Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Call 503 : ALL SOULS

Hello Son

Saturday, November 2

All Souls' Day on Saturday.


If You must know, Mom has never liked this word -- Souls.

This ALL SOULS word reminds us that our loved ones are not with us.

Grandpa -- SOUL.

Aunty Tracy -- SOUL.

And You -- SOUL.

It's a depressing word, ALL SOULS ... depressing to be reminded that you SOUL people are all up there -- elevated to Heaven -- and like celebrating your "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - HIGH FIVE" with one SOUL to another, whilst we non-souls are still down here trying to figure out what GOD's plans are for us.

Exactly what is her purpose here, Lord? 

In fact, if You remember, the first ALL SOULS DAY after You left us, Mom had to call it: 


This year, however, on November 2nd, she finds herself saying the depressing word easily.

All Souls' Day. 

There ...

Breezy ...

Not a problem at all ...

So anyway, we woke up early on ALL SOULS' DAY on Saturday morning. 

Your family was supposed to leave the condo at 8 am to go to your garden. Grandma and Aunty Carol will be following us. Justine took some time to get up and so by 8 am, Dad and Mom went down to the car first. Your mother forgot to take the camera when she left school the evening before.

Mom sent a text to Aunty C and your sister to say:

"Going to school to get camera. Meet at fountain." 

Fountain being the fountain by the lobby - porch near the security gate entrance. 

So, Dad went to get the car. 

Mom waited by the porch.

Jus was still at home, dressing up.

Dad appeared with the car, Mom hopped in.

The second she got in, your mother caught the word DANGEROUS that greeted her from a song that was playing on the radio. 

She glanced at the time on the dashboard.

Automated reaction, as You'd realize by now.

8:12 am.

Decode : 44 : 21


You're near.

Hi Ma ... she heard your holler.

image from : allididwaslisten.blogspot.com

Hi Son, her heart whispered.

Mom pointed a finger to get Dad's attention, "Listen ..."

Hold on tight ...

You know she's a little bit dangerous ...

La la la la la la la la la

La la la la la la la la la

You know she's a little bit dangerous ...

La la la ... because she didn't quite hear those lyrics. 

Only DANGEROUS --- jumped --- out to zap her.

That was your very first 3 syllable word when You were little.

Not only that but ...

"Last night, I was waiting for Justine to come back home from uni ... (it was way way way past midnight by the way) ... the word DANGEROUS LIAISONS was on the TV screen ... twice I saw it ..." Mom related to Dad almost breathlessly.

What -- are -- the -- chances???

Yes, she remembers looking at the DANGEROUS LIAISONS word on the TV screen -- heard nothing that was announced -- but saw --  



Son's first -- serious -- word.


At first, she had just taken it casually. However, just as she tried to dismiss it as "not counted" and "not a zap" ... she saw it a second time, several minutes later. 

The same ad.


On the sofa before the TV, she heard the silent whisper: 

Counted ... and ... ZAP ZAP ZAP.

image from : allididwaslisten.blogspot.com

Hi Ma, it's me ... :D

Mom had thought no more of it that Friday night, as she waited for Justine to return home. It could have been a preview of some sort, that DANGEROUS LIAISONS ... Mom wasn't really paying attention. She was up waiting for your sister that Friday night, because number one, she had her milk tea a wee bit too late that evening, like 8 pm, and so when bedtime came, she didn't feel like retiring yet, despite the midnight clang clang clang to summon her to go to bed ...

Imagine the chimes of bells.

... number two, she is a mother, it was late, your sister's still not home. Need she elaborate? By the way, your sister had sent your mother a text to say that she was out celebrating with her friends after their CHEER Competition that evening in school.

Still ...

... and number three, she was so wide awake and still have full energy like a child who had overdosed on candies. :D Oh by the way, the ad she saw wasn't a preview of this movie ... It was more like a "Look out for Dangerous Liaison week!"

video trailer

Mom's just googled the lyrics of DANGEROUS (by Roxette) and found herself reading the first verse with -- raised-eyebrow -- interest.

You pack your bag

You take control

You're moving into my heart

And into my soul

Huh? Say what?

Wait a minute.

Move into what?


