Saturday, October 12, 2013

Call 498 : FREE HUGS

Hello Son, 

Sunday, October 6

After mass on Sunday morning, your family went to the mall.


Aunty D, Aunty C, Grandma and Megan will be meeting us at the mall for breakfast. They went for evening mass the day before.

We met at about 10 am at the food street.

After our breakfast, we went browsing - our separate ways. 

Dad was with Mom, Justine with your aunties, and Grandma with the maid.

Browse browse browse ...

Here there everywhere ...

From shop to shop ...

Mom was looking for suitable outfits and ideas for her children's costumes for the coming concert. 

At 1:30 pm ... Justine sent a text your parents to say that she wanted to go home, and that Aunty D said to let's have lunch first before going back.


Did - we - not - just - eat?

Anyway, we all met at the lunch place.

Dad and Mom had drinks whilst everyone else had their food.

In the middle of lunch, Mom heard saying that she didn't want to go back just yet. She wanted to check out Mothercare first. Besides, her purpose for shopping that day was to find some outfits for her 3 and 4 year olds, and as at lunch time, she has yet to find anything n-e-a-r to what she wanted. :(

And what did she want?

Hmmm ...

Interesting question ...

Let's see ...

Argh, she has no idea.

Absolutely no idea.

Dad said Mothercare will not have concert costumes, and besides, even if they do, the prices would be way way way beyond our concert budget.

"Nobody goes to Mothercare to buy concert outfits ..." Dad's exact words.


B-but, Mothercare is just so --- nice.

Oh well, we'll just drop by and check out anyways. 

Mom was somewhat insistent.

So after lunch, Dad and Mom went to Mothercare. 

Your other family members went home.


Mom decided she would comb the store today. 

The day before, she was at another mall from 10 am to 7 pm, and found nothing ... believe it or not. Your mother was still looking for costumes for the Jingle Bell Rock item as well as Bambi's item.

We were soon at the entrance of Mothercare.

Mom went in. 

Dad did not. He pointed towards the boutiques on the right of Mothercare and said he would be "around there."

Mom saw the items on promotion.

50% discount.

Really??? 50% ???

Good good ...

Stepping back to admire ...


Hmmm, this would do.

She would need 8 of those.

Unfortunately, there were not enough of size 4. :(

Oh never mind, how about these then?

She checked the sizes.

Hmm, sizes okay but there were not enough pieces.

The search continues ...

She picked up a couple of head gears.

Aww, so pretty ...

And so, Mom took her own sweet time, checking out each and every item that she could lay her hands on.

Then, at one point she picked up this hanger and gasped ...

Oh my gawd ...

Seriously ???



Awww, You're with Mom, aren't You?

She turned around, and found another FREE HUGS top greeting her.

Omg ...

Dad had not been with her the whole time whilst she was at the shop, but just then, he appeared.

Mom was like, "Omg ... look at this ... and this ... Omg ..."

Here's a hug from me, Ma ... :D

Sniff ...

Yeah, and one for Dad too ... Mom noticed. 

That was a special moment, Son.

A hug from her son all the way from heaven.

Dad came to tell Mom to check out this other shop that was having a good sale.

He said, "Buy one FREE one ..." kinda promotion.

Mom listened ... but didn't pay much attention to that. She was still basking in her moment. She did wonder though whether she should buy that FREE HUGS tee shirt but decided not to in the end.

Should she have bought it? 

She knows where they are anyway now.

Mom has not seen this tee shirt before.

It was just amazing how every little thing reminds her of You.

Of your presence.

Your -- nearness.

As it turned out, Mom managed to get 8 cute little outfits from that BUY ONE FREE ONE shop Dad suggested. 

You brought Mom to that shop, she knows. You were shopping with your mother, weren't You? Helping her to find her outfits. You must have whispered to Dad to check out the shops "around there" and then urged Dad to :

Tell Mom to check out this shop, Dad ... :D


Thanks Son ... You definitely had a hand in that.

Mom knows.

She recognized the --- vibes. :D

Some 2 hours later, Mom emerged from that shop.

