Sunday, February 21, 2016


Hello Son

This Sunday morning, all your family members went to church.

Mom went down to Aunty D's condo to help her with the kids.

The moment, she walked through the door, Aunty D exclaimed, "Hey, we're in orange!"


Mom was wearing an orange tee, and so was Aunty D.

Orange ... Orange ...

Dylan had orange all around him, with the number 48 on the front.



You must be near.

So anyway, we were soon in the car and on the way to church.

Dad was at the wheel.

Uncle C sat in front.

Aunty C, Mom, Aunty D, the maid and the 2 kids were behind. 

When was the last time we squeezed in a car like this? :D

Aunty C said, "Why are you both wearing ORANGE??"

Aunty D replied, "Co-ins ...

Mom repeated, "Haha yeah ... Co-ins ..." and secretly thought of the word COINCI-DANS happily to herself.

Her son is near. He is reminding her. She knows.

A mother knows.

That's the GOD-given bond that nobody can understand.

Aunty D said to Megan, "Teach Dylan some words ..."

That has been the exercise recently, where 5 year old Megan would say some simple words, and 2 year old Dylan would repeat the word in his baby-ways.

"Say TREE, Dylan ..." Megan said.

Mom listened.

Eyebrow raised.


That was what you called your broccoli ... TREE.

A few more words came out like ... say Aunty Carol ... say Aunty Lynn ... say chair ... say sit down ... say SUN ...



Mom thought, quite interestedly.

Like ... SUN - SON???

She smiled to herself.

You were clearly with us. :D

Then Mom found herself saying, "Let's take a photo and send to Justine (in London) ..." and your family people quickly came together as she snapped this photo.

Mom sent immediately to Justine.

Oh my, so bright ... would You look at how bright the SUN is ...

Ah yes, yes ... her SON's rays ... her heart whispered.

It was heart-warming feeling.

Then, Mom said to Megan, pressing on the audio to tape, "Megan, ask Justine to go for mass ..."

Megan asked, "What is mass?"

Aunty D explained, "Mass is church ... ask Justine to go to church ..."

Mom held her cell near Megan to tape the request.

Megan said out loud into the cell, "Justine, go to mass ..." :D

Right after that, your mother somehow said this line, "You know, Dylan can see small little things ... that other people don't ..." She was going to explain further how Dylan spotted a tiny DOT in the lift just now when coming down from the condo, and he had said to Mom and Megan, "See? See? See?"

Before your mother could explain that, she suddenly heard the intro music of IF I DIE YOUNG coming on the radio.

OMG ...


Mom's eyes shot to her cell. 

The time was 8:28 am.

Decode : 882

44 ... 2 times.

Ahh ... any sign that is TWO times, is from her Son. 

That's the understanding between Mom and You since ... since You left home Jan 21, 2010. 

Aunty D said, "Just when you were saying that Dylan can see things ... "


Maybe, he saw You ... maybe when he said SUN, he meant SON ... maybe You whispered TREE to Megan ... maybe You drew Dylan's attention to the DOT ... maybe the DOT that he pointed at, was connected to the DOT of your ORANGE DOT blog.

Everywhere we are, there You'll be.

Thank you, Son, for reminding Mom again and again that You are always right beside her. Watch over Justine and her bf. 

Today is your 21st.

6.1 years away from home.

73 months with JESUS and MAMA MARY somewhere over the rainbow.

By the way, RAINBOW is the theme for this week in school.

Oh, and yesterday (Saturday) ... Mom was alone at home. 

Dad was outstation for the day, and the maid was off.

The telly was on.

The movie : The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Mom was going through the school photos.

She wasn't exactly watching the movie except to look up now and then during the dance scenes.

She had heard your name DANIEL mentioned in the show earlier.

That was the reason why she left the channel as it is. She loves hearing your name.

Then, at one point, one of the characters exclaimed loudly, 


Time stood still for your mother.

Omg ...

Of all the 2.6 billion names that could have been used for that short sentence ... it was your name.



Oh my ... but of course.

Of course, DANIEL exists. 

Still exists ... because of the resurrection of JESUS.

Thank you JESUS for dying on the cross for us ... because of HIS resurrection, DANIEL EXISTS.

Truly, truly exists ... even though he died.

JESUS raised DANIEL up on the 3rd day as HE promised ... and from the moment You left us, You were with us. 

In spirit.

Mom can feel your presence ... she reads all your signs ... and she knows You are right beside her all the time.

Yes, what a nice message to remind Mom that DANIEL EXISTS ... during this time of LENT.

Thank you, Son ... for reminding Mom that DANIEL EXISTS ... <3

Mom cannot thank God enough for that.

Hugs and kisses from all at home on your 21st today.

Dad Mom Justine