Sunday, June 5, 2016


Hello Son, 

Gosh. Really have to tell You this, Son.

After calling You on Call 591 @ 9:26 pm, Mom sent Justine a text.

At 21:32 pm (9:32 pm).

Some 6 minutes later ...

Your sister is at the university's lab doing some work till late in the evening and then she was supposed to drive back to Seremban. It's late. Mom asked her to come home, and drive back tomorrow morning.

Justine replied, "There's another car driving back with me later. I have an early class tomorrow ..."

And then on a separate text at 21:34 pm ... Justine said, "OMGGG ... Dans wants me to come home la. My morning class is cancelled."

Oh my ...

Her doctor apparently just called to tell her that her morning class is cancelled, right after she sent the text to say she had an early class tomorrow.


Notice the time???

21:34 ... her class is cancelled.

That's 1234.


You must have received Mom's Call 590.

Everytime Mom sends You a call, You respond right back. You always find a way to zap your mother. Thank you for that, Son. And for making sure Justine doesn't have to drive all the way to Seremban tonight to attend that early class tomorrow. You know Mom doesn't her to go back tonight and so somehow, miraculously, her early class tomorrow is cancelled.


What are the chances?

No chance.

Angel chance.