Sunday, May 31, 2015

Call 574 : TIGER'S DEN

Hello Son

This morning, your family were in church.

We were seated outside the right wing.

Late again ... but we have Megan and Baby Dylan. :D

Ahhh ... good excuse. Jesus was smiling down on us.

Mom's sure. :D

Anyway, during communion, we stood in line. When it was Mom's turn to receive the host, the Communion Minister, having finished the communion host, asked Mom to step inside the church and to  receive from the minister on the altar.

Mom went in.

She received the Body of Christ.

She muttered her Amen, turned to walk right to the end of the side wing of the church to say a little prayer.

Her eyes were on the altar when she suddenly realized that this was in her face.

Like -- right in her face.

Omg ...

France ... as in Lourdes.

Number 21 in disguise.

That sign was surely for Mom, she knew.

You were near, she thought.

Were You on the altar?

Or nearer ... like near that man???

He was so near her. If she held out her hand and just leaned over a little, she could touch him. Amazing, isn't it? The communion hosts had to finished right at her time. Had she taken the communion from the minister outside, she would have gone back to her seat -- outside -- and not receive her ZAP.


When mass ended, we walked to the car.

Mom had told Justine about the zap.

She saw a vehicle parked along the road with the number plate MU 12.

She smiled.

In the car, it was barely 5 minutes when Dad turned up the volume.

Oh gosh.

IF I DIE YOUNG was on the radio. 

The time was 9:47 am.

Decode : 21

Oh my.

Aunty C was in the car with us. We were driving to SS2 for breakfast. Your mother told her about the France 012 zap. :D

Anyway, we soon reached the coffee shop.

Your mother walked in.

All the tables were occupied except for one small table, which was not enough for all of us (6 adults and 2 babies) and another round (and bigger) table but with a RESERVED sign on it.

The coffee shop girl asked Mom, how many persons?

Your mother replied, "6 adults and 2 children ..."

The girl turned to the RESERVED table, removed the sign, and invited us to sit down.


That table was reserved for us, Son? she thought happily.

We sat down.

Dad pointed to the table number.


Oh gosh. 

You were definitely with us, Daniel.


Everywhere we are, there You'll be. 

Yeah, this song came on first thing in the morning the day before your 21 this month.

There You'll be.

Faith Hill.

We were in the car, and had reached school. Mom had asked Dad to leave the radio on until the song ended.

"Tomorrow is his 21st," Mom had said to Dad. 

Yes, of course You would want to remind your mother that everywhere she is, there You'll be.

Then, yesterday, Justine said she wanted to have pan mee for lunch.

So we drove to the coffee shop in Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park and had our pan mee.

After that, when we went back, oh boy, guess which song was on the radio?

Mom was not expecting any zap.

It was too hot a day. :D


The time was 2:06 pm.

Decode : 44

Thank you, Son, for watching over us, and for reminding us always that You are near. 

Keep the zaps coming, ya Daniel? 

Also, thank you for being with us during our recent field trip on Wednesday 27th. You were clearly with us since everything went on so smoothly. You must have asked all the angels to help us watch over the children. :D

At the tiger's den, Mom walked over to a stone-bench and as she looked down, had gasped as she saw this:-

Gosh, at the tiger's den, she finds a white feather???


Like -- Daniel the tiger???


Got to go now. 

Have lots of photos taken during the field trip to sort out.

Stay close, Daniel, and keep the zaps coming ... :D

Love you, Son ... <3