Thursday, January 1, 2015


Hello Son, 

This morning, Mom got up just before her alarm went off. 

Relief ... when she remembered that it was a public holiday today. 

January 1.

2015 ...



This would be like the longest time ever that Mom was not able to call You. She hopes all the little chats we have whilst she's in the car alone, is good to make up for the long absence. You understand, right? After the concert, we were preparing the new school, then your family went away for a week long vacation, and then the move to the new school, clearing up the old school, day and night, night and day, never ending tasks after tasks after tasks ...



Still, You were / are always right beside Mom.

Yeah, even on our trip overseas. On our flight there, we were given seats on the 15th row. 

For the 5 of us. 

Grandma, Aunty C, Dad, Justine and Mom.

Like hello??? 

Forever 15???

Then, on our flight back, our seats were on the 21st row. Omg. Not only that, but the steward announced on the speaker, twice mind you, that his name was DANIEL

Gosh. What are the chances???

The first time, Mom did not hear it. She was in the washroom. When she returned to her seat, Justine was like, "You just missed the steward's announcement. His name is Daniel." 

Mouth fell open.

A few minutes later, the steward repeated his name on the microphone.

That was for Mom, she knows. :D

It's so obvious.

Thank you, Son ... for being with us and watching over us all the time.

This morning, something awesome happened.

A ZAP ZAP ZAP connection left Mom sniffing and sobbing at the sofa.

It was early in the morning, as she said. 

Dad and Justine were still sleeping. Mom walked out of the room, to find that the television was still on. 


Justine had obviously forgotten to switch the TV off before she went to bed, whatever time that may be. 

CNN News was on. 

The 3rd plane tragedy.

Ponder ponder ponder.


Do You notice that all the 3 planes had the angel numbers?

MH370 (4)

MH17 (44)


She reached for the remote to change the channel.

Click click click ... and stopped at a movie that caught her attention.

You know, the non-violent family-kind of show.



Mom quickly hurried to the kitchen to make herself a cuppa coffee, before making herself comfortable on the sofa.

She soon found her focus fixed on the movie.

Scene after scene.

Line after line.

She felt a warmness in her heart, and a - knowing - that her son is near. :D 

It's hard to explain. She has no proof, but she knew beyond a reasonable doubt that her son is near. He's zapping her.

I'm here, Ma ... :D

She watched the movie intently.

She was alone before the TV.

She heard the words that emerged from the screen.

"Everything's going to be okay ..."

"There are no coincidances ... only miracles."

"Ah, David George, the man with 2 first names." 
(this line was repeated several times which she took no notice at first until towards the end).

Tree ... acres and acres of trees. 
(we remember how you picked up your broccoli floret when you were little and said "tree ..." which thrilled your parents to bits).

"When they die, and leave ... they're watching over you."

One million and two ... (That's 21 to your mom)

At the end of the movie, one character WRONGLY called David George, "DANIEL" ... which cause your mother to sit up right, and to which David George quickly responded, "It's David George ..."


Did You hear that? What are the chances of a character in the show mistakenly calls your name??? A million and two names and the scriptwriter chose your name??? 

Gosh. Seriously, what are the chances???

No chance.

Absolutely no chance.

No coincidances. Only miracles.

Then, it suddenly hit your mother - the man with 2 first names - Omg, seriously??? 

The man with 2 first names. 

The man with 2 first names.

The man with 2 first names, Ma ...



Is that not 2 first names?


Omg gosh.



The whole story was just so - inspiring - and moving for Mom. 

You were / are right beside her, she knows. :D

So anyway ...

Later that day, mom received a text from Aunty J in the USA. 

Your aunt said, "Watching Daniel-san Karate Kid 3 ..."

Mom replied, "Oh really? Over here, we're watching Karate Kid with jackie Chan and Will Smith's son, an hour ago. Told Bryan, en Karate Kid Daniel-Son ..." :D

Aunty J replied right back, "After this Karate Kid 1 ..."

Mom said, "That's the Daniel-Son ..."

Aunty J said, "Karate Kid 1, 2 and 3 all Daniel-son. Only 4 and the latest not him ...Must be Daniel-son New Year's count down ..."

Mom asked, "Karate Kid 3 is also Ralph Macchio?"


She suddenly recalled the little idle chat she had with the maid the day before in school. We were clearing up and cleaning up, and at one point, Mom asked the maid, "What's your son's name?"

The maid said, "Ralph."

Mom spelt it out, "R - A - L - P - H?"

Reflect. Yesterday, she said this name. Today, we're talking Ralph.

Gosh. What are the chances???

No chance.

No coinciDANS. Only miracles.

Christmas and New Year miracles for Mom. :D

Dec 24 ... Your birthday, Daniel. Yeah, we really missed You when we were celebrating Dad's birthday on Dec 24. 

Gotta go, Son. Talk to you in a bit.

Be good in heaven ... and keep the ZAPS coming. <3