Sunday, July 14, 2013

Call 480 : KARATE KID

Hello Son,

Today is Sunday. 

We're lazying in the living room. 

Mom's put on a DVD. Dad bought a whole bunch of DVDs two weeks ago on his trip outstation. 

Fast forward ...

The story ended with these words :

Character 1 : He says that your son is there with him ... and he is looking forward to be with his mommy when the time comes.

(choke ...)

Character 2 : Please tell Jacob (the son) that not a minute goes by every day that I'm not thinking about him. Tell him his mommy loves him very much.

Those may not be the EXACT words ... but they're as much as your mother can remember. The moment the words were uttered, your mother's vision blurred. Justine was with her. We were hugging each other. 

Dad was with us too. 

Mom repeated, "You heard that? My son is waiting for me to join him when the time comes ..."

Sniff ...

Mom turned to Justine, "Yesterday one message ... today another one ... TWO messages ... both right at the end of the movie ... Don't you think ...?"

Your sister nodded ... and nodded ... and nodded.

Yeah ... Yesterday ...

Yesterday, Justine and Mom were watching another DVD.

Dad was in Singapore. 

It was a Saturday afternoon.


Fast forward ...

That Safe Haven movie ended with the words : 

... hope that ... somehow I'm there with all of you ... watching over all of you ...

Pause ...


Did You hear that?

Good Lord. 


A lump appeared in your mother's throat.

Before long, she and your sister were sobbing away ...

In the middle of all those tears, Mom said, "Daniel is sitting right there (pointing to the sofa opposite Mom and Jus) and he's shaking his head, going tsk tsk tsk, aiyoh yall ah ..."

That made us laughed.

We got your messages, Daniel ... :D

You certainly are watching over all of us.

In fact, everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

All the time ...

This Sunday afternoon, after church, we were at this mall ... a mall that we hardly go to ... maybe twice a year kind of thing ... 

When we walked in, Dad said, "You were meant to come here today ..." as he pointed to a large poster with the HAND SIGN that You used to show.

The I LOVE YOU hand sign ...


Dad brought Mom to a book store where all the books were on very good sale. 

Mom went berserk ... picking up one book after another, till she could pick no more, before bringing them all to the payment counter. Whilst she was watching the girl scanning the price in, she suddenly noted this poster right before her eyes :

You must have seen a big smile on your mother's face. 

She turned to Dad and Justine, mouthing the words JACK DANIELs, as she pointed to the poster.

Truly, everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Oh, by the way, she bought 34 books.

Children's books.

All very very lovely ... and so very very cheap.

On Friday 12, as she was driving back to school in the evening, this taxi appeared in front of her.


Of course she saw it ...

421 ...

Decode : 24 / 21

Your date of arrival and departure.

That's a clear : Hi Ma, I'm right here ... :D

She had to smile.

You just have a way of zapping your mother, Daniel.

That's good ...

That's really good. She must be reminded constantly that her son is near ...

That same evening, as Dad and Mom were in the car driving home from school, GLORY OF LOVE came on the radio. 

The time was 7:51 pm 

Decode : 4


Mom said excitedly, "Glory of Love ... Oh gosh ... Today, we had such a great Wong Fei Hong practice ... You see? He knows ... He knows ..."

Dad repeated, confused, "Glory of Love?"

Mom replied impatiently, "Yeah, Karate Kid ... Daniel-Son ..."

Dad was like, "Ohhhh ..."

It takes about 5 minutes to reach home. Yet, in that brief time, we heard the zap song from beginning to end. 

Meant to be.

Peter Cetera

Thanks Son ... for always watching over us and being with us ... <3

We miss You so very much ... and yeah, we too look forward to being reunited when the time comes.