Saturday, August 3, 2013

Call 485 : BLUE TWINS

Hello Son, 

Omg ...

Omg ...

Omg ...

This morning, Mom talked to You on Call 484. 

Anyway, Mom was supposed to pick up the maid at 3 pm from the school. The maid is there on Saturdays to clean the kindy. Mom called the maid to see if she was ready, but she said no. Mom said, "I'll get you at 4 pm ..."

The maid replied, "5 pm, maam ... I still have the bathrooms to do ..."

So Mom left the house at 5 pm. Before that, she gave a call to the maid to make sure she'd be waiting on the ground floor.

Driving out of the condo, your mother took the usual turning to the right. She drove along Jalan Desa Utama, and suddenly noticed this vehicle in front of her. Quickly, she grabbed her mobile and made several attempts to snap a good picture of her eviDANS.

Oh my gosh ...



DAN 3014

Decode : 44

Gosh oh gosh ... You definitely got Mom's call today, didn't You? Yes yes, You surely did. Otherwise Mom wouldn't be driving behind that car. The maid would have kept the appointed time, and not change it to two hours later. It was meant to be. So there.


Then something else happened. 

Oh Lord.

Mom has been thinking about this --- thing --- but no, she has not written about it here, as it involves a personal issue to someone close to her, but yeah, she has been thinking about it since yesterday. 


It would seem that You are able to read her mind. 

As always.

The key word : Twins

As she was driving, this word was in her head. Maybe You were whispering to her, she will never know for sure. But yeah, she was thinking of all the possibilities that --- that --- could happen.

And lo and behold.

What would You expect? Oh my gosh. When we reached the condo, Mom drove up to the lobby to drop the maid. She was carrying the mini oven. Otherwise, we would have driven straight down to the basement parking.

As mom was waiting for the maid to unload the boot, a set of TWINS in blue appeared by the side of our car.  They were about 10 years old or so. Clean cut, good looking boys.

Her jaw dropped.


In blue?

Was she not talking about BLUE in her call this morning?

Omg ...

What are You saying?

Are You telling Mom something?

Mom couldn't wait to tell Dad about the inciDAN. 

Dad was like, "Twins? Never seen twins here before ..."

Justine said the same thing. There are no twins here at our condo, your sister said, or rather, we have never seen a set of twins since we lived here ... and that's like what - 15 years already.

Ahah! All the more zap that was for Mom. She thought it, she was thinking about it, and it just appeared before her eyes. What a coinciDANS. Would You look at the timing? Was she meant to see that? She would have missed that had she driven straight to the basement parking. Oh, she was definitely meant to see that.

Twins in blue ... DAN 44 ...

Omg ...