Sunday, October 4, 2015


Hello Son,

Sat, Sept 12

Justine was having a fashion show on today.

Dad, Mom and Grandma would be attending the event in the evening.

Your sister had to be there early. 

For practice ... and not forgetting, hair and make up.

So Dad and Mom dropped her off at the venue at noon. 

Fast forward ... 

Evening came.

Dad, Mom and Amah arrived at the place - like an hour before the doors were due to open.

We were that excited! 


In fact, we were the first guests to arrive.

Justine saw us ... came out for a few minutes to pose for photos. :D 

Mom, Amah and Justine - all dolled-up.

 Are you sure you can walk with those heels?

 wibble wobble wibble wobble ...

 Umm, easier to just stand still ...

Here's Amah looking really nice that night. 

The buffet dinner started at about 8:30 pm.

 This is Mom's plate. :D

 Amah was invited to say a few words ... 

and she did, so professionally. :D

Lucky draws came at one point. 

Would you believe it? 

The first number that was called was OUR number.

One One Five ...

Oh my ... as Mom stared at the 3 tickets that Dad had spread on the table.

It wasn't often that we win anything at functions. 

Indeed, when was the last time we got our number called for a lucky draw???

That was definitely her son's doing, Mom beamed happily.

Dad stepped up and walked to the front, waving the ticket at the MC.

Mom looked at the various wrapped-up boxes of all sizes that were on the table beside the MC ... some 20 steps away from where we were sitting.

Oh boy, how exciting ...

What did we win?

Mom watched the MC presented a lil something to Dad.

Dad was grinning.

Mom found herself squinting ...

What was in Dad's hands?

Was there anything in Dad's hands?


The wrapped up gift was so small that she couldn't see it in your father's hands, as he made his way back to us.

It was definitely the smallest present that was on the gift table.


Aiya Son ... anti-climax la ... the smallest gift? Surely You could give Mom the biggest box there? :D  Mom sent a telephatic text to You, across the universe.

Smirk Smirk.

The night went on.

Justine came on the catwalk and we clapped and cheered.

The lucky draw was forgotten.

Jus and her girls are showcasing a collection from Superheroes, 

Batman in particular.

Justine on the right.

So anyway, something quite unexpected, was about to happen. 

The fashion shows came to an end.

There was another round of Lucky Draws.

Mom was not actually listening to the MC as she was busy sending photos and videos of Justine's catwalk to the family's whatsapp.

There was a constant repeat of the lucky draw number.

One One Three ...

"One One Three ... anybody???" announced the MC to the audience.

Suddenly, your mother gave a shriek.

"Hey, it's our number! One One Three! It's our number!" 

Mom urgently pushed the ticket into Amah's palm, "Go Mom, go claim the prize ... it's our number!"

Amah said, "You go, you go ... I already talked on the mic just now." 

Mom spun around to Dad, "It's our number, it's our number ... Quick, go ... go go go!"

Dad refused to take the ticket, "I went up just now d ... You go ..."

Mom hesitated and urged Dad to go, "You go, you go ...!"

Dad refused flatly. "You go ... quick ... you go ...!"

Oh alright.

Mom jumped up from her seat, and hurried to the MC, waving her ticket wildly in the air.

The MC saw her coming.

At the front, would you believe it but the MC took the biggest wrapped-up box among all the lucky draw gifts and presented it to Mom.


Oh my.


Oh wow ....

Two of our numbers were called?


So not a coinciDANS. You were clearly with us, Daniel.

The biggest gift? And Mom had to go get it???

Omg ...

You are always right beside Mom, aren't You, Daniel.

Keep reminding Mom that ... for always.

After the event, we took some photos of Jus and her friends.

At home ...

Mom opened up the presents.

The small pack contained a pen drive (Oh Wow!) and the big box had 2 electric blue speakers.

Omg Wow ...


The next day, on Sunday ... we were on our way to church.

At the junction of turning out to the main road, this silver car was in front of us.

The number plate spoke to Mom.


She pointed it out to Dad, "Son is saying hello ..." :D



It made her think of the night before ...

She had to smile.

Yes Son ... that was definitely You last night. 

After mass, we went to a new eatery that was recently opened.

We were shown to a table. 

The man who was serving us happened to mention, "This is our 4th branch."

Your sister looked at Mom, "He said 4, Mom ..." :D

Your mother grinned.

He was naming to Dad the 4 places in which the branches were at.

Mom heard him say Bangsar, and asked immediately, "Whereabouts in Bangsar?"

She was familiar with Bangsar. 

The guy replied, "You know JASON's DENTAL CLINIC?"

Yes, Mom knew the clinic.

It wasn't until Justine interrupted her with an impatient, "JASON, Ma ..." did she realise she had been zapped.



You must have whispered to your mother, "Ask which part of Bangsar, Ma ..."

Gosh Son, everywhere we are, there You'll always be ...

Later that afternoon, we were at home. Dad was in front of the telly. 

Galaxy Quest was on.

Mom took the remote to change the channel. 

Galaxy Quest, for cryin' out loud.

Dad immediately changed the channel back.

Just in time for Mom to hear "Jason Jason" from the TV. 

Huh? What???

Two seconds later, she heard it again ... "Jason Jason ..."

Oh my. What are the chances?

She was so meant to hear it. Her son is reminding her that he's near.

Keep the zaps coming, Daniel  ...

Hugs and squeezes :D