Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Call 483 : DID YOU

Hello Son,

Tuesday, July 23

Dad cooked briyani chicken in the pressure cooker pot this evening.

We had a delicious meal before the television.

Mom flipped through the DVD album and picked up a movie she has heard before, but don't remember watching.

Did You Hear About The Morgans?

Boy oh boy, You must have whispered to your mother to pick that movie. Or maybe ... just maybe, that's because she's in a "did you" or "have you" dilemma that day. 


Did you ever see a cat wearing a hat? 

Did you ever see a flower taking a shower?

Did you ever see a snake baking a cake?

Did you ever see a goat riding in a boat?

Mom wasn't so certain whether the usage of "did you" in those context was all that correct. She told Dad she would have liked to use "have you ever seen a ..." instead of "did you ever see a ..."

Dad said it was correct. Yes, you can say, did - you - ever - see ...

So yeah, maybe that's why she picked the DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS?

That, and also because she has a soft spot for Hugh Grant.

Anyway, the movie started ...

Less than 10 minutes into the show, the name DANIEL popped up. 

Also on the subtitles. It was the name of the restaurant that the guy and gal were supposed to be meeting. Of all the names you could name a restaurant, it had to be one that would zap your mom.

Justine was with your mother. 

Mom said, "It has to be DANIEL ..." :D

Your sister grinned knowingly.

A few minutes later, Hugh Grant said something like, "I can hear my cells dividing ..."

Dad laughed.

Justine chuckled.

Mom sat up.

Say what?

She turned to Dad, "Just now, DANIEL ... now, I can hear my cells dividing ..."

Omg ...

You're with us, that much she knew ... without the shadow of a doubt.

Then, not long after, Hugh Grant said, "My organs are shutting down, one by one ..."

Omg ...

Mom turned abruptly to Dad. 

Dad heard.

Those were your doctor's words. 

That last time in the hospital.

"His organs are shutting down, one by one ..."

That was during your 3 days coma. Nothing would have prepared your doctor to see You coming out of the coma, and having your organs functioning again, one by one. That's the miracle that your family witnessed. Your doctor was no longer in control. 

God was / is. 

Some day, Mom's gonna continue the story in your Orange Dot blog. 

Sigh ...

All kinds of everything remind us of You, Son ...

Even the word HELLO ... :D could zap her.