Thursday, August 21, 2014

Call 548 : 55th MONTH

Hello Son, 

Today is the 21st. 

Your 55th month with JESUS and MAMA MARY somewhere over the rainbow.

Is there anyway that Mom could go back to just hanging out at Starbucks and talking to You? She could just talk and talk and talk ... and talk some more ... all day long. Could You do something about that, Son? 

Anyway, Mom was waiting for a zap today. 

Nothing unusual happened in the morning.

Unless You want to count that small inciDAN in class with 5 year old girl, J.

The children were doing addition. 

J was distracted, and was walking here and there, delaying her work. So Mom sat her down, and guided her. After tackling half a page of sums, J came to this sum:

19 + 2

Mom watched J as she pointed a finger to her head, "19 in the head ... 2 in the hands ... nineteen, twenty, twenty-one ..."

Mom prompted, "Answer?"

J said, "21 ..."

Mom said, "Yes, very good, write that down ..." 

Your mother watched J writing her twenty-one.

J wrote instead : 12.

Mom was quick to point out, "That's not 21. What number is that?"

J looked at her work, then turned to your mother and insisted, "21 ..."

Mom corrected, "21 is two one ... not one two ..."

J gave a lil chuckle and reached for the eraser.

Mom thought to herself, "Yes yes, 21 and 12 ... they are the same ..."

For your mother anyway.

That was that.

She didn't give it much thought after that.

So anyway, after school, Mom went back to the house for lunch. 

Dad had bought nasi lemak.

3 bungkus ... 2 for your mother.


After lunch, your parents rested before the television.

MERLIN (re-run) was on.

Before long, it was time to go to school.

Whilst driving, Mom was thinking silently to herself, (she thinks best when she's driving, You know right?) wondering if she had missed any zaps at all in school that morning. 

Today it's her son's 21st.

He can't be zapping her daily, and not on his special 21st day.



Hmmm, that addition inciDAN, 12 and 21 ... that can't be it.

Pause to think.


(Slowly ...) Can it?

Was that it?

Is that all?

Doubts cloud her thoughts. She didn't want to force the situation. It must come naturally, these zaps. Otherwise, it wouldn't feel right.

The song WHEN YOU BELIEVE came on the radio.

Mom glanced at the time.

It was 3:40 pm.

At first glance, it wasn't a zap number. 

Then, she remembered the 3:03 pm (UP UP) during MALEFICIENT, and the 3:04 pm beep from her cellphone with the message:


Mom smiled to herself. God made her this way, don't You see? Otherwise, how in the world could she possibly connect with her son in heaven? Absolutely no way. Besides, did he not remind her to BEND THE RULES?


Omg ... something amazing just happened!

After the Haha (2 lines above), she'd googled on a separate (full) window the lyrics WHEN YOU BELIEVE. This Call 548 draft was hidden behind that window -- completely. As she was reading the lyrics, somewhere towards the middle of the song, OMG, her Call draft popped out, and startled her :

Time stood still for her. Her hands were nowhere near anywhere that could have made that happen. The (new) window was fully open. How did that first window of her draft POPPED UP ...

... and in that fashion, so that she was left staring at the bold sentence.



You're near, arent' you, Son?

Mom called Justine over quickly, and showed her (the computer screen). 

At first Mom thought your sister might say, oh, that's because you clicked this, or you did that, or you accidentally touched this, so that the first window will pop up ... but Justine didn't have anything to say. She could only smile and nod, and smile and nod.


That was incredible. Just when Mom was saying that today was a beeeeeeet slow in the zap area, except towards the end of the day ... yeah, going home time ... and this SAY HELLO online zap happened. 

Hi Ma ... I'm here ... :D

Oh, that was such a good zap especially for today. :D

Anyway ...

In the evening, your parents left school after 7 pm. Justine dropped Dad in school around 6 pm or so. Anyway, as we were driving out of the barrier gate, a song had come on. Mom was talk talk talking, and had lowered down the volume. However, she thought she heard something familiar despite the very soft music, so she reached out to turn up the volume.

Omg ...


Omg ...

21 GUNS???

Can it get any better than this?

Her eyes shot to the time. 

It was was 7:08 pm.

Mom said loudly, "That's 15 ... a clear number 4."

Any way you look at it, it still spells her son.

Forever 15 ... and her angel number 4.



Mom said, "Two million songs in the world that could have come on, it had to be 21 GUNS?? And we're only driving home ... we're in the car like what, 10 minutes ... and this song comes on from beginning to end??? Omg ... What are the chances??? Omg ... Omg!!! It's Son's 21st, he's saying Hi Ma ..."


Dad was in the car. He heard the zap song.

Your song.

Gosh, incredible. 

Wait till Mom tells You about the inciDANS the past few days, leading to this one.

Oh Wow ... and who says we can't connect with people in heaven.

My GOD is awesome.

Please tell JESUS Mom said that, okay?

Talk to You tomorrow, Son. 

Happy 55th month today. 

Have fun, ya? 

Have You met Robin Williams yet?

Genie, you're free ...