Monday, December 21, 2015


Hello Son

This morning Mom woke up ... as usual.

Headed to the bathroom ... as usual.

At the door, she suddenly stopped and stood still.

"Hey, what's that?" Mom said out loud to Dad.

There were 2 tee shirts, that looked damp, hanging over the bath tub.

Dad replied sleepily from the bed, "I used the tee shirts last night to wipe the water ..."

There's the water again ...

Last night, the air-conditioner leaked and apparently water seeped through Mum's part of the wardrobe. Dad said some clothes got wet.

Two in particular.

Mom noticed the first pink tee shirt.


Your pink tee shirt.

She turned over the black shirt.


Oh gosh.

Your other tee shirt.

Both your tee shirts got wet last night?

Oh my ...

What are the chances?

By the way, just to remind that Mom only keep these 2 tee shirts of yours in her cupboard, and BOTH got wet from the leaking air-con???

"Son is definitely saying good morning to me," Mom said to Dad with a chuckle.

We went to school for a bit ... before heading to the mall to continue our Christmas shopping. :D

At the mall, Dad wanted to go to the money changer first. 

We headed towards the money changer.

Dad stood in line.

Mom wasn't doing anything in particular, standing beside Dad and moving along with the queue, when she suddenly spotted a large number 21 that greeted her on her left.

The 21 was initially facing directly at her, like how the black shirt is, but by the time she took the photo, the 21 guy had turned to an angle.

She spoke in low tones to Dad, "Look over there ... on the left ... "

Dad saw ... and smiled.

Your mother continued, "It's his 21st today ... See how he said hi this morning?" :D

Dad nodded.

It's just awesome how You make your presence felt, Daniel.

All the time.

Shortly after, Mom told Dad that she would go take a look at pens ... yeah, everybody's getting a nice writing pen for Christmas this year ... and Dad were to join her when he's done at the money changer.

Off she went to the stationery section of the department store at the mall.

She saw FREE engraving at Parker and Waterman.

Mom walked around the glass display that showcased pens of other brands.

The Parker sales girl was unfriendly and was totally not helpful. 

Seriously, what's her problem? The sales girl, she meant.

Mom had asked to try out a pen. She pointed to the silver pen.

The sales girl brought out the pen.

Scribble scribble scribble.

Nah, no good, thought Mom.

That one please, Mom pointed to a different pen.

Scribble scribble scribble.

Ummm, too scratchy.

How about that one? 

The sales girl reluctantly obliged.

Scribble scribble scribble.

Mom shook her head.

No .... no good.

Mom peered closer at the pens on display.

"Can I try that red one?" she asked at last.

The sales girl replied, "It's the same, they are all the same ... they're standard."

The girl proceeded to shut her cabinet door from her side, and turned away.

Mom stared at her.



Determined not to react, Mom took two slow steps towards her right.

Ferrari Sheaffer pens.

Another sales girl came to attend to her.

Dad soon appeared.

Your father said, "Nice pens ..."

Yeah, nice bright red pens ...

After trying out a few pens ... and signing her name here and there on the rough piece of paper, Mom said, 

"I want 6 of this ..." 

Your mother had said that aloud, for the benefit of the Parker girl.


"FREE engraving?" Mom asked the Sheaffer girl.

The girl said, "Yes."

Oh good. 

The sales girl asked Mom to write down the names that she wanted engraved on the pens.

Dad had suggested that we got black pens for the guys.

The red ones for the girls.

Mom wrote down :

Craig Kodish

Dr Christopher

Dr Carol Lai

Dr Diana Lai

Dr Justine Phua 

Jessie Kodish

Mom drew a ring around Justine's name. Hers was the only ball point pen, the rest were roller balls. Mom didn't want the girl to get confused and mixed the pens during engraving.

You must have seen your mother hesitate before writing down "Dr Justine Phua" as she decided whether to put down Dr for your sister going on to 4th year next year. Mom showed Dad the piece of paper, telling him, "She's gonna be a doctor soon anyway, right? Might as well just add the Dr ..."

Dad didn't think it was a bad idea.

After writing down the names, the sales girl issued an invoice and asked Mom to make the payment at the cashier.

Mom walked to the counter ... some 20 steps away.

There was a customer in front of her.

Mom waited behind the lady.

It was soon her turn.

The cashier took her invoice and scanned in her purchase.

At about the same time, your mother's cell beeped.

A text from Justine.

Your sister sent her (and Dad) an image.


Omg. Seriously???

Dr Justine??? (Jus is currently doing her practicals in a hospital) (that was a call chart)

Mom replied : Omg Justine. 2 minutes ago, I wrote this (attach image).

Mom continued : And I circled your name just now. 

Dad came towards Mom, beaming in disbelief, "Here we are talking about Dr Justine ..."

"I know right ... Omg ... it's Son ... it's his 21st today ... he's zapping us." :D

Justine texted back : What is that?

Mom explained in her sms : I told Dad ... just put the Dr there for Justine, she's going to be a Dr d ... we're engraving ..."

Jus said : OH NICE !!!


Pause some more.


Reflect some more.

Slowly the incredible feeling dawned on your mother.

Oh my gosh. 


What are the chances.

You must have whispered to Justine to send Mom that chart, or maybe You whispered to Mom to add the Dr.

Whichever way, You definitely had something to do with this.

Yes Daniel ... all You. Mom knows. :D

6 minutes later ... Justine sent Mom another image.

SpongeBob ...

Mom laughed out loud.

Omg ...

SpongeBob ... 

Why ... that's nobody, nobody but You.

Truly, Daniel ... You're everywhere! :D

Mom said to Dad, "Have You ever seen SpongeBob on a Christmas tree?"

Dad said no.

Neither has Mom.

SpongeBob on a Christmas tree.

How clever.

Merry Christmas, Ma ... :D

Later that evening, before going home, we went to Dragon I for dinner.

Would You believe it but whilst we were having our la mien, the song TONG HUA came on softly in the background.

Mom said, "Eh, Tong Hua ..."

Dad heard it.

Mom recalled the video of Tong Hua that she had viewed many moons ago. 

There is a very distinct whisper of the name DANIEL (0:23 - 0:24) in the beginning of the video ... and a second time at the end (5:49 - 5:50)...

Decode : 0:23 and 0:24  

Your birth year (1994) and birthdate (24)

Answer : You You You :D

Till today, she cannot understand why this DANIEL name is mentioned in this way.

It was meant for her, this video, two whispers of Daniel ... the song during playing during dinner was definitely her son reminding his parents that he's near.

Thank You Danie, Mom whispered ... like the Tong Hua video.

We thinking about You and missing You so very much on your 59th month with JESUS and MARY today. Oh by the way, Aunty Laura and Uncle Peter from Lourdes are here in Kuala Lumpur. We are meeting up with them for tomorrow. 

Omg ... Lourdes. 


How we went through each day in Lourdes for 25 days, Mom will never, ever forget. God had definitely put Aunt L and Uncle P in place strategically for us, for You, that's for sure.

Talk to You in a bit, Son. Keep the zaps coming ... <3

Hugs & Kisses

From all at home