Sunday, February 9, 2014

Call 520 : ZAP FRUIT

Hello Son, 

Chinese New Year came and went.

We had a really nice time in the highlands - your family, including amah, aunty D, uncle C, baby Megan and aunty C.

Certain places made Mom nostalgic. 

Why ...

If only ...

No words ...

We miss You so much, Son ... :(  

Every day, You remind Mom that You're near ... 

Daily, You zap her with little signs from heaven to assure her that You're right there, beside her.

It has been amazing, this connection that God gave us. You didn't just acquire excellent video game skills for nothing. You're probably using them now -- those skills -- because Mom thinks those zaps and signs You put in her path, are definitely -- programmed. The timing is always so incredible. 


On Sunday, Jan 19 (flashback), whilst we were in Singapore (Call 519), after the MRT ride with the HELLO KITTY zaps, Dad and Mom had come out of the station, to the cab stand. There was a poster of LANA DEL REY on the wall near where we were waiting. Mom only knows of one and only one song by this LANA girl -- VIDEO GAMES. We took a cab to Uncle S's apartment. At the apartment, Dad and Mom went to get Uncle S. We were gonna have briyani together right across the street. We had the most amazing briyani rice with lamb and chicken -- like ever! So anyway, when we came back to the apartment after our briyani, at the ground floor, we got into the lift with this young mat salleh guy carrying a large TV screen. Uncle S and Dad kinda commented on the screen with admiration and the guy said, 

"I'm a video games developer."


Time stood still for Mom then. 

Omg ... Seriously???

He repeated with a laugh, "I develop video games ... I need this big screen to help me see what I'm doing ..."

Omg ... You can't be serious. Just right after Mom saw the poster of Lana Del Rey at the cab stand. 

It's like, Mom, take notice -- and then -- ZAP ZAP ZAP!!!

Honestly, what are the chances??? 

Mom had told Dad then, "You see? Omg ... a video games developer ... I'm right ... He wants me to know he really is playing some kind of video game up there ... He went to heaven with all his skills ..." 

Emil's mother had told Mom that (Emil was a college friend of Mom's and had had a heart attack one year before You went to heaven) ... She had said to Mom, they go to heaven with all their skills ... Emil was an artist .. Emil's mom was sharing her zaps with Mom at the time ... so You see, it clearly was a coinciDANS that we bumped into a video games developer in the lift. Had we got to the lift just ONE MINUTE later, we would have missed the mat salleh.

Omg ...

We said our "See you later ..." bit when we came out on the 3d floor. The guy was also on the same floor but on the opposite wing. In fact Uncle S was surprised to learn he was on the same floor, as he said he's never met the mat salleh before.

Ah, You see? The guy was meant for Mom. Not Uncle S. 

That's why. Then, much much much later in the evening, dinner time, we went out of the apartment again. Once again Mom saw the mat salleh -- he came out of the lift and headed towards his apartment.

Two times.

Smile. What are the chances?

You're near, Son. Mom knows. Everywhere she is, there You'll be. :D


Mom wishes she could spent all her time at Starbucks writing to You. There's so much to tell You each day, even in school. 

On Wednesday, Feb 5, after our Gong Xi break, it was during makan time in the evening. We were having macaroni. Some children were commenting on the macaroni. A 5 year old girl who was sitting beside Mom at the time, said, "Rainbow ..."

Mom had looked at her with the question mark on her face.

The little girl repeated, "The macaroni looks like a rainbow ..."

And so they do. Elbow-shaped macaroni ...

Rainbow ...

Half an hour later, during tutorials time.

The same girl approached Mom with her mandarin book. There was a picture of a bow and arrow ... in the shape of a large 


She wanted to know if she had to do that page that day.

No, she didn't have to do that bow and arrow page. There was clearly no "HW" (homework) on the top of the page. The teacher would have written HW if she wanted the kids to do a certain page for homework.

Still, the girl had to show Mom that page and asked her an obvious question.

The page with the large D ... to complete the RAINBOW zap.

Two little signs ...


Always, her zaps come in twos.

Pause ...

Wish there was some way Mom could give You a big squeeze. Is there a way? Go find a way, will You please? A big, big squeeze and a tight, tight hug.

Nothing is impossible with God.

God will make a way.

We didn't sing that for no reason. God truly has made a way for us.


So anyway ...

Back to the present ...

"What do you think Son is doing right now?' Mom had asked Dad at one point, whilst we were on our Gong Xi break up in the mountains. 

Dad said with a grin, "Playing fire crackers ..." :D


So anyway, on Sunday, 3rd day of Chinese New Year, Dad, Mom and Justine took the last (almost midnight) flight to visit Mama.

Sunday Feb 2

We were boarding the plane. 

Dad had showed us our boarding passes at the boarding hall.

Row 21 (DEF)


Whilst we were getting to our seats, at Row 21, Justine took the window seat, Mom in the middle, and Dad, aisle -- Dad sat down after putting our hand carriers in the overhead compartment. As he did, Mom suddenly saw the words JACK DANIELS on a tee shirt on a passenger who was right behind Dad.


Row 21 and Jack Daniels?

Did You program that, Son?


When we arrived at our destination, Justine and Mom were waiting by the cab booth. Dad had gone to look for uncle KK. He was picking us up from the airport.

Justine and Mom heard -- "Jack Daniels" -- at one point. We turned to look, and saw the Jack Daniels' guy grinning to some -- friends, probably. 

Yes, Mom had to hear that, huh.

Jack Daniels.

You are getting so good at this.

Honestly, aren't we all glad we named You Daniel? Can You imagine how difficult it would be to send us a zap had we named You, say -- 

Judah Ben Hur?


Or Bartholomew?

Even your name was already decided by Jesus. Mom always knew she would have a Justine and a Daniel. Either that, or a Justin and a Danielle. 


An angel must have whispered to her. 

We never went through any problems with names when Mom was expecting with the both of you. All part of God's plan. She was just a small player in God's very big plan.

So anyway, Uncle KK came to get us. 

We were soon at Mama's house. Mama looks really good. 

Uncle KK took out this box and said "Try this ..."

"Banana dessert ... eveyone is crazy about this ..."

From Japan. He had just come back form Japan a week ago.

Mom peered to look.


The last thing You had before You left us the next day.


Just to remind Mom that You're also with us when we were at Mama's house. :D Uncle KK could have brought out apples or oranges -- but he brought out a zap fruit.

Truly Daniel, everywhere we are, there You'll be ... <3