Saturday, October 26, 2013


Hello Son,

It's Saturday today.  :D

Got up early this morning to send Dad to the airport.

Mom was getting ready ... correction, still getting ready, whilst Dad went down to get the car. Excuse her, but let her remind You that we women have the 3 steps, minimum.

The cleanse.

The tone.

The mosturize.

And then of course, we have to cover up and disguise our dinosaur age with um, high tech creams. So of course, we would take a minute or two longer than the men.

Finally, Mom was done.

She hurried to the lift.

The lift took some time to appear. 

Tap tap tap ... her foot on the pavement impatiently.

Is that her fault that another minute was wasted there?

Lift doors opened ... she got in ... pressed the G button ...

Ground floor.

Got out.

Run run run ...

Dad was waiting in the car.

Approaching the car, Mom saw Dad kinda looking at her, and pointing to the radio.

Her heart felt -- light and breezy.

A zap song.

Her son is calling from heaven.

Hi Ma ... :D ... she knows he's saying.

Mom couldn't wait to get into the car.


the band perry

Aww Son ... how long has it been since she last heard IF I DIE YOUNG?

Dad grinned and said, "It just started ..." 

She glanced at the time on the dashboard.

It was 6:44 am as she saw it first, before it turned to 6:45 am.

Decode : 14 / 15



Both You. :D

Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother

She'll know I'm safe with You 

as she stands under my colours

We listened to the song in silence. 

Silence -- is powerful.

In other words, your parents were experiencing a powerful moment in the car.

Mom's pretty sure Dad was thinking about --- stuffs .. just as she was, as our senses soaked up the song like a sponge.

We arrived at the train / tube station. 

After Dad left the car, Mom climbed over to the driver's seat. She somehow found herself changing the station, despite having heard the zap song. You must have whispered to her.

105.7, Ma ...

And so she did ... clicked on that 105.7 station.

Let it be ...

Awww ... 

She glanced at the time.

It was 6:54 am.

Decode : Forever 15

Let it be 

Let it be 

Oh, let it be

Whisper words of wisdom

Let it be

At the point of writing this call, would You believe it but Mom came across this image as she was scrolling about, for the second image just now? 

A Let It Be picture. 

Gosh, what are the chances?

No chance.

Angel chance.

You were reminding Mom about the LET IT BE song, that greeted her like two minutes after her IF I DIE YOUNG zap. 

She knows.

A mother knows when her son is communicating with her.

Oh, by the way, Dad's just sent this photo via mobile.


Mom sms-ed back, "Wat's dat?"

Dad replied, "Gate ..."

Mom text back, "That luks like the sky ..."

Dad said, "At KLIA ... 8:45 am flight ... waiting to board ..."

Oh ... the passenger waiting room overlooks this C21 -- scenery.

Mom's all smiles.

See 21?

Do you See 21? 

Up in the clouds?

She does. Of course she does.

Which mother is not able to spot her child --- anywhere? Not even the impossibly crazy distance between heaven and earth can stand in between the link, the bond, the connection, between a mother and her son.


Ah, let her remind You, that nothing is impossible with God.

By the way, the court ruling came out a day after the Marian Rally (Sunday, Oct 13), and that is, that we are not able to say the word ALLAH anymore.


Pause a bit more.




Good one, good one.

Isn't it amazing how Mother Mary intervenes? 

Do You C it?

It's so clear that she wants everyone (who believes in Her Son) to learn to just say His name : 


And not to be confused with the more general word Allah.

Yup, the sweetest word in the world is a person's name.

Did You know that?

Our own name. 

Everyone loves to hear their name mentioned, did You know that? This was brought to your mother's attention at a network marketing seminar many moons ago. We learned so much at these MLM seminars.


Anyway, where was she?

Ah ...

She checked the time the photo was sent.


8:31 am.

Her heart skipped a beat.

Decode : 21


Mom sent a text right back. 

"U sen at 831. That's 21." 

Thumbs up.

C21 ...

Mom suddenly remembered that 21 GUNS came on immediately in the car two days as she was going to school. Dad was at the wheel. The moment your father turned on the ignition, the song 21 GUNS made its entrance and zapped her.


Wait a sec. Let her check her memo. 

Yeah, that was on Thursday 24th @ 6:49 am.

Decode : 144


Her angel numbers.

Thank you for always reminding Mom that You're near, Son.

Keep the zaps coming.

Mom will always be able to C21.

No matter how far.

Love You, Son.

Over to You, Daniel. <3