Sunday, September 13, 2015


Hello Son

Saturday, Sept 12

Justine and Mom went to the mall for lunch. 

After our meal, we walked around, browsing from one store to another.

Out with the credit card.

Swipe swipe swipe.

Sign sign sign.

A few hours passed. Mom was getting a little tired.

"Why are you walking so slowly, Ma?" Your sister asked.

Mom grimaced and suggested we sat down for a bit and have some tea.

Justine said okay. 

It was Aunty H's birthday that day. Mom reminded your sister to send Aunty H a birthday wish. We decided to have a large piece of cake to celebrate her birthday.

Yes, people do that, you know ...

Yum yum.

The cake was amazing. 

The cream was as fresh as fresh can be. 

The sponge was moist and the toppings of nuts and caramel ... 


Out of this world.


Jus took a photo ... and did not send a copy to Mom.

Never mind.

We left the mall after our nice cake, reaching home just before 6 pm.

Your sister said, get take away for dinner ... too lazy to go out again.

Mom thought of making a simple pasta dinner ... 

Yeah ... just boil some macaroni and a tin of tomato soup.

She was gonna keep it simple.

So anyway, that was the plan. 

Stay home.

We were not gonna go out for dinner since we were out the whole day already. 

Also, the haze was bad.

Fast forward to about 7:30 pm ...

Mom went to the kitchen.

Opening the kitchen cabinet, she picked up a packet of macaroni in one hand and a can of tomato soup in the other hand.


Taking a deep breath, she found herself shaking her head before putting the macaroni and the can down.

Sigh ...

It was too -- hazy -- to cook.

Hmmm ... hazy ... lazy ... mazy ... 

Ah, all from the same family. 

No prizes for guessing which adjective best describes your mother at that moment of time.

Mom asked Jus aloud, "Let's go Japanese ..."

Your sister replied immediately, "Okay, let's ..."

So that's how we ended up in a Japanese restaurant. Mom brought Jus to this new Japanese restaurant that Dad and Mom had previously tried only the week before. The place did not score well with Mom and she had in fact told Dad that they would not go there - ever again.

"You must know how to order la, Ma ..." your sister said.

Ha ha ... yeah ... 


We were shown to a small table for 2 when we arrived. 

Mom did not fancy that tiny table and asked if we could sit by the bar.

Your sister made all the orders ... :D 

The food came.

We were enjoying the sashimi and shishamo whilst talking about this and thats ... at the same time, observing the young boy working away behind the counter.

For some reason, Mom soon found herself talking about Lourdes. 

Talk talk talk ...  

Talk talk talk ...

Her last sentence before the ZAP that would soon come, was ...

"God gave us a miracle on his back so that we would continue to believe ..."

Right after Mom said that line, a waitress appeared beside Justine and called out, "Daniel Daniel Daniel ..."

Time stood still.

Omg ...

Mom and Justine mouthed the OMG  ... and smiled from ear to ear.

Again the waitress called, "Daniel Daniel ..."

She was calling out to the boy ... 

Yup, that boy who was working behind the counter and was so close to us ...

Oh my ... 

Mom said, "Daniel is telling us that sometimes he's just so near us, we don't even know it ..."

If that waitress hadn't called your name, we wouldn't have known. We would have gone home not feeling anything different. However, because she called out your name, right after Mom mentioned about the miracle on your back, that made all the difference.

It was like, gosh ... You were reminding us that You were right there with us.

And we didn't even know it ... how could we ...

On top of that, we were supposed to sit - here - at first.

See the small table in the center of the photo?

Had we sat there, we would have not heard the waitress calling your name.


What are the chances? 

Honestly ...

Two point six billion names out there, and she had to call YOUR name???

Oh my ...


Truly Daniel, everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Keep the zaps coming, Son ...

We miss You so much ... <3