Monday, February 17, 2014


Hello Son, 

It's almost midnight. 

Sunday night.

Tomorrow is a school day. Yikes!

The weekend just flew past.

Here's our Valentine's theme last week in school.

(school blog)

Mom has to mention a cute little inciDAN that happened in school on Valentine's Day.

It was in the evening.

Mom was with some 6 year old children at a table.

She saw a 4 year old boy breaking into a run, and running towards her. 

He flung himself on her and gave a tight squeeze.

Laying his head on her shoulder, he continued to embrace her.

Mom held him, and patted him on the back, singing praises to him and telling him what a good boy he has been.

It was a long hug.

She could have counted to 20, she told Dad and Justine later at home. That was how long the 4 year old boy hugged her. He has never given her such a long hug before. The first time, he gave her a hug, it was a two second kinda contact. That was the second.

He soon let go ... would You believe it, just as he left Mom, another 4 year old boy, flung himself on Mom, and gave her a similar long hug. He too rested his head on your mother's shoulder, and held her in a tight manner.

Mom patted the boy on the back and said -- this and thats. :D

He soon left. The second boy has never given her a hug before. That was the first time.


At home, that evening, Mom told Dad and Justine about the inciDAN.

"Two 4 year olds gave me a long hug today in school ..."

Dad asked who.

Mom told him the first name, and Dad said, "Really? He's not known to do that ..."

Yeah, it's true what Dad said. That boy is not the hugging kind ... but somehow he had surprised her by giving her an awfully long embrace that day.

Then, Dad asked who the second boy was.

Mom mentioned the name.

Dad raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Really? Has he ever done that?"

Mom said, "No, never ... that was the first time."

Justine said, "Two hugs ..."

Yeah, from two 4 year olds.


Was that You, Son? Was that a Valentine hug from heaven?

Mom soon forgot about it ...

Until the next morning, on Saturday, she was walking to the car. 

She was talking to You as usual and wondering what You were doing at the time.

Reaching the car, Mom suddenly had a flash of enlightenment.

A flash, literally.


The two hugs the day before.


She suddenly recalled that in her last call last week, she had asked You to find a way how to give You a "big big squeeze and tight, tight hug."

Oh gosh.


Dazed, Mom started the ignition.

Angel Of The Morning was on.

The time was 7:45 am.

Decode : 21/4

All her angel numbers.

It was definitely her son sending her a big, big squeeze and a tight, tight hug to her on Valentine's Day on Friday last week.

Mom suddenly knew.

Slow Ma, slow ...

Gosh, that really was unexpected, those two 4 year olds giving her an unusually two long and tight hugs that day.

You did say you want a tight hug, Ma ... :D

Awww Son, truly ... everywhere we are, there You'll be. <3

Happy Valentine's Day to You too, Daniel.

We love You so very much.

Here's a big, big squeeze and a tight, tight hug from all of us at home.

Nite Son ... talk to You in a bit.

Keep the zaps coming always.