Monday, October 12, 2015

Call 581 : REPARK CAR

Hello Son,

This morning, before leaving for school, Mom called Grandma and made a coffee date with her at 9 am to discuss our concert stuff. 

It was about 8 am when Dad and Mom drove to school. 

After giving instructions to the teachers, doing this and that, the next time she looked at her watch, it was 9:10 am.

Boy, how fast time flies.

So Mom drove to the cafe place.

Grandma arrived at the same time.

We ordered our coffee and some nyonya kueh.

Talk talk talk ...

Talk talk talk ...

Talk talk talk some more ...

Then at one point, there was an announcement over the PA system :

Car number 8911 ... 8911 ... please re-park your car.

Grandma sat right up. It was Grandma's car.

Mom took the car keys and hurried out.

There was a lorry that wanted to pass through, and Grandma's car was at risk way. 


So, Mom hopped in, and removed her car to another location.

As she got out of Grandma's car, she overheard the car park attendant yelling to the lorry driver and pointing to another car ... Mom's car.

Mom asked helpfully, "You want me to remove this car too?"

The car wasn't in the way ... not really ... but just to be safe, the attendant advised Mom to repark the car away from the lorry.

Hmmm ...

Two cars had to be re-parked. 

Kinda weird, huh?

This has not happened to her before.

After reparking the second car, Mom went back into the cafe.

We rounded up the discussion, and some 10 minutes later, Mom left the place.

Grandma wanted to get some stuff (supermarket adjoining the cafe).

For some reason, your mother drove back to the condo. She was supposed to get back to school to check on the rehearsals. Something just made her decide to go home -- to use the bathroom.

She went up to the apartment ... and a few minutes later, went back down to the car.

Mom turned on the engine.

Immediately, Sheena Easton's voice came on with the song at :

I call you on the telephone ...

Oh my ...

Call ... telephone ... some of her favourite words in the whole world. :D

Mum's eyes shot to the dashboard. 

The time showed 11:49 am.

Secret code : 15 (4)

Her number 4

Oh boy, our queue - for - coffee number at the cafe this morning was a number 4.

A big smile appeared on your mother's face. 

Yesterday, she had made a call to her son ... and today, he is giving her a sign that he's received her call. The lorry inciDAN was merely to stall and delay time ... because had that not happened, she would have gone to school much earlier ... and missed the song message.


Mom reached school.

For the next hour or so, she was preoccupied with school stuff.

Until school was over.

She was in the car. Dad was driving.

We were gonna drive to the bank to attend to some banking stuff.

As we were driving, Omg ... would You believe it but the intro music of FAITH HILL's THERE YOU'LL BE  came on the radio.

The time 1:10 pm.

Mom said excitedly, "I wrote to him yesterday and said everywhere we are, there You'll be ... and now this song is on ... Omg ..."

Mom listened to the song quietly ... and at the same time, held her breath as she watched the time turn to 1:11 pm. Her angel time.

Secret code : 21

She smiled to herself. 


Surreal ... that's what this is.

You're definitely responding to Mom's call, Daniel. 

Mom knows.

She knows, Son. 


In my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky

In my heart there'll always be a place for you 

For all my life

I'll keep a part of you with me

And everywhere I am, there you'll be

And everywhere I am, there you'll be

Everywhere we are, there You'll be, Daniel ... for always. <3