Saturday, April 12, 2014


Hello Son,

This morning, Mom went to pick up the maid.

Before that, she woke Dad up, to get him to get ready to go for breakfast when she came back with the maid.

It's a Saturday today. No school.


It was about 7:45 am.

She went out of the lift at the ground floor. Walking towards the car, shes suddenly spotted a tiny white feather right before her path. She had to pass it. It was neither too much to the left or to the right where she could have missed it, it was RIGHT THERE within her pathway.

White feather?


She walked over it.

Once upon a time, she would have squealed with delight, bent down to pick up the feather, whether trampled or not, and carefully put it on a safe place to take a photo.

Those days were --- gone.


Good morning, Son. :D 

Your mother can feel your -- vibes -- already.

Yes yes Mom knows. It's Saturday. It's our call day. Gosh, there's so much to say, she didn't know how to start. If only she could just spend her time at Starbucks every day just writing and writing and writing ...

By the way, the book people are calling her again. And emailing her. Send us your manuscript, they say. Mom's like, it's not finished ... and I haven't the time to complete it bla bla bla.

Still, she's gotta give it to them. They have been following up with her since the first time she wrote to them for free info -- 3 or 4 -- years ago. Quite persistent, these book people. 

Anyway, Mom was soon in the car ... 

Drove to school ...

Picked up the maid ...

And drove back to the condo.

Dad appeared shortly. We drove to a nearby cafe.

Your parents both had a hearty western breakfast and coffee this morning. :D

You must have seen your mother stuffing her face with baked beans and sausages and scrambled eggs and toasts and mushrooms and tomatoes and ... oh, she gave her broccoli to Dad ... 

You called a floret of broccoli tree when You were little ... remember?

Mom remembers -- clearly. 

You'd picked a piece of broccoli from your dinner plate one day and said, "tree."



Where was she? 

Ah, right ... breakfast. 

So, while waiting for her food to arrive, Mom found herself staring at a bright green tee shirt in front of her.

It had the number 3 ... 

and the word FRANCE on it.

Hmmm ...

Number 3???

She must confess, that did not ZAP her.

Still, it made her stare -- and wonder -- if there might be a message for her.

You must have whispered into your mother's ear :

Look closely, Ma ... 

And so she did ...

She studied the tee shirt ... from where she was sitting.

3? In France?

Dad, Mom and You ... in Lourdes, France for 25 days.

Memories flooded back.

She studied the colors of the flag : blue, white and red ...

Instantly, she saw her son in blue, white and red.

Did she not say that over and over and over again that wherever we are, there You'll be ...

The computer where your photos are kept, crashed ... but You'd be able to see yourself in those colors in your Orange Dot blog.

You look good, Son ... in those colors ... especially in red.

Anyway, here's blue, red and white from us down here missing You more than words can say. The extend of how much we miss You, Daniel -- there's no word for it.

Mom will have to create the word.

Let's say : blue white and red.

How's that?

If anyone asks her, how much do you miss your son? 

She would say, blue white and red.




Like -- the blue ocean.

The white clouds.

The red --- red --- blood that flows in her veins.

You can never count these --- these --- blue white and red.

That's how much we miss You, Daniel.

Got the message?

Blue white and red from your family down here. <3

At the time of this call this morning, Mom was looking at her memo in her cell.

She had written : 

9:34 pm : Every breath you take (i'll be watching you) (Glee on TV)

Tues 8 @ 6:45 am : (i always feel like) somebody's watchin' me

Thur 10 @2:40 pm : i just called to say i love you

Fri 11 @ 6:53 am : hello (is it me you're looking for?)

Fri 11 @ 2:21 : bus 4223 (two times 21) (24 / 1994) (your birthdate and birthyear)

Smiling to herself, she had plonked herself on the sofa. 

Ocean Thirteen (on HBO) was just starting.

It wasn't your mother's kind of movie. However, shortly after the movie started, these words were spoken:

"When's the opening?"

"July 3rd .."

Casually, Mom thought, July 3rd ... that's 4.

"There'll be fireworks ..."

She sat up.  


Was that a ZAP?

Again, one of the characters said, "July 3rd ..."

July 3rd -- a second time???

Mom jumped up from the sofa to get her cell. 

She gasped when she saw the time.

3:43 pm.

Oh --- my --- Lord.

3:43 ???

Is -- that -- not -- July 3rd???

Omg ...

What are the chances???

Truly Daniel, everywhere we are, there You'll be.

Mom sat herself before the television and watched for um, any further eviDANS.

Danny Shield ... she thought she'd heard. Upon checking wikipedia (at the time of writing), she learned that one of the characters was called Daniel Ocean.


A few minutes later, the words  

It's dangerous ...

appeared across the television screen. 

Oh my ... really???


Dangerous was your first 3 syllable word.

Moments later, she heard "Black Jack ..." mentioned.

Black Jack?

Like 21???


A big grin appeared on your mother's face, she's sure You would have seen.

Don't ask her what the movie was about. 

She wouldn't know. 


Anyway, it was enough for her to know that her son had zapped her. She did not finish the movie. She suddenly remembered this photo she took last Sunday, when Dad was paying our astro bill.

Mom had showed Dad later. 

In fact, Dad was surprised and said, he did not notice the pink sign.

Mom had said, "You see, son is reminding he's beside us all the time ..." :D

Yes Daniel, You are ... You really are right beside us all the time.

All the time, Son ...

All the time.

Blue white and red ... Daniel. 

Very much. <3