Thursday, September 18, 2014


Hello Son

Monday, Sept 15

It was early in the morning. 

Mom was driving out of the condo, to school.

The radio was on, but she didn't hear the song immediately.

And suddenly she did.

You are not alone

I am here with you

Though we're far apart

You're always in my heart

You are not alone 


Her eyes were on the dashboard the instant she heard the first line.

It was 6:49 am.

Secret code : 44

She smiled to herself.

Michael Jackson.

Another smile escaped her.

Jackson ...

Jack as in Titanic Jack ... as in MY HEART WILL GO ON - JACK ... and SON.

Son Son Son ...

My heart will go on ~ Son ... <3


Mom's good,don't You think?

Is she trying too hard? To get that second sign?


The song ended. The radio host said bla bla bla.

Her mind escaped to a faraway land.

Somewhere over the rainbow.

Tsk tsk tsk, Ma ...

Are You shaking your head?

The night before, Sunday night, MAN OF STEEL was on telly. 

Dad, Mom and Justine were having our dinner before the tv. 

Mom said, "Let's watch a movie ..."

It was a Sunday night, family night, movie night.

Justine said, "Man of Steel is nice ..."

Mom protested, "Isn't there something else on telly?" 

Humph. This Man of Steel Superman is not as cute as Smallville Tom Welling.

Your sister replied impatiently, "I wanna watch this, Mom ..."

Okay okay ... and so your family watched MAN OF STEEL that night.

Watch watch watch ...

Then, came a scene, when the computers went blank and the words: 

YOU ARE NOT ALONE ... appeared.


Mom laughed and said, "Hey, that message is for me ..."

Justine heard.

Dad heard.

It was an announcement she made. We didn't think much about it after that.

That was Sunday night. At home.

Back to the car on Monday Morning ...

What are the chances of Mom now hearing this YOU ARE NOT ALONE song the very next morning? 


No chance.

Angel chance.

Truly, she was overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the moment, when she suddenly found herself straightening up.

Listen Ma ... :D

She heard a whisper.

She listened.

It was the intro music of ...




Not only is LET IT GO her concert item this year, but only the day before, she had bought all the 15 FROZEN Elsa's gowns. The prettiest gowns You have ever seen.

Hmm. You must have led Mom to that boutique. 

The costumes are so amazing.

Mom was at the mall, with one of our teachers. We were looking for pink shirts and white shorts for the Bambi children. Mom was explaining to the teacher the shade, and the type of shorts she wanted.

The teacher showed your mother some samples from shop to shop.

No, no, no ... not like that, your mother would protest each time. The pink has got to be that sweet baby pink, and the shorts need to be plain, just plain white. No fancy trimmings and funky pockets.  No no no ... those wouldn't do!

Suddenly, at one point, an overweight guy was walking towards us, wearing a pink shirt, the shade of which Mom was talking about, and in plain white shorts caught your mother's attention.

Mom stared.

What the ...

Omg ...

The guy was walking towards us ... nearer and nearer.

Quickly, Mom nudged the teacher and spoke in low tones, "Eh, look at the guy in front. In front ... in front of us. The one in the pink shirt and white shorts. We are looking for that outfit. Yes yes, that guy. That pink shirt. Exactly like that."


Wait a minute. 

Did You send that guy in our way, Son?

Hahaha. That was quite funny, what happened there. 

The teacher laughed out loud.



Oh dear. Side tracked. 

Where was she?

Ah, in the car. Let it go.

Yes Son. You know Mom's got all her FROZEN costumes now, don't You?

She has been looking and looking and looking ...

She reached the school.

Smiling, she got out of the car.

Her morning zap.

Her son had sent her a morning zap.

Everyday, he sends her a lil zap to remind her that he's right beside her.

So anyway, the day flew by.

Lunch time came. Dad came to pick Mom up for lunch.

We drove to Bangsar.

Turning into the McDonald's lane, your parents were both looking at the stretch of car parked on the side of the road. 

Lunch hour. Very very jam-packed.

This lane is just not known for empty parking bays.

On top of that, there were cars in front of us, inching along.

Mom sent a telepathic message over to her son, "Daniel, if You are here, get a car to come out ..."

No sooner had she thought that, she saw right before her eyes, a car (X), reversing out ... just as the car (C) in front of us passed it. Which means, the coast was clear for us to drive straight into that bay after that car (C) in front of us drove past the parked car (X).

Oh my.

She turned to Dad with a big grin.

"It's Son ... I was just asking him to get a car out ..."

The timing couldn't be better. Dad couldn't believe his eyes. It was not possible to get a parking at this place.


Which makes getting it all the more sweeter.

So anyway, we had our lunch at a mamak restaurant, both your parents indulged in a plate of nasi kandar - banjir with all the different kinds of curries. 

After lunch, we crossed the road and walked to a stationery shop. We spent about an hour there, picking papers for certificates and awards.

Back in school ...

The evening passed with all the usual activities.

Mom was having dinner with one of the teachers that evening.

The teacher had told her she like pan mee. So your mother brought her our family's favourite pan mee restaurant.

It was after 7 pm. The road was pretty clear despite the after office traffic. We drove to the next neighbouring area. As we were turning into the lane of the restaurant, we drove pass a long stretch of parked vehicles, on the left and right of us.

Mom drove on.

As she reached the restaurant, would You believe it but there was one vacant space RIGHT IN FRONT of the eatery.

For her.



Right in front. Not too left, and not too right. Just right in front of the pan mee shop we were going to.


Second time that day.

Thanks Son. You really are with Mom all the time, aren't You?

As Mom was writing this call, she heard these words coming from the telly :

I love You, Daniel ... (preview of a show)


Mom said quickly (to Dad), "You heard that? I love You, Daniel ..."

Dad nodded. 

"What time is it? What time is it?"

Dad said, "13:51 .."

Mom thought loudly, "One three five one ... Is that not 44?"

Omg ...


Are You not connecting with Mom???

You are receiving her call just as she is writing it ...

Gosh Daniel.

Truly, she is not alone ...

You are not alone, Ma ... :D

Thanks Son for reminding her that again and again. 

Keep the zaps coming. Gotta go to school.