Sunday, January 27, 2013

Call 437 : IN DISGUISE

Hello Son,

It's a beautiful Sunday today. The time now is 9-50 am.

We should be going for morning mass in about an hour.

Yesterday evening, Dad and Mom were at the mall. Justine had spent a day and night at Genting Highlands, and her coach was dropping passengers off at that mall. We ended up having dinner at one of the many restaurants at the busy mall.

We decided to have Chinese, and walked into this restaurant that we have not gone before.

Sitting down on a plush cushioned seat, Mom couldn't help but noticed the many bird cages right before her eyes.

Wow ... how pretty, she thought.

On a deeper level, she found her heart softly whispering ...

You're with us, aren't You, Daniel? Yes, You are ... it's so obvious ... You're right here with us.

Dad took this photo of You in a giant bird cage.

Mom nudged Dad, "Look at all the bird cages up there ..."

Dad nodded ... knowingly.

We made our orders. Whilst waiting for our food, Justine told us about her Genting trip. At one point, your sister told us that she and her friends went for a movie called PARKER. Starring J. Lo.

Jus said the guy in the movie, as an attempt to disguise himself, had changed his name to DANIEL.

Sipping her milk tea, Mom listened quietly.

Hmmmm ... How random. The bird cages crowding her sight in front of her ... and now she hears that. A thousand and one names that could have been chosen for that movie, but it had to be yours. That guy in  disguise had to have your name.

Interesting ...

That reminded your mother immediately about the song ANGEL EYES by ABBA.

By Abba

Look into his angel eyes

One look and you're hypnotized

He'll take your heart and you must pay the price

Look into his angel eyes

You'll think you're in paradise

And one day you'll find out he wears a disguise

Don't look too deep into those angel eyes

Yes Daniel, You were certainly in disguise whilst You were with us ...

Your sister added abruptly, "Hey, I think that guy's real name is JASON something ..."

Mom raised an eyebrow.

Her pulse must have quickened.

It must have.

Mom asked, "Really? Are you sure? Can You check?"

Oh my gosh ...

Justine did a quick check on her cell internet and confirmed,

"Yes, his name is JASON STATHAM ..."

Pause ...

Seriously Daniel Jason Phua ... what are the chances???

No chance.

Angel chance.


Truly, everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Talk to You in a bit, Son ... have to get ready now for mass.

Keep the zaps coming ...