Sunday, January 26, 2014

Call 519 : FAITH HILL

Hello Son,

Saturday, January 18

We went to your garden on Friday 17th. 

We drove out from our newly rented car park, that was about a stone's throw from our lift. 

Mom said, "He definitely got this car park for us. He knows I didn't like the other car park ..." (that was given by the condo management, which was like on the other block ... far far away).

Dad agreed. We only got the access card last night, and had parked the car on the new bay late last night. This morning, as we were going to your garden, we drove out from the new bay, and somehow, we all knew.

Your family, that is.

We knew.

You had something to do with us getting this new bay. 

Thanks Son. That was You, we know. 

So anyway, we drove to your garden.

See Call 518 : 4th Anniversary

At the garden, at one point, as Mom was clearing and tidying up the place, there was a sudden burst of ANTS that came a-crawling out from beneath a loose tile on Grandpa's tomb. 

Justine said, "Ma, you disturbed the ants' nest ..."

Something or rather, to that effect.

Mom looked at all the ants crawling about, and didn't quite know what to do. 

Thankfully, in less than a minute, all the ants subsided and went straight into hiding.

On their own.

The place was completely cleared of those creepy crawlies.

Oh wow ...

Ants ...

Mom had to smile.

You're making your presence felt, she knows.

But of course, You would know that we were at your garden then, wouldn't You?

You would.

That was a loud holler all the way from heaven.

Justine took some photos at the garden and posted on the family whatsapp (8:20 am).

Aunty J from the States responded at 10:07 am, 

"Awww Dans, was it you who got my elementary class going? I now have 5 first graders and 2 second graders... potentially 2 third graders on waitlist cos I'm not starting that class yet.The last few days have been God sent amazing ..." 

Mom replied, "Wow, dats great to hear. Dans definitely got a car park for us in front of our block." 

The day passed.

At 1:21 pm, Mom received a phone call from Aunt Di.

Aunty Di said, "Eh, you won't believe what happened. Chris and I are at the IT fair. We were about to buy a computer (or did she say tablet now, Mom can't remember ...). It was RM1,800. Chris gave his debit card to pay with it. The card was rejected. Then, he gave his credit card, and that card was also rejected. We had to go find a ATM to take out cash. So, we went to get cash out from ATM machine, and we were walking back to that computer booth. On the way, a guy from another IT store came up to us and showed us another model. It was a better model, with all the side benefits which the other one didn't have ... and the price was RM1,400. Omg ... can you believe it? Even Chris can't believe it ..."


Like 14?

Mom laughed, "It was Dans for sure. He's saying Aunty Di, there's a better model, and cheaper one too at this other store ... Hahaha ..."

Aunty Di continued, "I know right? I can't believe it ... Chris also can't believe it ... his debit card and his credit card both rejected at that first place ..."


It was pretty clear that You were shopping with your Aunty Di. That was a good buy for Aunty Di. She's really happy about the purchase. 

Thanks Son. :D


So anyway, we were in the car, leaving after having brunch at a noodle shop, when there was a short announcement about a SALE at FOREVER 21.  

On the radio.

The time was 2:59 pm.

Your mother's brains went to work at top speed. 

Nine two, seven ... seven five ... twelve.


Secret Code : 21

Forever 21 indeed.


Everywhere we are, there You'll be, Daniel.

Saturday, January 18

The next day, Dad and Mom got up early to catch the first flight to Singapore.

Dad said the cab will be coming at 7 am.

Our flight was at 8:50 am. We should be at the airport at least an hour before flight time.

Mom said, "You should have called the cab to come at 6:45 am."

It was about 6:30 am then and we were ready to go.

Would you believe it but shortly after, Dad received a call. 

It was the cab guy. He called to ask for directions to our condo. After the call, Dad and Mom took our luggage and went down to the condo porch. The cab was there.

Mom looked at the time, and gasped, "Omg ... it is 6:45 am ... You see? Son heard me ..."

Dad said with a laugh, "Everything you want, your son will give you ..." 

"You want the cab at 6:45, Ma? Here it is ..." Dad mimicked.


In the cab, Mom thought happily to herself.

You're right beside Mom, aren't You, Son? Why, 6:45 ... That's 15.

Forever 15.

Hmmm ... Forever 21 ... and Forever 15.

That's a whole lot of Forevers today, huh.

At the airport, after getting our boarding passes, Dad and Mom were at DOME cafe having coffee while waiting for boarding time.

The airport was quiet. 

Suddenly, there was an announcement on the overhead PA system.

