Saturday, April 20, 2013


Hello Son, 

Saturday's here again. Another week has passed in another blink of an eye.

We miss You, Son ...

Mom will never get tired of saying that ... so be warned. You're so gonna hear that line ever so often. Yeah, until You're tired of it ... and that would just be the beginning. 

Aiyoh Ma ...

Seriously, if You were here today, Daniel, how different our lives would be. 

Yes, how very different.

For one, Mom wouldn't be talking to herself so much.

The Kindy is truly part of the plan, isn't it? Time passes by so quickly that before she knows it, Saturday is here again. 

Her call date with her son. 

Last Saturday, Mom asked for a white feather ... if You remember (Call 461). She asked You to send one to her that day. You know what?

Not a single feather, white or otherwise, came her way. She was careful to scan her expert eyes all around her as she walked from here to there, and there to here, but not one feather was in sight. Not a single one. Yup, and not for a whole week.

What's that about?

It doesn't work that way, Ma ...

She thought so. Which turns out good, because it means that those white feather inciDANS that she has had were the --- real deal. 

From an angel ... and yup, from heaven.

On Sunday 14th, Dad and Mom were in church. For the first time in months, we were early, and managed to get a seat inside the church.

Mass has not started. People were still trickling in.

Then at one point, a young teenage boy wearing a white jumper with grey patterns and a hood, walked through the pew, two rows in front your parents. It was the jumper that caught your mother's attention.

You wore that in Lourdes and later, when You went to see Jesus. Also, Mom wrote about this jumper-zap before in the blog ... so could You blame her for holding her breath when she saw the boy in that jumper, walking 2 rows in front, and seated himself directly before your mother's view? It was so meant to be, because there was a space between 2 people on the row in front of us ... just so that Mom has a clear and uninterrupted view of that boy throughout mass.

Omg ...

In the middle of mass, Mom couldn't tahan anymore, and had to reach for her cell.

She snapped a photo as discreetly as she could. The first one was a total blur ... but the second time, she decided to position her cell against her chest so that no one would know. Dad was on her left, and a boy (college age) was on her right. And ...

Oh heck ... just snap, will You please?

And she did.

The boy had taken off the jumper at the time the photo was taken. Notice the space between the two women on the row in front of your parents?

Meant to be ...

On top of that, Dad kept saying, "Look at his hair, it's like son's ... standing ..."

And so throughout mass, Mom's eyes were on that boy. 

And who could blame her?

She'd asked for a white feather the day before ... and the next day, a boy wearing the white jumper with the hood, similar to the one you wore to see Jesus and Mama Mary, appeared in front her and sat right before her eyes. Don't forget, a space was created just so that your mother had a clear view of the boy, the boy who reminded your parents of You, throughout the one and a half hour mass. 

Gosh ...

Zap zap zap ...

Oh boy ...

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

On Wednesday 17th, Mom was in the car, driving back to the condo to rest for a bit after lunch, before going back to school. Before long, a song came on the radio. She let out a happy laugh.

I just called to say I love you ...

The time was 3:16 pm.

Decode : 4

An even brighter smile spread across her face.

That evening, a second zap song came on. Mom was leaving the school with the maid.

A Thousand Years.

She'd glanced at the time.

It was 7:32 pm.

As she was driving, she had mentally told herself, seven plus three is ten, ten and two ... twelve ... that's one two ... gosh, 21 ... her second sign for the day. 21 being the date You left us. You must have whispered to Mom to remember that time, because she found herself committing that time into her memory. 

Seven Three Two.

Seven Three Two.

Seven Three Two.

The moment she got into the condo, she scribbled the time and song down on her note book.

7:32 pm - Thousand Years

That was Wednesday.

On Thursday 18th ... Dad and Mom had to go to the bank. Mom walked in and sat herself down a seat. Dad went to get a queue number.

Minutes later, Dad came over and showed Mom the queue number.

Mom looked ... and saw the bold 2040 starring back at her.

Shaking her head, Mom whispered to Dad, "Omg ... What are the chances? 24 ... He's saying Hi, Dad and Mom, I'm right here ... " (24 being your birthdate)

Dad smiled. 

He knew when he took that ticket that Mom would react.

