Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hello Son, 

On Friday 16th morning, Uncle N from Penang called Mom. 

At 11:05 am.

Mom was in school, in the middle of distributing food to the children.

Break time.

She cut short the conversation, telling Uncle N that she would return his call later in the day. 

Day came. 

Night passed. 

She forgot to call Uncle N back.

The next morning, Saturday morning, Mom told Dad that we had to go to a hypermart in Subang to get some containers for the school. We left the house after 9 am or so.

In the car, when approaching Subang, Mom gave a lil shriek, when she suddenly remembered that she forgot to call Uncle N the day before. Quickly, she reached for her cellphone in her bag, and scrolled for his number.

Uncle N answered the call, and soon Mom and him were chatting away.

She was still on the line with him, when Dad turned into the hypermart lane.

Dad drove into a parking bay.

Mom was about to end her call with Uncle N when he suddenly announced, "Hey, today is my birthday!"

Your mother responded in surprise, "Oh really? Eh, happy birthday happy birthday ... how old are we today?"

Uncle N said, "Empat puluh empat ..."

Her mouth fell open. 



Empat puluh empat? She echoed, turning to Dad.

Dad heard.



After wishing him again, she shut her phone, cradled it to her chest in wonder.

"It's Son ... He's near ... He must have whispered to N to get him to tell me that it is his birthday ... I mean, he called me yesterday ... and only today I called him back ... had I called him yesterday, he would not have been able to say "empat puluh empat."

Mom was still proving her theory when she stepped out of the car.

"I mean, come on ... when do guys say ...Hey, it's my birthday today ... isn't that a bit weird? Guys don't talk like that ... Plus, we were already going to end the call ..." Your mother continued, when she suddenly stopped in her tracks, and immediately pointed to the ground.

She had barely taken 10 steps away from the car.


Dad's brown sandals at the top of the photo.

She knelt down to take a closer look. It was right in front of her path.


Taking her cell out, she snapped a photo of the little white thingy that was on the ground.

"Omg ..." Mom breathed slowly to herself.

"Omg ... You see??? 44 inside the car ... and outside, less that 30 seconds, I stumble upon a fluffy white lil feather??? This is a pure white feather. An angel's feather. It's definitely Son reminding me that he's near ..."

"Can you imagine that? What are the chances? He must have whispered to me to call N back."

Call Uncle N, Ma ... Call Uncle N ... 

Omg ...

It was super amazing.

Mom was still going on and on, when we walked over to the food court to have something to eat before going to the hypermart.

We had briyani chicken.

The briyani was super yummy. At times like this, Mom wonders what sort of food You are having in heaven. Oh, would you listen to her ... what is she saying? With Mama Mary in the kitchen, your mother can imagine You would have put on some weight by now. 


So anyway, your mother went to this particular hypermart to get 21 square containers.

7 red. 7 blue. 7 yellow.

We bought 30 a year ago. We need about 20 more.

So after our delicious briyani, we went to the hypermart. Mom walked straight to the back where the containers are displayed.

To her dismay, she spotted only about 5 yellow containers. She picked them up, and found they were no good. The sides were damaged and scratched. She put them back, feeling very disappointed.

Dad came with the trolly.

Mom said, "Don't have ... only those few yellow ones, and they're all in bad condition ... Aiyah, what a waste of time ... I came here all the way is just to get those boxes ..."

Dad pointed upwards, "There ... There got ..."

Mom looked up.

Omg, yeah ... right at the very top of the shelf was a stack of red, blue and yellow container boxes ... the very ones that she was looking for. 

Mom spotted a ladder nearby and said to Dad, "There, ladder. Use the ladder ..."

She didn't want to risk anybody taking those boxes now that she's found them. 

Dad pulled the ladder to the shelf, climbed up and got the whole stack of boxes down.

Mom counted.

Ah, good. 

7 red.

8 blue.

12 yellow.

She took them all.

She only needed 7, 7, 7 but she decided to take them all.

Ah, Ladies & Gentlemen, this is what it means to be kia si, kia bo, kia liau.

At the point of writing this paragraph, Mom thinks You must have helped saved those remaining container boxes for her ... by making sure they are all stacked high up on the shelf so that no one can touch. 


No coinciDANS.

Only a miracle.

Oh gosh.

Thanks Son. Oh, by the way, Mom brought the white feather to your garden this Sunday morning.

We went to your garden this morning, as your 21st falls on a Wednesday. 

School day.

Your 5th Anniversary.

60 months away from us.

We miss You so very much, Daniel. 

Stay close, Son. Keep the zaps coming.