It was almost 6 pm. 

Your parents decided to have a bite before going home. 

We were on the escalator going down a floor, when Mom exclaimed, "Hey, let's check out this shop ..."

We weren't supposed to go there. We were supposed to go down another floor for dinner.

In we went into that shop. 

You must have whispered to Mom to go in because she found all her teachers' uniform (striped tees) there, on sale. She had been meaning to get them for some months now, but have been waiting for the sale ... 

USUAL : RM39-90

Slashed down to : RM24-90

You must have whispered to your mother to check out the shop because Dad and her were supposed to go down another floor for dinner. You must have. She can feel it.

Mom decoded silently as she stared at the slashed price tags.


Decode : 21


Decode : 15

Both You. Your departure date and your age.

Was she trying too hard, your mother, You think?

Hah, maybe ...

It was just weird that she found all the tees today at the reduced price ... especially on the same day that she was zapped by those FREE HUGS tops. Who could blame her?

She definitely had some angel help there, she's sure of it.

What have You got to say about that, Daniel?

Dad helped Mom to pick up 6 pieces. 

Mom took them to the paying counter. 

As she was standing in line, she found herself walking back to those tee shirts, to get another one. She had bought 6 blue ones for the school staffs. Somehow she found herself leaving the short queue (counter), and going back to get another one ... this time, red ... she thought for herself.

She picked up the red tee and walked back to the payment line.

Dad appeared and stood nearby, like 3 feet away from Mom ... He was not in the queue.

There were like 5 payment counters, and so the line was moving. 

Mom moved along. 

It was her turn. At first, she thought she be at counter 4 ... You know with all the zaps she was getting, she honestly thought she was destined to be at counter 4 ... but no, she ended up at counter 5.

Oh well ...

Never mind ...

Are You taking a break, Son? Having crumpets and tea with Jesus in Mama Mary's kitchen perhaps? She smiled at the thought. 

She observed the cashier casually as he attended to her purchases. 

Then, she noticed that Dad was making a sign. He was like, raising his eye-brows and signalling to her to turn around.

Mom slowly turned back ... and as she did ...

Oh my gosh ...

Gasp ...

You won't believe this but there was a man in a green FREE HUGS tee-shirt standing





Omg, what are the chances???

What are the chances???

Mom was ecstatic.

She made her purchases, and hurried towards Dad who was then waiting at the payment exit.

"I have to get a picture ... Help me take a picture ... Omg, I have to get a picture ..."

That man was also done with his purchases and was walking towards your parents. 

That FREE HUGS --- those words --- were talking to her, she could feel it.

There was just no way for your mother to take a photo without the guy knowing. He was walking towards her.

He passed her.

She groaned inwardly with frustration.

"Can I just run up to him and ask if I can take a photo of his tee shirt?" the breathless words came out of your mother's mouth and into your father's shocked ears.

"Don't be crazy ..." Dad said.

"But I have to ... I have to ... I need the eviDANS ..."

The guy had walked on. 

Quickly, Mom brought up her mobile and snapped whatever that she could of him ... 

Correction, of his behind.

There ...



Mom was talking at 1,000 words per minute as we made our way down one more floor to the eatery.

"Did you see the colour? It's the same shade ... Omg ... I can't believe it ... Son is giving me a hug ... he's giving me a hug all the way from heaven ... Omg ... I can't believe it ... I can't believe it ..."

"He must have whispered to me to get the red one too ... because the timing for the zap was not right at the time ... Omg ... It's too amazing ..."

It's incredible ...

We had a quick dinner and oh, by the way, no prizes for guessing what the topic of your parents' conversation was.

After dinner, we went to the car.

We were soon driving out of the parking lot. 

Mom couldn't help but notice the vehicle in front of us, as we were following it from behind, from where we parking, to all the way to the exit.


She could have sworn the numbers were staring back at her.

Decode : 21

She was right. They certainly were.

Thank you, Son ... what an awesome day we had at the shops that day.

We love You and miss You so much ... 

Keep the zaps coming ... <3