Sunday, November 1, 2015

Call 582 : MAROON 5

Hello Son,

Today is All Saints' Day.

We went to your garden.


As Mom was uploading the photos taken at the garden this morning onto your Flower Garden 21 blog, Justine sent a text.  Your sister was in the car.

Dad said, "Justine sent an audio ... "

A song had come on the radio as Justine was driving.

A zap song, for sure.

Mom couldn't wait to hear it.

She clicked on the audio.

Mom had to hear the audio on Dad's phone, because her handphone volume was not so good.

She listened ...


Oh my gosh ...

Seriously ...

Hard to believe that 

It's not over tonight

Just give me one more chance to make it right

I may not make it through the night

I won't go home without you 

Oh my goodness ...

Maroon 5???

What are the chances???

Last night, Justine and Mom were on the sofa. 

The Voice was on television.


Justine commented, "Hey, Adam is bald now?" 

(Adam the Judge ... Adam from Maroon 5)

Mom laughed, and said yeah.

Then Mom asked your sister, "What's the name of that song that Maroon 5 sang that Daniel used to sing?"

Justine hummed the tune, and immediately, Mom remembered, "Oh yeah yeah ... of course (how could she forget this song) ... it's not over tonight, just give me one more chance to make it right ... He sang this song that last night ..." (Yes, that last night ... before you left us the next day) (2 songs You sang -- this was one of the two).

Oh boy ...

Today, we went to your garden.

By evening, Justine was supposed to drive back to Seremban ... However, it rained. And so she decided to drive only after the rain stopped. 

This song came on during her drive.

Oh my.

Had it not rained, she would have gone back earlier ... and missed this zap. Only last night, Mom asked her about the Maroon 5 song, and she had hummed it, and today, it came on the radio? Jus was really at the right place at the right time and at the right station.


Super amazing. 

Then Justine sent another text, "The song after that was BAD DAY ... by DANIEL POWTER!"

Oh gosh.

2 signs.

Yes, she needed 2 ...

The signs must always come in 2. :D

You're always with us, Son. Mom knows. It's so amazing.

This morning, at your garden ... 2 girls stopped by to visit Aunt Tracy ...

Aunt Tracy on the left.

One of them commented on your procelain photo that "He looks like a Eurasian ... handsome boy ..."

Mom had to smile. 

Handsome boy ...

After the girls left, Mom said to Dad, "Dans must have sent them over ... handsome son ..."


Yes Son, Mom misses your handsome face so much ...

So anyway, the night before, Aunty D sent Mom a video of Dylan being engrossed with another video of a Korean girl singing TOMORROW. Megan was also singing loudly in the background as she watched the Korean girl sing.

This was last night.

Aunty D said she has never heard Megan sing this loudly before, and in fact was also surprised that Megan knew the words to TOMORROW.

This morning, Aunty D sent this photo in the family whatsapp.


Aunty D said, "Look at the light shining on Megan ..."

Aunty D continued, "It's probably a sign that u guys were correct going to McD ... coz now thinking about it, I was wondering how come I didn't get any signs from Dans ... remember last year I dreamt that he wanted McD ... maybe this the sign today ... If megan didn't follow you guys, yall wouldn't have taken the pic. and megan was INSISTING to go to church with u all today even though we were like, r u sure u wanna go ..."


The sign ...

The light ...

It was some 10 minutes later, when Mom suddenly had a - ZAP ZAP ZAP! 

You must have whispered into your mother's ear.

Tomorrow Ma ... tomorrow ...

Oh gosh.

Megan was singing TOMORROW yesterday ...

The sun will come out ... tomorrow ...

The sun ...

Her son ...

No coinciDANS ...

Mom replied Aunty D's text, "Oh my ... yesterday Megan was singing ... the sun will come out tomorrow ... that's TODAY ... that LIGHT ...  Ooohhh!!!"

Yes, that's surely some heavenly LIGHT, shining down on Megan.

You're making your presence felt, Mom knows.

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ... <3

2 zap inciDANS on All Saints' Day ...

Yeah ... that's definitely her son alright ... zapping her and reminding her that he's right beside her and the family all the time.

Thank you, Son ... miss your handsome face so much. 

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow

You're only a day away ...