Saturday, May 2, 2015

Call 572 : NO WAY

Hello Son, 

Friday, May 1

We were at Starbucks. 

Mom and Justine. 

We were on a study date.

Dad was with us too. It was a public holiday. 

School was closed. How nice to just -- do nothing. :D

Yeah, now and then, we should all just chill and just -- do nothing.

Dad said, "Let's go have some breakfast ..."

Justine had already bought her cheese bun and Starbucks coffee, and was not keen to get up from her comfy sofa to go have breakfast elsewhere. She was there to do some work anyway. So Dad and Mom left her at the Starbucks lounge and walked over to a restaurant, very, very nearby.

Like 20 steps away.

Ahhh ... 

A nice cozy cafe.

Being so early in the day, around 11 o'clock ... 

Mom hears a snort -- online.

Hey, that is early for mall time okay. 

Haha. Anyway, we were the first patrons there.

The menu came.

Flip flip flip ...

We turned the pages.

Hmmm. Nice food photos. 

Mom decided on a naan set with the potato curry. 

Dad wanted the egg benedict set.

The waiter came and Dad pointed to the naan set, telling the guy, "She would like to have this set."

The waiter glanced at the photo, hesitated for 2 seconds, and asked, "Do you like curry chicken?"

Dad looked over to Mom.

Mom shrugged. It was still early to be eating so heavy. She thought the curry potatoes was sufficient. Anyway, the set shows curry potatoes. There were no pictures of any breakfast sets with curry chicken.

The waiter went on, "The curry chicken is very nice ..."

Dad said, "Okay ..."

Mom was not too keen on changing her potatoes to chicken.

You must have whispered to the waiter, because the waiter read your mother's mind and suggested, "I will let you try the chicken curry. Don't worry, I will also give you a bowl of curry potatoes."

Oh well, all right then, Mom thanked him -- with her eyes.

Our coffee came.

Shortly after, the waiter brought the naan set and then the egg set. 

Oh my.

We took a look at the recommended curry chicken and gasped our delight.

We tried it.


It was absolutely delicious.

The curry potatoes were out of this world too.

What a treat.

Mom said, "Son must have whispered to the waiter to let us try the curry chicken."

It's so weird for the waiter to suddenly suggest that addition out of the blue.

The waiter came by to check on us.

We gave him the thumbs up.

He beamed and said, "The price is the same ..."

Mom raised her eyebrow to dad. 

Extra 2 pieces of drumstick and thigh pieces to her curry potato set, and the price is the same???

You were definitely with us, Son ... :D

With the food being so super good, Mom made reservations for 8 pax for Mother's Day.


True story.  

Here's Dad enjoying his breakfast. 

Even the hash browns were superb.

Crunchy and tasty. 


After a hearty breakfast, we walked back to Starbucks.

Dad stayed with Justine, whilst Mom strolled over to the bookshop.

She walked over to the story books section, and browsed around for a bit.

A song was playing overhead but she didn't pay any notice to it until this line hit her.

I believe in angels

She stopped short, and quickly glanced at her cell.

12:15 pm.

A smile broke out.

Decode : 21 / forever 15

You You You.

Mom stood there, to listen to the rest of the song. 

I have a dream, a song to sing ...

Her son would always remind her that he's near.

After the song ended, Mom strolled out of the shop and went back to Justine.

Dad had left to meet somebody in town. 

He would be back in a few hours, he said.

For the next few hours, Mom went through her photo gallery to select some photos for the school blog.

Before long, she felt she had to stretch her legs.

So off she went -- to the book store again.

At the children's books section, she found herself examining one book to another.

Meanwhile, 2 little girls had appeared. 

They were dressed alike. 

One big sister and one little sister.

The older girl (aged around 6 years old) was on your mother's left, whilst the younger one (aged 4 years or thereabouts) was on her right. 

Like right beside her.

She was sitting on the floor with a story book.

Less than 2 minutes, the little girl suddenly exclaimed, "WHAT? NO WAY!!!" and then shut her book, sprang up and called out ...

Mom heard her call DANIEL.


Mom turned to her left, to watch the younger girl running up to the older girl. 

That older girl's name is Danielle???

Oh my. What are the chances???

The time was 15:50 pm.

Hmmm. Not a zap time.

Maybe she made a mistake???

Your mother lingered around there, hoping to hear the name again.

No, NO WAY, she could have made a mistake, she thought to herself. 

There was no mistake. 

The name was spoken CLEARLY for her ears to hear.

She continued to browse through the bookshelf, and immediately spotted a book title that made her hold her breath.


What Is Daniel Wearing?

Oh my. Daniel Tiger.

Only the day before in school, one of her students was singing a song that was unfamiliar to Mom, and Mom had asked the girl, "What song is that?" to which the girl replied, "It's from Daniel the tiger ..."

Oh boy.

What is Daniel wearing? 

Why, did she not just observe that both the girls were wearing identical outfits? 

As she was being overwhelmed by the moment, these song lyrics appeared from the PA system above:

For all those times you stood by me ...

Up close and personal.


I'm everything I am because you love me.

Memories flooded in.

So much is said. 

Yet, there are no words.

Truly, Daniel ... You say it best when You say nothing at all.

Yes Son, Mother's Day is coming. 

In 2 weeks time.

That song was for Mom, she knows.


See how You get her attention first, then zap zap zap?

How amazing ...

Mom was literally floating back to Starbucks.

Your sister was before her laptop, scribbling away.

Mom said, "Jus, go order something to eat ..."

No, Mom did not mention about the Daniel Tiger zap to Justine. 

That zap was meant for Mom, and Mom alone, and she didn't want to spoil the moment.

Justine went to the counter, and came back a few minutes later, beaming.

"I got a FREE drink!" she exclaimed proudly.


"How???" Mom asked in surprise.

Jus said, "It's random ... actually there was a lady before me but she walked away and I was next ... the Starbucks guy said I got a free drink ... then the lady came back ... Hahaha ..."


Oh my.

Did You hear that???

No way. 


Omg ...

"That was your brother zapping you, Jus ..."

That sure was ...

Stay close, Daniel ... and keep the zaps coming. 

Talk to You in a bit. 

Hugs and kisses.