Monday, October 21, 2013


Hello Son, 

Saturday, Oct 19

On Saturday, Grandma and Mom spent the whole day together. :D

We left the condo about 10:30 am to go to Subang to meet up with an architect. Long story, not gonna bother with details. Suffice to say that Grandma was supposed to pass some documents to the architect.

Dad had printed out the directions to go to that place in USJ.

Of course, we got lost.

We took all the turns that did not take us to the architect's house.

Anyways, we were talking in the car, Grandma and Mom, so the volume of the radio was way down low. You could hardly hear anything. We were too engrossed with our topic of conversation then. 

Yeah, the family's Christmas trip in December.

Finally, at last, in the end ... we found the place.

Grandma and the man was talking. 

Papers were brought up. 

Fingers were pointing here and there on the documents.

Mom's attention was drawn to a rather large cat that was in a cage beside where we were all sitting. She couldn't resist taking a photo. 

Grandma said to the man, "My daughter likes your cat ..."

The guy replied with a proud smile, "That is my daughter's cat ... she lives in a condo ... can't have pets ..."

We were there about 20 minutes or so.

Grandma was soon done with her business.

It was time to leave.

We were in the car, all ready to drive off.

Mom started the ignition, and at the same time, she put up her hand to say "bye."

Suddenly, she found herself opening the car door and calling out to the man, "Excuse me, excuse me, by the way ... what's your cat's name?"

The man replied, and Mom thought he said, "Dee - No ..."


"What's that again? Dee No?" Mom repeated.

The guy confirmed, "Yes, Dee No ... Dee No ..."


Oh My Gosh ...

What are the chances?

Dee No ... as in like ... DINO???

We were doing dinosaurs this whole week. 

From Monday 14 to Friday 19.

And it so happened that Saturday, the next day, she came across a cat by the name of DINO?

Omg, what are the chances?

You must have whispered to Mom. You must have. it was just weird how your mother had to find out the name. She didn't have to ask the man for the cat's name. We were in the car, ready to drive away. Yet your mother had to open the car door, with the engine running and all, popped her head out to ask, what is the cat's name.

Isn't that weird?

She did not have to ask the man about the cat's name.

But oh, she did.

She did.

Ask the man what the cat's name is, Ma ... :D

We drove away ... 

Mom was deep in her own thoughts. 

Time stood still in the car for Mom.

What --- was --- that?

You know huh, that we were doing Dinosaurs this week ...

Was that it?

There was just something strange about that DINO inciDAN... that she couldn't put her finger on.

Next, we were supposed to drive to the VIVA center, which office has now shifted to Subang. We were in Subang area then, so it should be close by.

Believe it or not ... we got lost again.

Grandma would say, "Turn right ... turn left ... aiyah wrong already ... turn in ... where are you going? where is this place? etc"

A text beeped in.

Mom glanced at it.

Aunty Jessie sent this photo ...

... and with the message, "Recognize anything?"

That was at 11:31 am. 

Decode : 24

We were still lost at the time, and trying to find our way to the VIVA center. 

There were plenty of wrong turns, U-turns and bad turns. We didn't know where we were. 

Your mother was just driving -- aimlessly -- and cluelessly.

So anyway, Mom saw the photo, and immediately a big smile spread across her face. 

Of course, she recognized it instantly.

Two sms-es came in almost immediately.

Dad sent a text @ 11:31 am : Scarf

Aunty C sent a text @ 11:32 am : Scarf

Scarf ... two times.

Hmmm ...

This photo of You in that scarf sprang to mind.


Aunty J has said before that she likes your smile on this photo.

Yes, your handsome smile, Daniel.

We miss it very much. :(

We continued to drive here and there, trying to locate Subang Airport. The Viva Center is near the airport, Dad had said. As we were driving, at one point, Mom heard a faint but familiar tune that was coming from the radio.

She turned up the volume.

The sound was very, very faint. She could have easily missed it but she didn't. You must have whispered to her.

