Saturday, February 13, 2016

Call 588 : LONDON TRIP

Hello Son

Friday, February 12

The alarm went off at 5:30 am in the morning. 

Mom jumped out of bed, hurried over to Justine's room.

"Wake up, Jus ... wake up ..." Mom called out.

Gosh ...

It's today ...

Justine is going to London today.

How difficult it was for Mom to come to this decision to allow your sister to go to London. 

By herself.

Dad was okay with the trip ... but Mom was not as cool.

God made her that way. It's not her fault. 

You helped Mom to come to this decision. 

Yes, You definitely did.

It's a long, long story ... Mom's not going to go there. 

The facts before her is clear. Dad had printed out her flight ticket and boarding pass.

As Mom studied it, a sense of relief came over her.

She looked at the date.

21 Feb 16

"Hmmm. Look Jus. 21 ... 21 ... two times ..." Mom explained to Jus.

Boarding time : 840 am

"See the boarding time? 8 and 4 ... that's 21 ..." your mother explained further.

"Your brother will be with You, that's for sure ..." Mom said with a smile.

Justine nodded.

Your sister had borrowed a winter coat from Aunty C. We did not plan to carry this heavy coat on the plane, and had intended to pack it into the luggage which was supposed to be checked in. In fact, Mom had bought her a new jacket that was much lighter and not as cumbersome to manage as a winter coat ... since Jus would be traveling alone. Who would help your sister carry that heavy thing?

As it turned out, that coat couldn't fit into her luggage. Her suitcase was already quite full to the brim. This was the night before travelling.

We had no choice but to decide on taking the coat on to the plane itself.

Mom was shaking her head, thinking of the inconvenience of it all, when she happened to notice the size label of the coat.


"Oh boy ... would you look at the size? It's a 44 ..." Mom remarked.

We laughed.


Meant to be. 

"Your brother is supposed to be by your side, Jus ..."

Mom felt better. Yes, Jus was supposed to carry the coat with her, and not pack it into the luggage. :D

Mom reminded Jus to write down her bf's add on a slip of paper and to keep the paper with her passport. "You may need to fill up immigration forms as to where you will be during your stay in London ... " Mom had said.

As Justine was scribbling the add down on small pink memo sheet, she said, "You know the 912 and 921 thingy the other day ... (Mom was like, yes yes, what about it???) ... his house number is 192. " :D

Oh my ...  you don't say.


What are the chances???

The 912 and 921 inciDAN ... happened in Kuantan, on Sunday, February 7 ... New Year's Eve ... Dad, Mom and Justine were in Mama's (Dad's mother) house. This was after the reunion dinner. 

We were in the living room ... the television was on. There was a chinese movie on ASTRO ... Mom was flipping through the newspapers at the time. At one point, the character in the movie sang these lyrics :

Someday I'll wish upon a star ...

And wake up where the clouds are far ...

Behind me ...

A smile broke out on your mother's face. 

Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Immediately, Mom glanced at her cell. 

The time was 9:12 pm.

Decode : 21 

Her mental math is instant now. 

9 plus 1 plus 2 = 12.

Her son is zapping her. He's reminding her that he's near. 

Of course ... but of course ... he would be near. Was there any doubt that he wouldn't be? It's New Year's Eve ... family's reunion dinner ... of course You would be with us. 

If there were any lingering doubt at all, it was soon cleared.

The movie continued ... and not long after, the character sang the song again, this time she started with the lyrics :

Somewhere over the rainbow ...

Mom took a quick glimpse of the time.

It was 9:21 pm.

Decode : 21

Oh my. 

912 and 921.

Two times.

So, so precise.

What are the chances?


You were/are definitely with us, Daniel ... Mom knows.

So anyway, that 912 / 921 zap happened in Kuantan ... oh yes, not only that ... but in the movie at one part, the girl-character had a bad nose bleed ... and as she pulled out her wig to reveal that she was a cancer patient ... Mom had frozed and was instantly reminded of the music video TONG HUA ... that had a similar scenario of the girl with the nose bleed ... like You ... that TONG HUA video for some reason, whispers your name DANIEL in the beginning and in the end ...

At the time 023 / 024 in the music video : your name is clearly whispered.

023 : 1994 (your birthyear)

024 : 24 (your birthdate)

Mom had tried to search for the meaning of the song, when she first heard it a few years ago, and to investigate why this DANIEL name is whispered in the video ... she was unable to find the information. 

DANIEL is whispered again at the end of the music video at 5:48.

Decode : 17 (8) (44)

44 being your angel number.

Fast forward to Thursday night, Feb 11, Justine's packing day.

The house number is 129

Decode : 21

The coat has a number 44 on it. This winter coat was given to Aunty C on her birthday by Aunty D whilst they were studying in Russia many years ago.

Two zap items.

What are the chances???

Are You not assuring Mom that You will be with Justine when she travels to London? :D

Oh yes, You are ... Mom gets your message, and it is loud and clear.

At the airport ... on Friday, Feb 12

We reached the airport before 8 am. 

Justine's flight was at 10:10 am. 

Here are some photos Dad and Mom took at the airport :

We arrived around 7:45 am.

She is not alone ...

See the winter coat on the trolley?

Dad was checking messages and this photo of You with Justine randomly popped up in facebook. Dad took a screenshot of it before showing it to Justine and Mom. Dad said, "Daniel is right beside you and will protect you ..."

Mom had posted the photo (among others) on your facebook page ... when You left us 6 years ago.

At the time of writing this paragraph, Mom had just noticed the time on the top right.