Mom took out her cell, and snapped a photo. 

Suddenly, quite suddenly, You must have whispered to her ... but suddenly, she was noticing the numbers 2037.


Omg, she breathed.

Omg ...

Omg ...

Omg ...

She turned to Dad excitedly, "Omg, look here ... 2037 ... Last night, at 7:32 pm (Mom pointed to each number on the ticket, from right to left), A Thousand Years came on the radio ... the time was 7:32 pm ... That's 21 ... See here? Seven three two ... I memorized the time ... Omg, what are the chances???" 

Remember the time, Ma ... Seven Three Two ... :D

Angel chance ...

He's really talking to me. 

He's telling me A Thousand Years, Ma ... <3

At the point of writing this paragraph, Mom is noticing the time on the ticket number at the bottom right.

10:14 am

Decode : 24

Also 24?

24 two times. Notice that?


Zap zap zap.

Since we're at it ... how about the date on the right bottom side?


Decode : (19) (8) (44)

44 ... What d'ya know? 

Her angel number ...


Woah Son ... this is awesome ...

 Truly, everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

 Keep the zaps coming, Daniel. 

Will talk to You in a bit.


(added after publication)


Saturday, 11:57 pm ...

Gosh Daniel, You will not believe what happened this evening. 

Mom was preparing her kindy blog and had put on a movie. She had randomly picked one that she doesn't remember ever watching before from our VCD album. The title was Provoked ... about a Punjabi wife who sets her husband on fire.

Anyway, while the show was on, there was a point when the woman said, that this was the first time she's ever felt free (in prison).

Mom of course had stopped what she was doing, and looked at the telly screen.


You're with your mother, aren't You? A happy smile appeared on her face. You must have seen that.

Free ...

How this 4 letter F word can have such an impact on your mother, only God will understand. 

And You. 


Shortly after, Dad and Justine came to the living room ... and before she knew it, we all heard the word RAINBOW mentioned in the movie (can't remember in what context now).

Mom said, "Rainbow .. heard that?"

Dad heard.

Justine heard.

We all heard.

Two signs in the movie? Why, You're definitely with your family ... we could feel your presence.

Mom said, "When the family is together, he will definitely want to zap us ..."

The movie ended. Dad said he had bought a few VCDs from his trip. He passed a small plastic bag to Mom.

Your mother picked BROKEN CITY ... Catherine Zeta Jones and Russell Crowe. 

She remembered with a chuckle, Russell in Les Miserables. 


The movie started ... and ended an hour and a half later. Mom was still selecting photos for the school blog.

She removed that disc from the player, and picked another movie.

This time, she picked THE BIG YEAR ... because of Owen Wilson and Steve Martin.


Mom was putting the disc into the player when Dad (at the computer) said, "Enough already ... how many movies are you watching a day?" :D

Ummmmmmmm ...


You must have whispered : Play, Ma.


The movie started with 2 parrots flying in the sky.

Pause ...

Yup, 2.

And flying like --- free - ly?

Hmmm ...

Oh -- kayyy ...

Gosh, You're so not gonna believe what happened next. 

Within the next 5 minutes or so, Mom heard the words "seven hundred and thirty two" mentioned in the movie. 

W - what???

She looked up at the screen immediately, just to see this :

Mom jumped out of the sofa, literally, and kinda yelled at Dad in excitement, "Omg ... Look! Look! 732 ... Omg 732 ... I was telling him about 732 today on the blog ..."

What are the chances?

Absolutely no chance.

Mom immediately clicked on to your blog and showed Dad this entry (Call 462). Scrolling down the page with trembling fingers, trembling because of heightened excitement, she found the image of the queue ticket and the line she had written about 732, and pointed it out to Dad.

"Look here ... 732 ... See there? 732 ... Omg ... Can you see that my son is talking to me? Can you see that? Omg ... Son is talking to me ... Omg ... It's too amazing ..."

It was unbelievable!


Gosh, of all the numbers that could have appeared ... 

Omg ... 

Zap zap zap ...

Keep the zaps coming, Son ...

Truly, everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Mom's going to bed now ... with a big wide grin on her face.

That's for You, kay?

Nite Son. <3