Saturday, April 5, 2014

Call 526 : HOW GREAT

Hello Son, 

Here are some photos of Baby Dylan.

Born on Saturday, March 22.

Forgot the time.

Aunt D had said that the due date was on first week of April. However, Mom had told her that the school's semester break started on Saturday, March 22 and that if the baby arrived during the holidays, she would have time to visit and help out.

And the baby chose to arrive on Saturday, March 22.

Right smack on the start of her semester break. 

Not a day earlier, and not a day later.

Hmm, what have You got to say about that, Daniel?

Did You have something to do with that?


Of course You do. What a coinciDANS.


So anyway ...

Here are Aunty C with Megan in the car on the way to the hospital.

Megan was so excited.

Oh, Aunty D was in Labour Ward 4 by the way.

Like the last delivery.

Yes, yes, Mom overdid it in Mothercare.

In her defence, everything was just too cute ... :D


The above photo was the very first picture of Baby Dylan a few hours after delivery.

Winking already?

Wait a minute ...


Like ... WINK WINK ... Saturday March 22???


Mom got it.

Wink Wink. Back to You, Son.  >.o

So anyway, this one below is taken about a week later.

Would You look at his piercing black eyes ...

What a beautiful baby.

A precious gift from God. 


Anyway ...

Two days ago, Aunty Laura from Lourdes sent Mom a video link.

How Great Thou Art.

By a little boy, aged 5.

Mom had asked Dad and Justine to come over to the computer desk so that we could all view the video together.

And we did.

First, we were like --- Woah ... like, loudly.

Then, oh wow ... on a softer note.

Then silence.

It was not possible for Mom to view the video right to the end because of tears welling up in her eyes.

How great thou art.


You were in the ambulance. Dad was with You. We were transporting You to another hospital in Pao (France) from Lourdes Hospital.

Sept 2009.

Aunt Laura and Mom were in her car. We were following the ambulance closely from behind. Aunt Laura started to sing HOW GREAT THOU ART ... and soon your mother sang along. It helped to keep your mother comforted and sane. 

In the midst of all the turbulence and storm around her, there is still -- stillness -- in her heart ... as she is reminded of God's awesomeness.

Who was she kidding? Her faith was faltering.

Her hope, fragile. Like a sheet of glass.



Yet, the voice that came out from her lungs was sure and strong.

And deceivingly, confident.


Go figure.

Then sings my soul, my Saviour, God to thee ...

How great thou art, how great thou art ...


Listening to this hymn, Mom just feel like basking and --- and --- immersing her whole soul in the rays of this powerful song.

If there is such a thing.

There is ...

o . <