Oh Wow ... What a coinciDANS. Here she was lamenting about ALL SOULS' DAY ... did she really have to read this word so soon after she told You about it?

Hmmm ... interesting ...

You really are listening, aren't You, Son?

I'm right here, Ma ... :D

Strange huh? How everything all works out in the end? There truly is a reason for everything that happens. It's so clear now. God would have prompted You to utter that word DANGEROUS when You were a toddler, and probably whispered into your tender ears, "Someday My Son, this word sill bring a connection and some peace to your mother ..."

Is she correct?

So anyway, where was Mom? 

Oh okay, we were on the way to school to get the camera. 

First zap first thing in the morning, in the car on your ALL SOULS day. 


See the connection? We all have the ability to interpret what we see ...

It's a natural talent, You don't say.

Or maybe it's just hers, what say You?

 image from : allididwaslisten.blogspot.com

Mom turned to Dad and said happily, "You just watch, Son's gonna call me and give me lots of zaps today ..." :D

Reached school.

Picked up camera.

Drove back to the condo.

Grandma, Aunty C, Justine were there waiting by the fountain. 

Aunty D and baby Megan were there too.

Mom got down to get a big bear hug from Megan. 

Awww ....

Aunty D will not be joining us, for obvious reasons. 


You do know what that obvious reason is, don't You? 

Pause again.

Isn't it obvious? 

That bump on Aunty D's tummy? 

Your aunt didn't just put on weight for no reason. 

The miracle of life is happening as we speak here. :D

GOD's most precious gift ...

 image from : allididwaslisten.blogspot.com

Soon, we were on our way to your garden. 

In the car, Grandma was laughing away as she related how Megan tried to get her (Grandma) and Aunty C to to the moves for Megan's KUCH KUCH candlelight dance. Grandma said that Megan can even sing the Hindi song, and was showing how to move her hands up, down etc.

Tum passe aye ...


KUCH KUCH is a dance item by the full day program children. By the way, our Concert is next Saturday. 


On the way, the radio was playing ... softly so as not to disturb the conversation that was going on in the car. Grandma was updating us with all the latest, uh, hot -- gossips -- in town. 

Did you know ...

Have you heard ...

You won't believe it but ...


Our very own G - News.

Chuckle ...

At one point, amidst all the talking, Mom heard the introduction music of: 


Reaching over to turn up the volume a little, she took note of the time that showed 8:42 am. 

A smile spread across her face. 

Her second zap.

Decode : 44 : 24

Her angel numbers ... and your birthdate. :D

It's ALL SOULS that Saturday ... of course her son's gonna make his presence felt. :D

Mom listened quietly to Bette Midler belt out WIND BENEATH MY WINGS. The background chatter of your family dimmed down.

It was at the verse :

A beautiful smile to hide the painnnn ...

that your mother suddenly felt a hard lump rising painfully in her throat.

Instant flashback : The people in Lourdes commenting on your beautiful smile.

Dot 135 : Smile

Second flashback : Your words, spoken softly and slowly from the bed at Pau Medical Center, France : 

"I --- don't --- care --- if --- it --- hurts --- anymore ..." 

will always return and sneak up to haunt your mother.

Dot 109 : Pressure

Mom found herself slipping into a world of her own for a brief few minutes when the song was on.

Thank you, thank you ...

Thank GOD for YOU, the wind beneath my wings ...

The song came to an end.

She sat quite --- still.

A dull ache.

A sad smile.

A silent tear.

Life's experiences are just ... just ...

God, they're just so ...

There are no words.

Why she was chosen to be the mother of a boy who would leave her when he turns 15 years old, she will never know.

Someday, she will know.

She will confront GOD, You know ...

You can't talk like that, Ma ...  O.O

Can't she?

Oh well okay ... Please tell JESUS Mom says sorry. :(

Suffice to say that, for now, Mom will not change anything. Like she could, even if she wanted to. It is better to have known and loved her beloved son than not know or love him at all.

Pause ...

Woahhh, Ma ... :D 

At this point of writing, Mom remembers your oooohh-hand-shaking action and a smile escape her.

Yes, thank you ... thank you ... thank GOD for YOU ... the wind beneath my wings. <3

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