Saturday, April 13, 2013


Hello Son,

Last night (Friday night), Mom drove to school to pick up the maid. 

Lean On Me came on the radio. The time was 8:54 pm.

Decode : 44

Immediately, a big smile came upon your mother's face. The Call Me song. Just call me ... if You need a friend ... call me ... call me ... call me ...

Mom will definitely call You tomorrow (Saturday), Son, she had promised as she waited for the maid to come down to the car.

So anyway ...

On Thursday evening, after dinner time, Mom received a phone call. It was Aunt X, mother of one of Mom's friend back in college, who had a heart attack and died some 4 years ago. 

A year before you left, if she remembers correctly. We have spoken before after your departure. She had shared that her son communicates with her - in his own way - after he left.

Mom believed her then, of course she would. Mom's own son is connecting with her. What's not to believe? At the time, your mother knows Aunt X was sent to her as some sort of a messenger to tell her that - that - there is such a thing ... Yeah, God always sends a stranger. 

A Perfect Stranger. 

After all, why should there be any doubts? Do we not say that nothing is impossible with God? Do you really think that a long distance call from earth to heaven is ... what ... difficult --- for God? 

Pause ...

Mom rests her case.

Oh, let's not state the obvious.

So anyway, after the initial how have you been greetings etc, Aunt X asked, "Has your son been communicating with you?"

Mom said, smiling through the phone, "Yes ..."  

He does, daily ... he's a good boy, she wanted to add. He knows his mother will just - die - if she doesn't hear from him ... and that's the truth.

Aunt X asked brightly, "Tell me about it ... what did he say? Give me one sign ... what did he say today?"

Mom had to smile. In the past, she would have tried to explain her zaps and her signs, the songs and the angel numbers, the timing, the coinciDANS ... However, somehow over time, she knew her zaps and inciDANS were not meant to be shared in that way. They would always turn out silly after she's voiced them, and she would feel stupid trying to talk about them in the first place. Only your family understands the zaps.

That is why our call blog is meant to be. 

Mom replied with a laugh, "It's difficult to explain, Aunty ..."

Aunt X said, "Tell me what did he say today ... or yesterday ..."

Mom laughed again, "It's difficult to share ... because the inciDANS are kinda connected ... so if I'd just tell you about today, you won't understand ..."

Aunt X insisted, "Try me ... I will believe you ... I still remember when you told me about the white feather ..."

White feather ...

On your 1st year anniversary ... just before the clock struck 12 midnight.

Omg ... the wonder of that moment ...

That was totally priceless. 

Call 128 : White Feather 

Hmm ... strange that Aunt X mentioned White Feather ... Did Mom not recently mention about a certain white feather in her last communication with You in Call 460? She had wondered if that white feather on the balcony was "counted"? She had walked out of the lift, and heading towards the condo, when she spotted it, right in front of her eyes.

It was too random, she had thought. It was just -- suddenly -- there.

Gosh, it was as thought Aunt X was sent to remind her about her first White Feather zap. 

Of course, it was counted ... the one on the balcony. 

Mom chuckled ... and tried her best to avoid the subject, which she managed to tactfully. Instead, she invited Aunt X to talk about her communication with her son ... which Mom has heard before ... but was all ears, when Aunt X shared again.  

At this point, Mom googled "white feather angels" for an image to upload. Imagine her surprise when she saw at the top of the list of websites : white feathers from angels, tiny white feather from an angel, signs of angels, is an angel trying to contact you? angel signs and symbols, 11:11 angel message board ...

Gosh, 1111 ... That's 4 ... Mom's angel number ... we're talking on the same wave length.

Woah Son ...

Okay okay ... Mom got it ... You're so cute to remind her, Daniel ... she has not been taking the recent white feathers seriously and she knows now that You're reminding her. She's just read on one of the websites the words : 

A white feather is a way for your angels to tell you that they hear you and that they are available to help you ...

Wow Son ...

A morning lecture about angels, huh ?

Mom's really glad about the reminder.

Mom was with Grandma yesterday. We were in the car driving to the accountant's office. Twice Grandma's cellphone rang, and You now her ring tone right? 

I Have A Dream (ABBA) ...

I believe in angels ... is one of the lines. 

Yes, she heard it twice.

Oh gee wow ... thinking about it, Aunt X had reminded Mom before she hung up that "your son will always communicate with you ..." to which Mom answered, "Yeah, I know ... I know ..."

Gosh Son, Mom will not take her white feathers for granted again ...

Could You please send one down her way today?

Yeah today ...

Could ya?

Love You, Son ... <3 

(added text after publication)

Oh Wow ... 

Mom just has to add here ... right after she published the entry, she went to her bedroom to get her cellphone. It was charging by the bed. She wanted to check for messages and saw instead the big numbers on her cell screen :

12:24 pm.

Your birth date ... December 24.

Mom rushed out to show Dad. 

"Look, Look ... 12 : 24 ... right after I sent him my call ... I have to go get my phone to see this ... I tell you, he sent me Aunty X to remind me about the white feather ... Omg ..."

"Truly and honestly, my son is talking to me ... :D"

Fall For You just came on the television at this point ... 

Time : 12:29 pm

Decode : 14

Omg ...

Zap zap zap ...