Saturday, August 3, 2013

Call 484 : PAPER BOAT

Hello Son,

Wednesday, July 31

Came home on Wednesday evening, after dinner outside, turned on the television, to see Katy Perry on the red carpet with her grandmother, apparently.

Mom heard Katy Perry on E! News said something to this effect, "It just so happens that blue exists in a rainbow ..."

Pause ...

Of course Mom heard the word rainbow, and of course she was like, omg ... in slow motion ... no, not because of the word rainbow itself, that would be too random and too desperate ... but because it is connecting her to her rainbow inciDAN yesterday (Tuesday 30th). 

She meant to call her son last night then, and the night before that, and the night before that night, and the night before before that night ... but somehow, the exhaustion takes over, eye lids get heavier ... the next thing she knows, her alarm is ringing at 6 am - a new day has come ...

Gosh, is this what getting old means? 

Oh Lord ...

Mom went to take a shower, washed her hair, came out of the bathroom with her hair all dripping ... the hair dryer busted last week. She was in the living room, helping herself to a plate of papayas, and casually watching Beauty & Geek reality show that was on the screen at the moment, only to hear within a few seconds, the name Jason mentioned.

Pause ...

Rainbow? Katy Perry? 

Like helloo ... Katy Perry's Firework

And now Jason?

Oh, she must make a call to heaven tonight ... she must!

And so here she is / was ...

Let Mom tell You about Tuesday's inciDAN first. It was really amazing how You zap your mother ... daily.

On Tuesday evening, at home, Mom said to Dad and Justine, quite calmnly, "Come, come, I have something to tell yall ..."

Dad came and sat on a sofa.

Justine sat on the sofa opposite Dad.

Mom was on the carpet. She brought this ...

Dad saw it, and said, "Oh, you made that paper boat? I saw it on the table last night and was wondering who did it ..."

Mom replied, "Yeah, I made this paper boat ... Wait, there's a story to this ... Let me tell yall the whole story ... (let's take a deep breath here, and --- exhale) ... On Sunday 28th, I was at the computer ... planning for the themes for August ... and one of the themes is on Transportation ... so, I made this paper boat ... I was thinking of letting the kids float them in a basin of water in school ... "

On Monday 29th evening, she had called two 6 year old girls to her office. She had a stack of reading books which she had purchased a year ago, but yet to use, and that day, she found herself reaching for those books to use for the two girls.

There were about 5 to 6 books or so. The book in question (with the zap) was called Stormy Weather. Both girls read all the books in their list, including the Stormy Weather book, but Mom did not notice the zap then. Both the girls were seated opposite her, taking turns to read and your mother was concentrating more on the upside-down words in the books, than on the pictures.

There was a third girl who was supposed to read these books of the same level, but she had gone home earlier that evening.

On Tuesday 30th, about the same time in the evening, Mom called that third girl, who had not done the reading. She gave this girl the same stack of books as read by the other two girls the day before.

Got the picture so far?

So anyway, Mom randomly picked up the first book, asked the girl to write down the title on her reading card, before reading it aloud to Mom.

Allow a few minutes for the girl to finish the book.

Okay, good.

Next book.

Mom handed to her Stormy Weather.

She watched the girl recorded the title on her reading card, and started reading the first page.

Honestly, your mother was not expecting anything ... until the girl turned to this page, and Mom caught sight of the rainbow.

That brought a smile to your mother's face, You must have seen that, huh.

Still, it was just a rainbow picture --- it did not have that, that ZAP ... if You know what she means. 

The girl turned to the next page (page 14) and continued reading.

Mom listened quietly. 

Then, the girl read page 15.

Mom watched her.

The girl read, "The storm has gone. I can play outside."

Mom nodded ...

The girl then asked aloud, "What is this, Teacher Lynn?"

Mom turned to look. The girl was pointing to -- something -- on the picture.

Mom peered closer ... and then she turned the book around to face her right side up.

Gasp ...

Omg ...

Zap Zap Zap ...

Oh Gosh, what are the chances?

The girl asked again, "What is this?"

Mom heard herself replying, "That's a paper boat ..." before turning her head away to mouth a slow OMG to herself. Would You believe it? The girl did not manage to read the following page, because just then, the intercom buzzed. Her dad had come to pick her up.

The girl left Mom staring at the book all by herself.

That zap connection was magical. It was as if You knew ...

Here's your paper boat, Ma ... :D

Mom had taken a picture of the rainbow page and the paper boat page, and was showing them to Dad at that moment. 

She explained excitedly, "I made the paper boat on Sunday ... On Monday, I was supposed to get that zap ... but I didn't get it. I think son was probably shaking his head, I tell you ... The two girls read this same book on Monday ... but I didn't notice the picture ... so the next day, he sends the third girl, and he must have whispered to her, "Ask Teacher Lynn, what is this?" Because let me tell you, that - girl - did - not - ask - me - about - any - of the other pictures, only that paper boat one. Omg ... "

Mom meant to call You that Tuesday 30th night, but did not manage to ... and so on Wednesday 31st evening the next day, she gets a gentle reminder by Katy Perry (Firework) who had to say, "It just so happens that blue exists in a rainbow ..."

CoinciDANtally (on hindsight), the boy in the book is wearing blue. If it was not meant to be a zap, he would be wearing red or yellow or orange or green or pink or purple or brown or white or black or grey ... but no, he was wearing blue.

So what have You got to say, Son?

Code cracked.

Message received.

Thank You, Son ...<3  

You must know by now huh, that there is not a single moment that You are not on your mother's mind. All kinds of everything remind us of You.