8:04 am

Decode : 21

Justine's boarding time was : 8:40 am

Decode : 21

Oh Wow. 

Clearly, very clearly ... You were travelling with your sister, Daniel. :D

When Justine was about 2 to 3 years old, she had taken your parents' suitcase (at the time, your parents were going on a trip to the States), and lugging it to the door, she had turned back to say cheerily, "Goodbye, I'm going to America!" ... (pause) ... 

... and now 20 years later, an older Justine with a similar pose, turning around to wave goodbye ... 


That was a heartwarming moment for your parents.

You were beside her all the way.

Going through immigration ... see the white top.

Dad and Mom waited at McDonald's till your sister texted to say that she had boarded the plane. 

As we were driving out of the airport car park, Dad pointed to the time on the dashboard.

It was 10:10 am.

Dad said, "Her plane is taking off now ..."

We drove on.

Dad pointed to a plane in the sky and remarked, "That must be Justine's plane ..." :D

Mom tried to snap a few photos of the plane.


Suddenly, she heard it.

Oh my ... how glorious.

21 GUNS ... had come on the radio.

Her eyes shot to the dashboard.

The time was 10:13 am.

Decode : 23


Your birth year. 

Oh my gosh ... what are the chances of 21 GUNS coming on just as we were driving out of the airport? Are You not reassuring your parents again that You will be with Justine?

Mom said to Dad thoughtfully, "21 GUNS ... at 10:13 am ... zap time ... it's amazing how my son communicates with me ... all I need to do is just to knock on Heaven's door and call out to GOD and say, Hello GOD, can I speak to my son, please???"

"He has been communicating with us daily .... ever since he left on Jan 21, 2010."  Mom reminded.

At that moment, Mom related to Dad a ZAP inciDAN that happened the evening before (on Thursday 11th).

MAN ON FIRE was on television.

Mom was on the sofa before the telly. Your mother was playing WORD CHUM (scrabble game on handphone) with Dad ... at the same time, the movie was on. 

Justine was in her room packing.

That was a violent movie, by the way. Normally, your mother would have changed the channel but for some reason, she let the movie play on. She wasn't really watching it anyway. She was trying to outdo Dad in the scrabble game. Dad had won every game. She found that a bit irritating. 

Just a tad.

You must have whispered to your mother to maintain that channel ... because towards the end of the movie, Justine appeared. It was barely 2 minutes when we both heard these words spoken on telly.

What is his name???

His name???

What is his name???

And the answer came unexpectedly : DANIEL

Omg. Seriously??? 

2.6 billion names available out there and the script writers used YOUR name???

A few seconds later, Justine and Mom heard these words spoken out loud, to this effect: 

"Who is the man behind the VOICE???"

The resounding reply : DANIEL



"Can you see how my son talks to me?" Mom grinned to Dad. 

"He is the voice ... You remember how I was not agreeable on this London trip? And then suddenly, on his 21st (Jan), I woke up and I knew what I had to do ... I told Jus she could go ... my son WHISPERED to me ... Let Jus go, Ma ...let Jus go ... he definitely whispered to me otherwise how did I suddenly change my mind?


So anyway, 21 GUNS came to an end.

Would You believe it but the next song that came on was CARELESS WHISPER.


Mom did not get it in the beginning, until the chorus came on.

Mom's hands were practically in the air, as she made her point to Dad. "Omg ... listen to that. Just as I was telling you that he whispered to me, CARELESS WHISPER comes on??? Omg ..."

What are the chances???

Angel chance.

The song soon ended.

Our drive back home continued.

Nothing else struck her attention until BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME came on at 10:26 am.

You were my voice when I couldn't speak ...

There ... there's that VOICE again ...

Mom looked at the time.

10:30 am.

Decode : 4


Oh boy, Daniel ... how do You do it?

Truly, everywhere we are, there you'll be ...

Just before we reached home, EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE came on the radio.



The time was 10:46 am. It wasn't a zap time, although it was clearly a zap message for your mother. 

Mom sang out loud:

Every breath you take

Every move you make

Every bond you break

Every step you take

I'll be watching you

Every single day

Every word you say

Every game you play

Every night you stay

I'll be watching you 

As Mom was singing, for some reason, she found herself checking on Wiki when this EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE song was released. 

You must have whispered to your mother, huh.

Check the year the song was released, Ma.

And so she checked ... and when she found the information, she announced loudly to Dad, "Omg, this song was released in 1983 ..."

Mom asked Dad excitedly, "What's one plus nine plus eight plus three?"

Dad replied at the wheel, "Use the calculator on your phone ..."

Mom shook her head impatiently.


Slowly, she repeated, "What's one plus nine?"

Dad said, "Ten ..."

Mom continued, "What's ten plus eight?"

Dad replied, "Eighteen ..."

"Eighteen plus three?" Mom questioned. 

She could hardly contain her excitement as she waited for Dad to say, "Twenty One."



1983 ... this song was released in 1983 ... and the message is I'll be watching your every move. Is this not her son talking to her??? She has heard and known that this song is for her ... but this is the first time she is checking on the year. She must have heard his voice.

Oh my.


Woah Daniel.


The flight was quite empty, Jus had the whole row to herself.

Justine arrived in London safely. She enjoyed her flight very much. 

Good seats, good food and good movies. 

We received an sms from your sister about half and hour after midnight. 

Welcome to Terminal 4 (Heathrow Airport)

Terminal 4???


Stay with Justine, Daniel ... and watch over her and keep her safe. :D

Keep the zaps coming, Son. <3