Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hello Son,

Today is your 4th year with Jesus and Mother Mary up there, somewhere over the rainbow.

Only God knows how much we miss You. If not for the long distance calls between heaven and earth, Mom would not have been able to carry on.

So much to tell You, but those will have to wait.

Tell You during the weekend.

Dad placed a notice in the papers.

The Star Paper, Tuesday January 21, 2014

daniel's video

We miss your handsome face, Son.

Here's Justine singing a song for You. The photo below was taken last Friday whilst we were at your garden.

There is not a mili-fraction of a second that You are not in our thoughts, Daniel.

You always, always are. <3

Thank you Jesus for the resurrection ... because of the resurrection, You cannot no longer die but will live forever with the Lord in His kingdom. 

Someday we will be together again. :D