Saturday, April 12, 2014


Hello Son,

Gosh Son.

Today is just so filled with ZAPs.

After the earlier 3 calls, Justine and Mom were at the sofa with our dinner.

The telly was on.

Mom heard the name "Danny" ...

That made her looked up. 

She saw the title of the movie : Just Go With It

Mom turned to Jus, uncertainly, "Danny?"

Justine replied, "Yeah ..."

Your mother sprang to her feet. She has seen this movie before, but she's forgotten the names of the characters. Who can remember all the names of all the actors in all the movies they watch, right?

It's not like it's -- Grease.

Or Karate Kid (1984). Daniel-san.

Dr Daniel (Danny) Maccabee, says Wikipedia.

The time on her cell showed 8:14 pm.

Decode : 21

Her zaps are always perfect.


Oh gosh, Daniel-Son.

Mom watched the movie further whilst finishing her dinner.

It was almost towards the end of the movie when a song came on that made her hold her breath. 



Every breath you take ...

Gosh oh gosh ... seriously???

Every breath you take ???

How can this be???

Truly Daniel, You really are with us, You really are.


I'll be watching you ...

See Mom's call earlier to You (Call 527) ...