Saturday, April 11, 2015

Call 571 : PLAIN WHITE

Hello Son, 

It's been like more than 3 weeks since we last communicated online. It's been a crazy hectic 3 weeks and more. Still, You always find a way to zap your mother and to remind her that You are right beside her.

All the time.

Every time.

It's just too incredible. 

Thank you, Son. :D

So anyway, Justine came back from outstation posting yesterday (Friday). Dad and Mom took her for lunch nearby. Your sister wanted to eat pan mee. 

We took a square table.

For 4.

Dad sat down.

Mom sat down.

Justine sat down.

Did You sit down, Son?

Your seat was opposite Mom. You would have seen Mom staring into the emptiness in front of her and trying to outline a figure. Were You shaking your head?

Our food came.

After a few mouthfuls of the flour noodles, Mom commented, "It's different today ... not as nice ... something's missing."

Like shallots' oil, maybe, Mom thought.

Dad agreed. "Not as nice ... something is missing."

Justine couldn't tell that the noodles were a tad different in taste from the last, last time we went there.

"Different, meh?" Justine frowned.

Anyway, we continued eating ... until ... at one moment in time, Mom suddenly felt her ears pricking up. 

A faint, very faint music ... from far, far away.

Mom's face lit up as she said, "Listen listen ... hear that? ... Titanic ..."

The time was 15:16 pm.

Decode : 4


The Titanic music was so faint that you could just miss hearing it.

You must have whispered to Mom :

Listen Ma ... listen ... :D


"Do you hear it?" Mom asked.

Dad said yes. 

Jus nodded.

Near ... far ... wherever You are ...

You are safe in my heart, and my heart will go on and on ...

Hmmm, okay then, let's make make one thing clear, people ...

You -- did -- sit down with us. :D


Saturday 4/4/2015

Dad and Mom sent Justine to her uni. 

Your sister was travelling down south with some friends. She is posted to a hospital down south for 3 weeks to do her practicals. This would be like the first time your sister is away from home for such a long time.

3 weeks.

21 days.

Ah, yes, 21 days ...

Cheer up, Ma ...

Mom heard that -- somehow.

Don't ask her how. She is not able to explain. 

Anyway, we reached the uni. Dad stopped by the side of the road to drop your sister off at her meeting point -- the bus stop.

Dad remained in the car, with Grandma in the back seat. Yeah, Amah had also followed us to send Justine off. It was as if she were going abroad, for 3 years. 

Oh well ...

You know your family. We are all dramatic people. 

Yeah, and we are umm, proud of that. :D

Mom got out to help Jus with her luggage.

One of Justine's friends had arrived earlier and Jus was introducing her friend to Mom.

Just then, Dad appeared with a smile, like he was about to say something nice. 

Your father said, "Get in the car ... get in the car ..."


Okay, Mom did not expect that.

She stood there, still wanting to stay with Justine.

Dad insisted, "Go back into the car ... If I Die Young ..."


Mom practically sprinted back to the car. She didn't want to miss the DIE YOUNG zap.

Yanking the car door open, she hopped in, and immediately turned up the volume.

IF I DIE YOUNG was still on. Thank God.

She glanced at the time. It was 10:24 am.

Decode : 24 | 21

Your birthdate and departure.

Of course You would be with us, wouldn't You? Sending your sister off ... Yes, You were certainly with us.

Good Lord, how long has it been since she last heard this song?

Many many moons have passed since.

That day was April 4, 2015.


sei sei sei sei - in chinese.

means - die die die die


Truly your zap time. All the angel numbers are there.

Your birthdate 24.

Your birthyear 94.

Your birth time. 4:41 pm.


So appropriate.


Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother

She'll know I'm safe with You

As she stands under my colours 

Her most favourite verse.

It was so written for her. 

She knows.

GOD is amazing. Truly amazing. 

Each time Easter comes, such as the recent one, it reminds us how grateful and thankful we are that JESUS bled and died for us ... because now, we are children of the resurrection. We can die no more.

No more.

You are alive in JESUS.

That's so obvious. 

Still ... as a mother ... she will always wonder why ... 

If only ...

