Monday, January 28, 2013

Call 438 : BOOK STORE

Hello Son,

It's a public holiday today, Thaipusam being yesterday on Sunday.

Mom just have to tell You this. Dad and Mom were at the nearby hypermart to get some nails (yeah, You heard right -- nails ...) to fix some wall charts in school. Anyway, after getting the nails, we were back in the car. Dad started the engine.

The song WE GONNA DIE YOUNG (Kesha) was on.

Smile ...

There's always a way for You to remind your family that You're near.

So anyway, we were on the way back to the school, when Mom told Dad to stop by the book store (second supermarket). She wanted to get some foam sheets for art and craft.

Dad stopped the car.

Mom told Dad he did not need to park the car and that she'd just run in, get her stuff and be back in a jiff.

So, Mom was at the book store. She found the foam sheets but decided not to get them, because the packets available came in one colour. She wanted to get one packet of multi-colored sheets.

Humph ...

Just then, her cell beeped an in-coming sms.

It was Dad.

He said, "I've parked ..."

Mom started texting back, to tell him that she was done, when all of a sudden, her senses were alerted to the intro music that had come on over the sound system in the book store.

Omg ... she breathed.

What are the chances ...

She was only in the store at the momst, 5 minutes. In fact, she was about to leave, but Dad had sent a text, and she was in the middle of replying.

She glanced at the time on her cell.

It was 14:28 pm.

Decode : 14 

Why, that's like 14 --- two times.

The song by Faith Hill, THERE YOU'LL BE had come on.

Oh boy ...

Doesn't your mother say, practically all the time, that "Everywhere we are, there You'll be"?

Even in the last Call 437 yesterday, Mom mentioned that- Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

You really are listening, aren't You, Daniel? In fact, Grandma told Mom last night, whilst we were at her place to watch Les Miserables (again) that a friend of hers mentioned that the message your family had put on the ad in the papers on your 21st was nice.

Mom had thought then, "Oh that ... that's not a message ... it's just a line from a song .."

And today, she hears that song ... she had only meant to run in the store, and out ... If Dad had not sms-ed, she would have left the store already. Gosh, would You look at your angel timing? Not only that, but before the inciDAN at the book store, GONNA DIE YOUNG had come on. Don't You see? The familiar pattern. Get the attention first, then -- ZAP! :D

Perfect as always ...

I'm right here, Ma ... :D

So anyway, Mom stood there, at the same spot, listening intently to the song until it ended, before slowly walking out of the store.


Thank You for that, Son ... for always reminding Mom that You're near.

Keep the zaps coming.

Faith Hill