Friday, September 19, 2014

Call 551 : BAD DAY

Hello Son, 

This morning, Grandma and Mom went for breakfast at a noodle house. We have some exciting plans about the school that we had to finalise and thought we would talk it over during breakfast.

At the kopitiam ...

We ordered our noodles.

We talked whilst waiting.

We ate whilst talking.

Plan is good.

Food is good.

Were You with us, Daniel?

We were seated on a small round table, with 4 chairs.

Grandma on one seat, Mom on one seat, and both our handbags on one seat.

Leaving one empty seat.


Were You on that empty seat? 

Smile. Mom thinks You were. As always.

So anyway, we enjoyed our noodles very much.

When we were done, Mom called for the bill.

The bill came.


Mom glanced down at the total.


23? Why, that's 1994.

Secret code : Your birth year.

She pulled out some notes and handed it to the waiter. 

Picking up the bill, she found herself looking at the large fonts of table and bill no.




Table 13

Decode : 4

Bill No : 42843

Secret code : 21

Mom was shaking her head and smiling to herself causing Grandma to ask, "What? Why? What?"

Mom showed Grandma the small bill, pointed and explained, "See the bill number ... that's 21 ... see the table number ... that's 4 ... and the total RM23 ... that's 1994 ... Daniel is here."

Grandma didn't make any comment, nor gave Mom any indication that she supported her - um, theory.

That's okay. 

Mom didn't care. 

This connection is not for anyone to understand.

You are definitely with Mom. That's for sure.

Smile ... a secret smile.  

So anyway, after breakfast, Grandma dropped Mom back in school, where Dad was waiting. 

Your parents were going to the bank.

So ...

At the bank, Mom approached the Q line, and a bank officer handed her a number.

She took the slip of paper, glanced at it, and chuckled.

She showed it to Dad, grinning from ear to ear.

"Look, 21 ... Hah!"

Dad said, "That's 20 ..."

Mom stopped in her tracks and shoved the Q paper in Dad's face.

"It's 21! Look, nine ... ten eleven twelve. Two one." 

Dad replied, "Ohh ..."

Mom took a seat. The number slip was in her hand.

She looked at it.

Hmmm ... 

How do You do it, Daniel? Her heart whispered.

How do You manage to be - everywhere?

She continued to stare.

From 3009 ... her eyes took in 3005.

Decode : 44


Her eyes then read : 2014-09-19 


Oh gosh.

Decode : 4


Her eyes darted to the bottom right : 10-01-40

Decode : 24


You. Your birthdate.

Oh my. Would You look at that?

Then, there's the logo. The TIGER.

Like Daniel, the Tiger?


How could You not be with Mom? You're so clearly by your mother's side, You could be holding her hand for all she knows. Why, anybody who reads this tiny slip of paper would be able to tell that her angel son is right beside her.

She thought - silently.

Correction - happily.


Just awesome. 

Anyway ...

After the bank, Dad and Mom were in the car driving back.

Would You believe it but YOU ARE NOT ALONE came on the radio a few minutes after we drove off.

The time was : 11:06 am

Decode : 4



Mom said, "Omg ... YOU ARE NOT ALONE ... only yesterday, I told son about the YOU ARE NOT ALONE zaps. The Man of Steel movie ... Omg ... "

What are the chances?

No chance.

You are not alone, Ma ... I am here with you ... :D

Gosh Son, it's just amazing how You make your presence felt each time.

We were at the traffic lights when the song was still on.

Suddenly, she let out a gasp.

She pointed to a vehicle on the right.


Gosh, what are the chances of Mom hearing the message on the radio - YOU ARE NOT ALONE - and then seeing the words FREED???

All You.

The number plate 7513.

That's like 21 4.

You. All YOU.



Fast forward ... 

After school, Mom went to dinner with one of our teachers. We were done in an hour. Mom called Dad to pick her up, and to give the teacher a lift home.

Dad arrived at around 9 pm.

The teacher and Mom hopped into the car.

The radio was on.

You had a bad day ...

was on.

Oh gosh.

Bad day.

The time was 9:11 pm.


What's with the Nine One One?

Bad bad bad day.


Mom remembers. She didn't like it when You sang this song.

She would tell You not to sing it.

"You're not having a bad day, Daniel, stop singing that song ..." she would say.

Now she would give anything to hear You sing again ... anything ... whether it's that BAD DAY song or not.

Mom said in low tones to Dad, "Bad day ... Daniel Powter ... my son is saying hi ... he's here." 

Dad nodded and smiled.

Right after BAD DAY ... would You believe it? But DANGEROUS came on.


Hold on tight

I know she's a little bit dangerous


Your word.

Dane - gerous.

The time was 9:14 pm.

Decode : 14

I am number 4.


We reached home. 

"You see? He has to zap me with two songs just before we reach home ..."

That's how your mother knows for sure the zaps are from You.  :D

Thank you, Son for being near. Keep the zaps coming. 

Talk to You tomorrow.

Love You. Hugs and kisses. <3