Listen Ma ...

But hold your breath, 

because tonight will be the night that I would fall for you

Over again, don't make me change my mind ...

Oh Gosh ...

Mom glanced at the time on the dashboard.

It was 12:04 pm.


Mom had to smile. She felt her son's presence immediately.

That was a clear secret code 21 and 24.

You're near, Mom knows. :D

Your mother did not mention anything to Grandma, choosing to enjoy that precious zap moment all by herself.

Fall For You ...


by secondhand serenade

How long has it been since Mom last heard this song?

You sang FALL FOR YOU for Mom, the night before You left us. 

Yes, that song, and HOME WITHOUT YOU.

Two songs You sang for Mom that night before Jesus carried You home. 

Both songs that (strangely) had one similar line :

I won't live to see another day (Fall For You) ...

I may not make it through the night (Home Without You) ...

Nostalgia ...

A dull ache is beating in her chest, as she writes and recalls.

If only You know how much we miss You, Son.

Do You know how much we miss You?

The word describing the extent of how much we miss You, does not exist.

No, it has not been created -- this word.

We finally reached the Viva Center at about 1 pm. 

Nice place that area.

There was a nice selection of buffet dishes for lunch. 

Dad counted and said, "17 dishes."

After we were done with our meal, Grandma whispered and said she had to go. She was attending a wedding the next day, and she needed to do her nails. Dad took a photo of us at the entrance of the Viva Center before we left.

Dad posted the photo in our Family Wassap.

At the time of writing this paragraph, Mom checked the time the photo was posted, and gasped when she saw it.

1:24 pm


Gosh, what are the chances?

You're with Mom, aren't You? 

Every little thing reminds her of You. 

We arrived at the mall.

We went to the Nail Shop. Since Mom obviously had to wait for Grandma to get her nails and toes painted, Mom thought she might as well also treat herself to a nice foot spa.

Grandma had no appointment. 

Mom had no appointment.

It was a Saturday. 

The shop girl told us their appointment book was full for the day, and said that she could only do us at 6:30 pm. 

It was 3:30 pm then. 

Yeah yeah, we got lost again ... we couldn't find the Federal Highway from the Viva Center, and it took us ages and ages (2 hours) to finally get on to the right highway.

So anyway, Grandma left her mobile number with them, and said, that if they could do us earlier, to give her a call.

We left the Nail Shop, and walked to a nearby boutique.

Browsing around, Mom spotted this pink jumper.


She had to smile. :D

You're with Mom, she knows.

So anyway ..

Soon we were separated. 

At 4:19 pm, Mom received a call.

Grandma called to say the Nail people called to inform that, TWO of their customers for 4 pm appointment, did not turn up. 


4:19 pm ...

Decode : 444

And 4 pm appointment? Two customers did not turn up?

Smile ...

Did You have anything to do with that, Daniel?

Mom thought of the FREEGO.

Did You ask the two customers to --- go --- away?


Or was that You telling Mom :

Go for your foot spa, Ma ...


So anyway ...

Grandma had her nails done and Mom enjoyed the foot spa.

It was almost an hour later, when we left the Nail Shop.

Grandma walked into a furniture shop to check out their closing down sale.

Mom waited outside the shop ... and was soon staring at the window of the shop next to it.

D ???

Smile ...

You're just everywhere, aren't You, Daniel?

Rediscover past wonders ...

Past wonders, she thought slowly.

Like --- like --- dinosaurs, maybe???

Hahaha ... she laughed to herself.

That evening, at home ... 

Mom told Justine about all the inciDANS that happened that day. The moment your mother mentioned DINO, and dinosaur, your sister exclaimed, "We saw a dinosaur bone yesterday ..."



Justine showed Mom this photo of her seniors making a large spine with polystyrene.

"It was very big ... we call it dinosaur bone ..."

Dinosaur bone?


Thank you, Son ... for staying close.

Keep the zaps coming.

We love You and we miss You very much, Daniel ... <3

Be good ...