Passenger DANIEL Fernandes, 

DANIEL Fernandes ... 

Please report for boarding now. 

Thank you.

Your parents exchanged a smile.


Mom glanced at her cell time. It was 8:18 am.

Decode : (17)  44

Her angel sign.

Everywhere Daniel ... everywhere we are, there You'll be.

All the time.

A second sign would soon come. You know your mother by now. 

She needs two signs.

Yeah. All the time. 

Two signs.

A second announcement came overhead.

Passengers to Danpasar, 

please prepare for boarding.

"Danpasar?" Mom laughed.

Where's Danpasar? 

At writing time, Mom googled the place and found that the correct name is DENPASAR.

Ah, no spelling error can stop her from feeling the ZAP ZAP ZAP. :D

Yes, we have to think out of the um, den.

We finished our coffee. It was soon time to go to our boarding gate. 

Gate 31.


We pushed our trolly with luggage towards the gate. 

Dad wanted to visit the rest room. Mom pushed the trolly nearby a staircase to wait for Dad. As she parked her trolly, she looked up to see this :


Okay, You know what? You can't see it from this photo ... but the number 21 was staring at her from beyond the glass windows. As she was standing there, and trying to snap a photo of her eviDANS, she heard a mother calling out impatiently:

"Where are you, Daniel? Daniel, where are you?"

Mom looked up, and saw the mother (about 10 steps away from her) and her boy, probably about 5 years old.

Time stood still.

Omgosh ... honestly, what are the chances???

Dad came out just then. Mom was bursting to tell Dad. He was only gone for like 5 minutes. Yet, during the short time, her son had gave her a ...


Truly, everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

As we were walking to the plane, Mom pointed out to Dad, "That's the boy. His name is Daniel ... You try to listen and see when his mom calls him ... The mother was like, where are you, Daniel? just now ... Omg ..."

Dad grinned.

Dad never heard the mother calling her son, and neither did Mom, after that.

The moment had passed.


In Singapore ...

We made our way to Amara Hotel. 

At Amara, Mom wanted to get some eye drops, and so we made our way to Watsons.

Oh boy, You're so not gonna believe it but moments after we stepped in to the store, the song THERE YOU'LL BE (FAITH HILL) came on. The song did not start at the beginning, but rather towards the end of the first paragraph.

When I look back on these days

I will look and see your face

You were right there for me

In my dreams, I'll always see you soar above the sky

In my heart, there'll always be a place for you for all my life

I'll keep a part of you with me

And everywhere I am, there you'll be

Dad and Mom were in Watsons, listening to the song, together.

It was unbelievable.

"Daniel is truly, truly with us ... What are the chances? There's so many stores here. Yet, this is the first shop we came to ... We were meant to hear to hear this song."


How would You explain this?

We would soon be putting the notice in the papers for your 21st (Tuesday). 

You know that, don't You?

So anyway ...

The next day, on Sunday 19th. 

We were on the train (MRT). Mom was on a seat and Dad, on her left. 

There was a young girl in a HELLO KITTY pink jacket. 

She was standing by the door. Mom found herself looking at her HELLO KITTY jacket for some reason.

Leaning over to Dad, she whispered, "See there? HELLO KITTY ... HELLO KITTY and DEAR DANIEL ... They are partners. Did you know that?"

Dad nodded. As he turned to look, the girl disappeared, having stepped out of the train at her stop.


No sooner had she said that, another young girl came aboard the train, in another pink HELLO KITTY tee shirt this time, and sat beside Dad.


O -- M -- G ...

What are the chances?

Dad and Mom had to hide our smiles. Gosh, it really was so obvious.

You really are everywhere, Daniel.

Mom whispered, "You missed the first HELLO KITTY so your son sent you a second one ..." :D


On Saturday Jan 25 ...

Mom went to do her nails.

The girl gave her her number for her slippers.

Mom looked at it. It was the same number as the last time she visited the nail salon, which was a month ago.

Decode : 21


You are / were with Mom, weren't You, Son?

As her feet were having a nice pampering spa treatment, Mom found herself picking up a magazine with Jennifer Aniston on the cover.

WOMEN's WEEKLY, if she remembers correctly.

She was casually flipping through the magazine when she came upon this page that made her hold her breath.

Omg ...

Omg ...


Seriously, FAITH HILL???

There You'll Be -- Faith Hill???

Omg, what are the chances???


Gosh, see how You quietly remind Mom that You're near (# 21) before zapping her.

Truly, Daniel ... truly truly truly ...

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ... :D