How come ...

Sigh ...

We miss You so very much, Son ... <3

Especially your handsome face ...

Do You still look the same?

Friday, April 3 - GOOD FRIDAY

Mass at 3 pm.

Dad, Mom, Justine and Aunty C were attending the 3 pm mass. 

We left the house at about 2 pm. 

That day in school, it so happened that our Friday Theme was WHITE. 

So appropriate. 

Teacher E had said, "So perfect. Everything works out so well ..."

Mom had to smile.

Yeah, things have a way of working out -- somehow.





We arrived in church.

It was already packed.

Mom was insistent on finding a seat inside the church that day because of the heat outside.


No, of course that's not the only reason ...

Anyway, one of the man from the church team said to go to the side wing on the left.

We went there.

The last row was empty.

So we walked over ... and soon saw the words MEDICAL TEAM on the last row.

Mom sat down. Dad followed. Aunty C and Justine too.

There was a man sitting on the far end of the MEDICAL TEAM row. He spoke in low tones to Aunty C, "Are you guys on the medical team?"

Uh oh.

Mom stood up.

Dad stood up.

As we did, some people who saw us, kinda moved closer together in their pews, so that Dad and Mom could squeeze in with them in their non-medical team pew. 

Mom put her phone on silent mode.

Moments passed ...

Then at one point, she found herself reaching for her handbag to pull out her cell.

The first thing she saw were the large sized numbers of the time : 

14:32 pm 

Decode : 1234 

She secretly smiled to herself. 1234. You must have whispered to your mother.

Check your phone, Ma ... :D

Her son is near. Probably sitting right beside her ... She looked to her left, and noticed there was about 5 inches or so space between her and the man next to her. Dad was on the right.

Can You squeeze in here, Son?

Do You take up space now? 

Or do You just float above the seats?

She wondered.

Mom showed Dad the time. "1234 ..." she whispered.

There's only 1 way, 2 say, 

those 3 words, 4 You -uu ...

I love You ...

By Plain White T's


Plain White.

Interesting ...

Our theme for the week.

You know Mom's theme, huh ...

Fast forward ... 

Mass ended.

We walked to the car.

We all got in.

Dad started the car.

Gosh, would You believe it but the song 

I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU came on the car radio.

Mom immediately felt really bad for not calling for some 2 weeks then.

The time on the dashboard showed 4:48 pm.

Oh my ...

Is that not 4444?

Or see it from another angle -  112? 

Secret code : 121

Which Dad had pointed out to her earlier that week: 

One, Twenty One Guns ...

The car that is parked right opposite us in the condo is 121 ... but Mom has never thought of it as :

One, 21 Guns

Your song. 

Oh anyway she looked at it, it spelt YOU YOU YOU.

Oh boy ...

What are the chances of hopping into the car, and hear this first song that came on?

I just called to say I LOVE YOU ...

Not only that but in church just now, she was zapped by 1234, I LOVE YOU.


There are no coinciDANS. 

Only miracles.

Same message twice?

A clear ZAP ZAP ZAP from somewhere over the rainbow.

Truly ...

Everywhere we are, there You'll be, Daniel ...

Keep the zaps coming ...

Love You, Son ... <3

Gotta run for a bit ...

Uploaded Call 571 at this point.


Oh wow. Mom just have to tell You.

Shortly after she sent You her Call 571, she settled down on the sofa munching on a cheese stick and watching a movie that had just started on HBO :

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Some 5 minutes into the show, the words ZZZAAAPPPP flashed right across the screen. The scene where Lola was explaining to her friend how her dad and mom met.



Mom shot right up from the sofa to check the time.

14:57 pm

Decode : 44

Oh gosh.

And Confessions of a Teenage DRAMA Queen???

Did Mom not say that your family are all DRAMATIC???

Oh wow. You definitely got her call alright. :D

Thanks Son. Love You so much.


Oh oh oh ...

Another thing happened this evening ...

At about 4 pm, Mom was sending the maid to the station. 

This car appeared before her.


112 ...

Just when she was telling You in her Call about "the other angle."

She gets a ...


You mean, like this angle, Ma???