Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Call 592 : FREE CAKE

Hello Son

Something totally awesome happened this afternoon.

Dad and Mom went to a mall in Bangsar during lunch time. 

Mom brought Dad to the same restaurant, that Justine and her went to on last Saturday June 4. Mom had related the inciDAN on Call 590 (Broken Frame).

Mom pointed to the same table that Justine and her were at whilst they were in that restaurant. Your mother sat in the same seat, and Dad sat opposite her (Justine's seat). That was the table that your sister and mother were at, when they received the phone call from the optical shop. See Call 590.

So anyway ... Dad and Mom ordered pasta that was on promotion during lunch time. Dad ordered a spaghetti bolognaise whilst Mom called a aglio olio bacon. It was a set menu that came with a starter soup and a green tea drink (hot/cold). 

Whilst waiting for the food to arrive, Mom made a casual remark, "The set lunch doesn't come with dessert ..."

Dad looked over to the promotion banner that was nearby our table, and shook his head in agreement. No, the set lunch only came with soup ... no dessert.

Oh well ...

The soup came.

Hmmm, super delicious.

Dad and Mom truly enjoyed the creamy soup ... to the last drop. :D

Our spaghetti soon came to the table.

Oooooo ......



Omg ... both pastas were yummy.


We enjoyed both plates of pasta very much.

Chomp chomp chomp.

We were soon done with lunch.

Dad signalled to one of the waiters, for the bill.

A few minutes later, before the bill came, a waiter brought 2 small plates of cake, and said, "This red velvet comes complimentary with your sets."



Oh my.  

Free cake?


Mom looked at Dad. 

Your father had a big grin on his face, as he thanked the waiter.

The waiter left our table.

Dad said, "You were just saying there were no desserts ... Hahaha ..."

Mom was like, "Son heard me ... he definitely brought the cakes ... it's Son ... come on, it's FREE ..."

The red velvet slice was incredbily delicious. 

Mom savoured every bite and lick. 

Your mother soon heard herself asking Dad, "Can you see if there are any promotions on free dessert anywhere?"

Dad looked around ... and shook his head.

Mom didn't think so.

This was from Heaven.

For sure.

As Mom was enjoying her cake, she couldn't help but wonder if there were really from You. 

Was that a coinciDANS

Did You send your parents those 2 red velvets, Son?

Were they really from You?

Omg ... how incredibly wonderful if truly they were from You.

It had begun to rain outside.

The time was about 3 pm.

Dad said, "Do you want to share a latte here or go somewhere else?"

Mom was too lazy to move from her seat.

"Let's just have it here ..." Mom said.

So, Dad called for a latte.

Take note of that - ONE latte.

Just ONE.

A few minutes went by. 

Mom was on Dad's cell cheking on SuperHeroes and their symbols ... SUPERHEROES being our theme in school for the week. 

A different waiter came to our table to inform us, "When you order a latte, you get a second one for FREE."

Time stood still.

Omg what?

Dad gave a laugh. "Oh really?"

The waiter replied with a smile, "Yes, buy ONE and get ONE free ..."

The waiter wanted to know if Mom wanted the FREE latte.

Well, of course, she did ... if it's FREE. Hullo ...

The waiter left our table.

Mom was breathless, "Omg ... free cake and free latte ... TWO free stuffs ... it's Son alright ... it's definitely him ... I was wondering and wondering ...and he read my thoughts ... he sent a second FREE stuff ... Omg ..."

Definitely Son!


Dad said, "Let's take a photo ... Look at all your hearts ... mine is a leaf ..."

Mom had not noticed the pattern on the latte. Yeah, Dad's was a leaf ... and Mom's ...

her latte was decorated with hearts.  


4 hearts, mind you.

Four ... Yeah, four ...


Thank you, Son, for the nice coffee and cake. 

They were definitely from You. :D 

Oh boy, how awesome ...

It was time to go. 

We dropped by the grocer to get a few things before going to the car. 

Note the short delay. That was to prepare Mom for another zap.

After the grocer, we walked to the car.

In the car, the moment Dad started the ignition, this line came on the radio ...

tall and handsome as hell ...

It was an unfamiliar song, but she heard those words clearly.

Tall and handsome ...

Mom laughed out loud, "Did you hear that? Tall and handsome as hell?"

Oh my ...

What are the chances of Mom hearing this line just as soon as the car started? 

At the point of writing this paragraph, Mom checked the title of the song.


Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams

Totally new to her. Have not heard of this song before. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine that her child would return to Heaven and communicate with her in this manner.

It's 10:51 pm ... THE GREEN HORNET is on TV at the moment ... your name was mentioned.


Mom thought she heard wrong, but Dad nodded when your mother asked, "Was that DANIEL I heard?"

It was ...

Oh my ...

Truly, everywhere we are there You'll always be.

Keep the zaps coming, Son ...

Mom has to retire now. School day tomorrow.

Nite Son. Be good.