We don't talk anymore, like we used to ... and I'm only a call away.

How surprised was your mother to learn that both the songs were sung by the same singer CHARLIE PUTH? 

OMG ... seriously???

Same singer??? Sang TWO songs???

One when we left home this morning, and the second, when we were going back.



"I really have to call your brother later," Mom said to Justine.

Can you believe this? How incredulous. 

Then, when Mom was at home, she went straight to the computer ... she sat there for a bit and stared into the screen ... she has not been on your call blog for such a long time, she didn't know how to start ... there's just so much to say ... how to put 1 billion words into writing all at once???

Mom left the computer.  

That was Saturday evening ... yesterday.

This morning ... Sunday ... we woke up and got ready for mass.

Dad was at the wheel, with Mom in front. Justine was behind. 

We were waiting for Aunty C to come down from her apartment.

Would You believe it but the song WE DON'T TALK ANYMORE came on the radio -- again.

Mom pointed to the time, and exclaimed at the same time to Dad, "Listen to what son is saying ... we don't talk anymore ... OMG ... this song was on also yesterday ..."

The time was 8:35 am.

Secret code : 88

That's like 44 44.

Omg. Can You see son is talking to me?

"Yesterday morning, my son said we don't talk anymore ... evening time, he said, I'm only one call away ... then I wanted to call him on the blog, but I didn't in the end ... there was so much to say, I didn't know how and where to start ... and today -- look, he's telling me again ... we don't talk anymore like we used to do ..."

Today ... OMG TODAY ... I have to call him and talk to him, Mom said with determination.

Dad had laughed when Mom said You have a wicked sense of humour.

At least, it's the school holidays now ... your mother did say she would call during the school break. Thank you son, for reminding her.  

We miss You so very much, Daniel. You are in Mom's thoughts every single moment of her time of day and night. There is not a fraction of a second that You are not on her mind, Daniel. Keep the zaps coming, son ... 

Yes, Mom knows, You're only a call away. We must talk like we used to, k?

Hugs and squeezes.